Anyone Have Experience with the Ultrasonic Pest Control

Updated on November 02, 2010
J.B. asks from Miles City, MT
7 answers

We have spiders in our house and know we have seen signs of mice as well. I hate using the poison and hate setting traps. We have two young kids 5 & 1, as well as a lab and a chihauha. I have seen those utrasonic pest things that you plug in to your wall and wonder do they really work? Would they bother the dogs? Would love to hear what others think about them before I invest the money.

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answers from Chicago on

We used them a long time ago. They worked in an apartment we were in but some whatever reason , did not work at all in our current home. My bro is an electrician and told me that the things work by vibrating the wires and mice especially hate that. Spiders might be able to get around it. If the wires in your home are not connected the right way, the things will not work well. Our building is 100 yrs old so I buy that. You may need one for each circuit in your home.



answers from Houston on

I've got a unit from Black & Decker that I bought from Home Depot for around $30. I've been pretty happy with the results. It isn't 100% and I still use poisons in my garage, but it seems to keep things under control in the house.

If you can get in a routine of turning it to the loudest setting when you're out of the house and varying the frequency, you'll get the best results.

My dogs don't seem bothered at all and after a while, it just became white noise to us too (at least on the lowest setting).

It doesn't really affect spiders directly, from what I can tell, but if you're scaring off the majority of their food source...they'll go elsewhere by default.



answers from Albany on

Hi. I bought one of those ultra sonic pest things for the place where I used to live. I think it worked at first but it is definitely not a long term fix. It does not work for long from what I could tell but it may work for you.



answers from Denver on


I have had those ultrasonic pest plug-ins. They do work to keep mice away for about a year, and then they need to be replaced. However, I don't know if they work against spiders, amd they do not help or prevent flys from entering your home..



answers from New York on

They did not work for me. I thought they were doing ok at first because I didn't see any spiders around then one day I saw one walking right on the darn thing and it didn't seem to phase it all.. Waste of money...



answers from Denver on

Hi There - we used one in our garage with good success. It does make a little "click" sound that I could hear that my husband couldnt. Good hearing I guess. I didnt notice it after a while. Pets were never bothered by it - at least that I could tell.

We used it because we had crickets and spiders in our garage. What it does is upset their mating cycles so you may not notice an effect until all of the eggs they have already laid have hatched etc. It works though, next summer no bugs!

Ours had a recommendation for square footage, multiple floors, etc. so be sure to read the instructions to make sure you have the "fire power" you need. Good luck!!



answers from Wichita on

we have some outside and they dont seem to do anything. We have voles, and the only thing that works is poison peanuts. :-(

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