Anyone Have Pergo Flooring? or Armstrong or Tarkett???

Updated on March 01, 2013
S.H. asks from Kailua, HI
13 answers

Wondering how the brands, compare?
Quality, satisfaction with the product?

We are contemplating Pergo, laminate wood flooring.
Other showrooms/places in our city, have the Armstrong and Tarkett brands.
For laminate wood flooring.
We know it is synthetic wood.
That is what we are looking for.
We want to get rid of our carpeting.

Just looking for feedback on what you have, per brands, and if you are satisfied????

THANK you!

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answers from St. Louis on

I have none of the above but I can't remember the brand. They are all pretty much the same. What makes them last or not is how you take care of them. Any of them will be ruined with water.

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answers from Albany on

I have Pergo laminate throughout the entire first floor of my house. It's 5 years old now and has proven very durable for a house full of teenagers and large dogs.

But I hate it cause it's not hardwood. :(

Plus, it sure beats the pink carpet that was here before I bought the house!

I mean it LOOKS great, it just doesn't FEEL right.

But yeah, as far as durability and price go, I would def recommend it.


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answers from Anchorage on

We plan on going with Pergo, and have heard good things from our friends that have it. Fact is, some houses just are not worth enough to make hard wood a reasonable investment.

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answers from St. Louis on

not sure what brand we have, but I hate it. It pops, creaks, & crackles as you walk on it.

Right now, it's only in our kitchen. We will be using hardwood when we redo the floors.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We put Pergo floors in our teens room, which is downstairs and home office in our far so good.

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answers from Redding on

We put Mannington laminate flooring in our kitchen years ago and love it. We compared Mannington to Pergo and went with Mannington. Pergo, at that time, had the finish on the laminate, and then a layer of press wood and then backed with a pressed paper baking (much like poster board)that would soak up water and moisture if any was to get under it and ruin the flooring from the backside up. Mannington, at the time had the finish on the laminate top, and the layer of press wood center and then another layer of laminate so it wouldnt absorb moisture. It made it safer for under the fridge and in case the dishwasher leaked. Any laminate will be distroyed if you get water on it for any length of time. Ours was glued at each seam and end joint but it still can get moisture between the planks and swell and lift up the finish. The newer products that snap in place with no glue might not stop any moisture but I'm not sure. I just don't think they can seal out moisture if you have to cut them at all. Mannington's finish has held up well with no scratches except where I moved a book case and there was a small pebble under it, but it didnt tear it up with a big gouge like linolium would have. I have the light oak look and it doesn't show much dirt and is easy to clean. Now saying all that keep in mind this was about 10-12 years ago so there's a great chance things have changed and improved so who knows what is out there now. Go asking about the backing if nothing else. And check out all the trim choices they have to go from one room to the next where it might change flooring. I wasn't happy with what we had to choose from back then and would love to change how it transitions from hard floor to carpet in the other rooms.

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answers from Lansing on

I put Pergo flooring in my daughters playhouse. It holds up really good, I can't remember the brand it is, but it's one of the high ends of pergo. She also has the padding that goes underneath it. I'm very happy I went with that instead of just plywood.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I have Shaw laminate flooring and although I like the look, I am not happy with it. We had a fish tank that leaked - there went the floor in the living room. That one might be obvious, but in the kitchen it has not held up either. Just from transferring the dishes from the sink to the dishwasher, the floors have warped. I've never had any water issues in the kitchen.

My best friend had laminate throughout her house. The toilet ended up leaking one day and she has tile in the bathroom. Well, the leak flowed out into the hall and destroyed her laminate there. She has since tiled the kitchen and hall way, while leaving the undamaged laminate in the family room.

If you do go with any laminate, be very careful with water and think about what rooms you are placing it in. The pros are that it is easy to clean, is allergy friendly and looks nice (when not warped).

I know it is more expensive, but cork is amazing. I am saving up for it. It's environmentally friendly, holds up well with moisture/water and is softer to walk on. Just a thought.....

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answers from Johnstown on

Ours is Alloc and it's FANTASTIC! We have the wood laminate in our dining room and it holds up to all kinds of spills, chair slides, washings, etc. We also have the tile-looking at our entry-points and it holds up to the snow-covered boots, mud, rain, etc. Both have been down for nearly 5 years and no complaints here at all :)

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I have Pergo in my laundry room (the room is 20' x 30'). I love it down there. I am not sure I would want it in the rest of the house, but it is perfect for a laundry room. We have a pad under the floor.

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answers from Denver on

My mom has laminate flooring and it works well for her. But when we visit, it drives me nuts. It has a hollow sound, and is very noisy, especially with dogs. You also have to be really careful with water, much more so than regular hardwood floors. My daughter also took dance in a studio that had laminate flooring and the sound was amplified 100x. It also did not hold up well to that kind of use. I quite frankly wouldn't have this type of flooring. I would go with hardwood, or tile.

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answers from Phoenix on

We have Pergo w/ the insulation backing on it . I agree w/ TN, that I would rather have wood but works well & has held up w/ dogs & kids. we have had ours for about 5 yrs, also. Our carpet was super disgusting, so I'm glad to be rid of it. My husband doesn't care for it, though.

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answers from New Orleans on

Wish Pergo had the metal Alloc locking system but Id like to comment about laminate flooring, regardless of brand, style, durability. All flooring except tile, and some glue down, are not waterproof. What i mean by this is cheap laminate to expensive laminate, if water floods your floors, the floors must be removed are mold will grow underneath it. So when i hear people brag about how water does not damage their laminate flooring, I have to wonder what they consider "not damaged" From my experience with flooring as a contractor most important is top coating, AC rating 5 best 1 least, also the locking system make a difference, if it does not lock proper, or locks damage under install, you will get spills under the laminate. My home just flooded and had pergo ac3 5+ years and probably could have just left it out in sun to dry out and reused it, because when i removed it, it was soaked but did not warp, crack, or fall apart. The truth is if you get water under your floor, probably in your best interest to remove it all and start over. Cheaper laminate will scratch easy, will roll up on lock ends from mopping, and will fall apart if water gets under it. The pergo AC3 or better has proven itself..

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