Anyone Have Any Suggestions on Getting Wood Stain Out of White Carpeting?

Updated on March 19, 2009
L.C. asks from Saint Peters, MO
5 answers

Did some staining - thought it was dry, brought it inside, set it on the carpet and got a blotch of cherry wood stain on the carpet. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to take it out?

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answers from St. Louis on

Hi, L..
You're not the first Mommy to have a tough mess to clean up. I work with a company that has a couple of things you can use to get rid of your stains. Their products are reasonably priced TOTALLY safe to use around your family and pets. We can't live without them in our family. Check out I'd love to help you out!


answers from St. Louis on

I dont know how much your talking, or how big the stain is, but I got a little bit of paint on my carpet and a baby wipe took it out. If its a big stain, I dont think it will work.



answers from St. Louis on

Hi! I don't know if this will work on the wood stain, but it's worth trying. The product is called Lifter-1 and you can get it at AutoZone. It's for car upholstery, carpets, etc. It's a blue can with yellow lettering. It's removed every stain I've ever had on our carpets, so it just might work for you, too. Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

Try fingernail polish remover, or acetone.



answers from St. Louis on

I just had this happen to me. Goof off, the liquid stuff from Home Depot or Lowe's or where ever. It has a strong smell, so make sure you use soap and water afterwards, but it is amazing.

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