Anyone Here Have a Son Who Has Had to Deal with Pilonidal Cysts?

Updated on June 07, 2019
R.A. asks from Albany, CA
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Recently noticed a small area in the actual buttcrack area( upper) with what looks like small dots underneath. It doesn’t hurt him. On two occasions this area has bled, but then looks to be closing. But then reoccurs. He says he isn’t in any pain, and wouldn’t have noticed anything of it weren’t for seeing a little blood in underwear .

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So What Happened?

I have a call placed into a Specialist in the area. Dr. Recommended to have him seen.

Margie- Yeah I tend to not go the primary care route with stuff like this. There is no abscess or swelling. Just a small circular open sore looking thing( small cyst?) that has bled, but it’s not infected. Yet , I’m guessing. Hence the desire to see a specialist. I’d rather them monitor or treat than a regular physician ( no offense to primary care) .

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answers from Portland on

If you search on here, there's not a lot, but one mom mentions having one lanced at an ER (I didn't know what one was so searched).

You don't mention swelling though. I'm guessing it would be a bump?

Hopefully the specialist will be able to remove it for him - I think you're smart to get it looked at before it gets any bigger. These cysts tend to grow from what I've seen on that show (Dr. Pimple Popper).

Search Pilonidal Cyst and Tailbone Cyst or lump in the search bar on here and you might find more results from moms. Good luck :)

ETA - I hear you (saw your SWH). We would go the route you are too. I actually had never heard of them. Glad it hasn't swelled yet and he's not in pain. Hope someone here can share their experience with you.

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answers from Norfolk on

What have you found out about it from your doctor?

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answers from Tampa on

My son had one (he was 15 at the time). He's one that doesn't complain much about ANYTHING, until something is WAY bad. He mentioned it to me at first, it was irritated and I looked at it and it didn't seem bad - I actually thought he scratched the area, so I put ointment on it. By the end of the week, he was in so much pain when he walked, I looked at it again and it had abscessed (from walking/sitting, heat and sweat). So immediately we go to the Afterhours Pediatrics (Since it was like after 9pm) they knew what it was, they had to lance it and and clean it out. It was EXTREMELY painful to him, he cried but he bared it. They packed it with medicated gauze and we had to come back a few times for check and repack. Now he know to wash really really REALLY good! (he wonders around the tub if you don't tell him to use soap - I have no idea why LOL) I bought antibacterial soap for him too. The nurse told me it's a common thing, and they had a little girl (about 4) in a few days prior with one, and had to do the same procedure - I felt awful for them.

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answers from Washington DC on

Thanks for your question r.a.

Just as a friendly reminder, per Mamapedia Guidelines:

Mamapedia does allow medical questions to be asked, however we do not encourage it. The first and best source for the answers to all such questions will always be an appropriate certified professional. Please always consult such a professional in these matters first and foremost.

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answers from Lubbock on

My sister and my father both had them surgically removed. My father was 38 and my sister was 14 when they had the surgeries. If it is already causing problems, I would have it out now, before it is a major issue.

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