Anyone Heard of a Chronic Illness Form?

Updated on May 24, 2007
J.H. asks from Riverside, CA
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My 5 year old daughter has been absent from preschool more times than not, this year. she goes to a Headstart State Preschool and they're requesting a Chronic Illness Form. I'm sure it's just to be sure and to have proof that she WAS really sick and not just skipping school. there are other children waiting for spots, however the school year is almost over. they need it for Kindergarten, so the teacher( and District Office) can be aware of her condition. Oh yeah!!! She's a severe asthmatic and is prone to bronchitis and pneumonia....sigh. So, can anyone help? the doc didn't seem to know what the heck I was talking about.

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So What Happened?

thanks to all who gave me advice on this matter! :) I did, indeed, find out that all I need is to have the doc ( stated on a prescription pad)advise the school about her condition and many missed days of school because of it.So, thanks everyone!! I really appreciate it! xoxoxoxo

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I was on the parent policy council and president of the parent club whe my son attended headstart. All your doctor has to do is write either on a prescription pad or a letter head that your child has been absent on numorous occassions due to her severe asthma resulting in bronchitis/pneumonia. As far as for next year for kindergarten have him do the same thing but state that your daughter has some major health problems that may result in her being absent times to time for extended peroids of time.



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I had a one for my son who has asthema. The school should provide it for you then you take it to your doctor to fill out. It's actually a good thing, as it will keep the school from bothering you when she is out sick.
Good luck!



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I have never heard of that. Did you ask the school if they had a specific form in mind or just a doctor's letter explaining her conditions?

I think you need to get clarification from the school. Seeing as how she has these pre-existing conditions, I wouldn't think it would be hard to make sure she stayed there.



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The form you can get from the school. It is a form that you take to the doctor to have him fill out saying that she does have the asthma problems and that sometimes it will mean that she will be out of school more often than what is normally allowed. Basically it allows her to miss more school with excused absences. I think them requiring it has to do with being paid for the students, by the government, but them not being allowed to exclude children for medical difficulties. I had one on file when I was a sophomore in high school for horrible tension headaches that I was getting. It is a really simple form and you can just set up a doctors appointment for the doctor to fill it out. Hope that helps



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They should have the form you need if not have your dr write one. Have you talked to your dr about better asthma control. My Dr has our daughter on a pretty good program. She uses Q-Var twice a day and singular once a day and it is really working keeping her flar ups down. There is a good book on Asthma control by Dr. Farber. I can't recall the title, but if you google dr. Farber and Asthma control books you can easily find it.
Good luck



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Maybe its a form that the school has it the office that you have to take to the doctors? Maybe you can just ask your doctor to write a note on his office letterhead explaining that your daughter has severe asthma and other ailments.



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You should ask your dr. to make a note saying how many days he has seen her and have him feel out a paper saying her symptoms. I'm sorry they are giving you alot of stress. Hope it works out for you. D.



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Dear J.,

Go to the Superintendent of Schools for your locality - it is a County office. They will know what needs to be done. Maybe you will have to write a letter telling the illness difficulties and then take it to your doctor who will either sign it or write one of his own. Address the letter to the school district, and outline each type of illness and use the word 'chronic' . Look up the word so that you can can rephrase at times in the letter and use the definition of 'chronic'. If they don't know where you can get a form, then how do they know that one exists?
This world is crazy, isn't it?

Try going to the local County Department of Health too. In fact, start there.
Good Luck, C. N.

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