Anyone Have a Joovy Stroller?

Updated on November 22, 2007
K.L. asks from Martinsburg, WV
7 answers

I have been having a dilema finding a good double stroller. I have been doing research on the Joovy ultralight sit and stand tandem stroller. An infant carrier can fit in the front and your toddler can either stand on the back, or sit and ride. Since my toddler won't be in a stroller for very much longer, I am thinking this may work good for us. It seems to be durable and lightweight, and I like the look of it. Or we were thinking about the Joovy 2 which is a side by side. The Joovy big caboose seems too big to fit in our truck. The reviews seem pretty good too. Any opinions on this stroller would be appreciated. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Well we ended up going with the Combi twin savvy LX. And I love it. Thanks for everyone's advice!

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answers from Norfolk on

Hi, I'm a mom of 22month boy. i just wondering if you check this site already.

Page38 they have stroller which you are looking.( i think)
So try check this web site, see if you will like it or not.

Just incase if you can't open web site above. try this one.



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We had a sit-N-stand stroller, although it was not the "Joovie" brand. It would hold a careseat or a forward-facing infant up front, and then had a bench or a stand in the back. Our newborn and 2 y.o. used it very well for 3 years, when they were both pretty much done with strollers. It is lighter than traditional strollers, and gives toddlers more frredom/options, especially when they are 3-4, and can walk quite a bit.




answers from Norfolk on

Hey K.
First of all you sound like a very neat person and I hope we meet one day....although our age is quite different I think we are quite similar. I am 43 years old, been married to my hubby for almost 18 years, and have a daughter that turns 17 in Dec and a son who turns 6 in Dec. :) One is my "margarita baby" and one is my "invetro baby" to guess which one is which? While I have no idea what a Joovy stroller is I was just going to tell you that if you ever need a babysitter or petsitter, my daughter, Brianna, has many many refrences with many years of experience. We too are pet crazy...we've been involved with dog rescue since she was 7 years old and my son loves cats so we do volunteer work with the animal shelter and the PetSmart near Greenbrier...he loves it!
Anyway...if you care to set up an interview sometime please give a shout to us. There is one mom on line that has hired Bree for both pet sitting and babysitting and that is Lori Mitchum.
Have a blessed Turkey Day! Good luck finding the stroller.
p.s. if you like Mary Kay I'm offering it at 50% off for the rest of the year is the website for the catalog.



answers from Washington DC on


We have a sit-n-stand stroller, which is the type that you are describing. They are not recommended for children under 2 1/2 since the child in the back needs to balance while standing or sit without a back to support them. My daughter is off and on constantly, so when going out alone, we usually revert back to the standard double stroller. Just something to consider.




answers from Washington DC on

We bought one, and I am not all that happy with it. First, it is NOT light weight AT ALL. I actually have a bit of struggle every time I lift it into the back of the car. Another thing to consider. Once your baby outgrows the infant carseat, the Joovy seat for him/her doesn't go all the way back. We are in a position where our 4 months old is getting a little tall for his infant carseat (he is huge) and he will not be able to use the Joovy front seat alone because he cannot sit well enough by himself or even with the small amount of support it provides.

It was good when it was my daughter, age 3, and our son, below the 4 month mark in the infant seat up front...but it was very heavy.

I am actually looking AGAIN for something.

Hope this helps...




answers from Washington DC on

I love our Joovy stroller. Yes it is a little heavy, but not more so then other double strollers. We got this stroller when my son was 2 and my daughter was 1 month. We did not use it too much with the carseat, but when we did it worked well. We did put my son in it before 2 1/2 (he had just turned 2) and he did just fine. He was always strapped in until he was almost 3. Now he is 3 1/2 and typically refuses to be strapped in, which is fine because he will stand then. My daughter at 19 months still likes to sit in front. Yes the seat doesn't go back to far, but my daughter even when she was little did fine. We use this stroller all the time. If you have a small compact car it may not fit in the trunk. It fits fine in the back of our highlander. Hope this helps.



answers from Norfolk on

I don't have that brand of sit and stand but I do have one and it works very well for my twelve week old and two and a half year old. The older one feels like she has a little more say in how she travels since she gets in herself and decides for herself whether to sit or stand. I like it a lot.

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