Anyone Have Bowel Problems a Few Months After C Section?

Updated on February 27, 2017
L.M. asks from Franklin Park, IL
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I had my second c section in March of 2016. A few months after that I started having horrible stomach pain with constipation but Sometimes I go to the bathroom 8-10 times a day but it is never watery or runny. (Sorry I know TMI!) The pain is right below my ribs and down my sides. I have horrible cramps constantly like I have the stomach flu. I'm super nauseated all the time and have lost over 30 pounds from not being able to eat. I have tried everything. Linzess which makes me feel worse and Amitiza which gave me migraines. I take probiotics twice a day and fiber pills. I have been to a GI doctor and had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. They didn't find anything except a little inflammation. I have been to my GYN and he isn't sure what it could be. He finally suggested going in for a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis and adhesions. I go in April for that surgery. My general doctor tried putting me on antidepressants. That lasted a week. I couldn't stand feeling like a zombie. I'm so sick of being sick! I can barely take care of my kids! Has anyone else had these problems?

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So What Happened?

I'm new to this site so I'm not sure where to respond to peoples answers. So I'll do it here! Margie thank you for your help. When I had my endoscopy they tested me for Celiac disease and it came back negative. I still wonder if I may have a gluten intolerance. It just seems weird to me that it would come out of nowhere after my second c section.
Barbara thank you for your response! I have been to the ER at least 6 times in the past six months due to this pain. My colonoscopy didn't show any blockages but my obgyn said it's possible that an adhesion is wrapping itself around my bowel. It's so frustrating to me that I saw my Dr at the beginning of the month and they can't do the surgery until mid April. I just want this fixed! The pain is horrible and the nausea is even worse.
Nikki D & Patty K thank you for responding. I am to the point of desperation. I have tried to do the elimination diet and I did find a few foods that bothered me but it is still not touching my problem. If adhesions are not the cause I am going to try a dietitian and see if they can help me with that.
Thank you for your response R. I had told the doctor that I wasn't comfortable taking antidepressants and I didn't think that they were right for me. She told me just try it and that she thought it would majorly help me. She was wrong. I was so out of it I couldn't get out of bed or form sentences. My son was scared of me because I was acting weird. It is not worth it to me. All of my stomach issues started about 3 months after my c section. I had a really bad case of bronchitis and it lasted for over a month. I was over it before the stomach problems started. I have been to so many doctors and spent so much money trying to figure out what's wrong. I am going to keep pressing on and hopefully someone finds something soon!
Momoftwo & Fuzzy thank you for taking the time to respond to my situation. You all are awesome thank you for taking the time to try and help!

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My first thought was Celiac Disease as well because that is what happened to me. Mine hit more gradually though but was triggered by my c-sections. If I were you, I'd try going on a gluten-free diet since you have some time before your surgery. Blood tests can give false negatives and they can only test for certain proteins whereas they are finding that there are actually many other proteins that may be bothersome to people.

At one point, I had tried going GF but didn't notice a change. Turns out my body was too overwhelmed because I have multiple allergies so I wasn't getting any relief by just going GF.

If you do GF, you have to be really diligent about ferreting out the gluten, otherwise your body may still react to small amounts that you do ingest without knowing it. Also, casein can be another culprit as it is sometimes mistaken by the body to be gluten.

I wish that tests were more accurate but if it's dietary, it will be trial and error and it will take some time and dedication :(

If I were you, if it ends up not being adhesions, I would go to an ND to help you figure out what's going on in your body. I love mine because she actually listens!

Hope you feel better soon!

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Man I'm sick of doctors putting people on antidepressants when they can't figure out what's wrong with them. You have REAL physical symptoms, antidepressants aren't the answer.

How long after the c-section did this all begin? If it was many months afterward, then it may not be related. With mystery illnesses, unfortunately, you will have to be the driving force behind your diagnosis. You may have to keep seeing different doctors until someone can diagnose you.

I have a friend with a mystery illness who was unable to eat and lost a lot of weight also, and she is still unsure what it is but she is very slowly getting marginally better. Did you have a flu or other virus before your symptoms began, by chance? Sometimes that can trigger mystery ailments.

I hope you get some answers soon, don't let any doctors tell you this is all in your head, or try to put you on more antidepressants.

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answers from New York on

My guess would be adhesions. Talk to doc about that. Adhesions can be wicked.



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I am so sorry. It sounds like you are in terrible pain. : ( I am glad to hear you're seeing different doctors and trying different things to figure out what's going on.

With c-sections, I do know that most doctors will make sure you can properly pass gas or have BM following the surgery before they will allow you to eat. So there is obviously potential for problems with your bowels as a direct result of the surgery. I would talk to your gyn again, since it definitely could be related.

Good luck. I hope they find out the problem and you get better soon!


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Yes and it started with constipation and bowel psin. Then I developed adhesions that wrapped about my bowel and caused a bowel obstruction. I was sent home from the ER on a Saturday night in acute pain. I went back on Monday and had peritonitis and gangrene. I was hours from dying. I almost left my 3 month old without a mother. Be seen my your doctor as soon as possible.



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When they open you up to deliver a baby, they have to move around other organs to do so. Any time your colon gets handled, it stops moving. It takes time for it to get its rhythm back.



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Sorry to hear you're experiencing this. I never had problems like that after my C sections. However, we have a friend who is going through something very similar, and is in the process of eliminating foods from their diet. He too has lost a lot of weight in a very short period of time and has pains and cramping (frequent trips to washroom). They think it may be gluten. So I just thought I'd mention that.

Hope they figure it out for you soon