Anyone Have Any Advice on Conceiving a Girl?

Updated on September 28, 2011
M.H. asks from Lima, OH
13 answers

Don't care for comments like "there are people in this world who can't have kids so you shouldn't be concerned about the gender"-honestly, I don't care to hear it. Everyone has their own opinions, that's fine. I'm just looking for information:)

I have hear about the chinese birth chart, eating vegetables, trying 3 days before ovulation, etc. has it worked for anyone?

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answers from Dallas on

Adopt a baby from someone who already conceived a girl. That's the ONLY way to get a girl, 100%. (Aside from fertility treatments described by Jennifer H.) Everything else is wives tales and myths.

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answers from Philadelphia on

It worked twice for us. Once I got the boy we wanted the second time we conceived another girl. (We didn't care the first time). Google the Billings method. I conceived my son the day I was ovulating. I conceived my daughter 4 or 5 days before I ovulated. You will need to watch your cervical mucus to determine when you are ovulating. Then you will know when to try.

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answers from Chicago on

My hubby's a doctor and firmly believes in the 3 days before ovulation guideline (we wanted boys first, so we have Day 14, 15, and 17 boys).

My MIL was an OB/GYN and she wanted 1 of each. She used the timing method and ended up with 1B, 1G. My sister used it and also got her 1B, 1G.

So far everyone I have spoken with and who track their cycles has fit into the pattern.



answers from Washington DC on

For both of my girls, we conceived later in the ovulation cycle. trying 2 to 3 days prior to ovulation got me a boy. Overall, it really is up to your hubby, you have the X, he determines whether you get the X or the Y to go with it. From what I understand, the boy ys are faster and therefore get there first, hence earlier in the cycle, the girl Xs take their time. I also believe that position is an influence. Sorry for being crass, but missionary is more likely to be a boy, doggy = a girl.



answers from Raleigh on

NO VEGGIES! your ph balance needs to be acidic for a girl. I live on veggies and fruit, we had two boys......then last year we were going through a very stresfull time and i only ate Kashi bar or two/day for a month.....even though we were not TTC our little girl was concived only 3 days after my period was done.......looking back it all made sense......well it was God's plan for us afterall:)



answers from Chicago on

Beg for a boy, lol. Good luck


answers from Santa Fe on

Have sex early! By that I mean a little before you think you ovulate. This totally worked for us. I thought we were a week early.



answers from New York on

I wasn't planning for a boy or girl but I knew to "hit when the iron was hot", you know? So we had sex the day before and the day of ovulation and we had a boy. There is a lot of evidence to suggest having sex several days before ovulation but not the day before or the day of will increase your chances of a girl. Good luck!


answers from Cincinnati on

I conceived a girl on day 10 of my cycle when I noticed I had cervical fluid when I wiped. I knew that every month I saw the cervical fluid, I would be ovulating about 3 days later. It was like science for me. I conceived a boy 3 years later on day 14.



answers from Dayton on

The "shettles method" of timing sex around ovulation was absolutely wrong for us. We ended up having sex 5 days before ovulation (and not for 3-4 days after, so egg should have been gone by then) because of a business trip my husband had and ended up with a beautiful baby boy. Honestly, the only CERTAIN way of having one or the other is IVF with PGD. Anything else might be fun and has a chance to tilt the odds slightly, but you could easily end up with either and you should consider whether you're ok with having either.


answers from Minneapolis on

We have two boys, ages 9 and just turned 6. Their 3yr age difference was not by choice. We have been b/c free for 5yrs and we came home with our daughter from Ukraine last October. :)
Adoption was always in our plans, but we didn't plan on adopting so soon. God knew better, and we still have yet to conceive on our own again. And I believe we will adopt again in the future. :)


answers from New York on

I think the answers you got about ovulation might be right...I had 2 girls without tracking my cycle well at all. Then number 3 I tracked perfectly because I had an IUD and had the IUD taken out right after my period ended. My son was concieved on the day I was ovulating. I can't say for sure with the girls but it seems to validate the fact at least on that part of the equation.

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