Anyone Have a Child with Cancer?

Updated on September 24, 2010
W.M. asks from Belleville, MI
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I was searching the site but didn't find any topics relating to children with cancer. Do any of you have a child with cancer? My 5 year old was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Wilms' tumor. It is all an overwhelming shock at this point. I have begun making connections with others in a similar situation, just wanted to see if there is anyone here on Mamasource.

We are coping with the situation with a lot of prayer and a network of friends and family that have been overwhelmingly supportive. We keep a positive outlook but know we would like to bond with others that are fighting this battle too. We have been down the major illness route with our oldest who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 7. I know that surrounding ourselves with others going through a similar situation helped us when she was first diagnosed and I am sure would help us now.

Thank you!

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So What Happened?

It has been a long journey with our daughter's cancer but she is alive and thriving at this time. She was newly diagnosed when I posted this question March 2008. We did end up with quite a network of fellow cancer families and we keep up with many of them still and meet new families all of the time. one great connection was through Our daughter had a very complicated course of treatment including near kidney failure and then near heart failure from the chemo drugs and last year she experienced a secondary cancer also assumed to have been caused by chemo. We celebrate every day we have. She is doing well and just being a kid the best she can. God surrounded us with the people we needed and it has been quite a learning experience in all areas of our lives. Thank you to all who responded at the time and if anyone is seeking a network feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to help.

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Dear W.,
My name is Tonya & my about-to-be 5 daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 Wilms favorable histology. Its also in her liver & both lungs. I just came to mamapedia to try & make contact with others who had the same experience. How is your child doing now? Would you be interested in sharing advice & your experience? We just started chemo this week. She still needs the operation to remove the affected kidney & will later on need radiation treatment.
We have a caringbridge site. visit site for carlytrejobagby & some very kind souls created a facebook group for her called Carly´s Angels. my email is
peace & love,

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I have a niece who is 3 that just got diagnosed with whilms tumor also at stage 4 early march. It has been very very difficult for all of us, but nothing i'm sure compared to her mother. I dont know if you know of this site called you can go there and make a page for your child. It's a site that you can go and write journal updates that will get sent out to people you know to keep them updated with her treatments, along with pictures. It has been an absolute godsent for My SIL. My sister also has a son with cancer but he is in remmision thank god, but she used the caringbridge website as well. If you would like to get a hold of my SIL, you can go to and then in the search type in avaharb (just like that too) you might have to make a username and password, but at least you can talk to someone who is going through the exact same thing as you. hope that helps



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Dear W., so sorry to hear about your child. If you like, I can refer your child for "wish" to be granted through the Rainbow Connection, which grants wishes to children who have a potentially fatal conditon. Please email me at you checked or been referred to Wilm's tumor online support group (www.MDJunction/wilms-tumor)? Hope this helps-K..



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yes i had a daughter with cancer. when she was 5 years old she was diagnosed with leukemia. and i know first hand how devastating that news can be to be told your baby has cancer. its a nightmare no mother should ever have to hear. or go through, but i have to tell you it made me a stronger person and you never know what you can deal with untill you are faced with something like thatand im responding to your message because i know first hand sometimes all you need is someone to talk to. even a stranger. i dont always know the right thing to say but i can listen.but the most important thing of all is never lose the faith. never give up when you think you have no fight left in you keep fighting when it seems that theirs nothing left dig for more.i know it sounds easy but god knows it isnt in any way easy. it takes all your strength and energy and drains your entire system,. but you have to remeber this is " NOT" in any way , shape or form your fault theres nothing you could have done to prevent this and theres nothing you did wrong. try not to blame your self andconcentrate on getting through this with the best results. miracles happen every day and yes they do exist. leukemia is a blood cancer its in the blood throughout the entire body. my daughter almost died 3 different times but she didnt.she is now 13 years old and doing great so there is a such things as miracles. shes very lucky and so am i. we watched so many of her lil friends lose the battle but we never gave up, and you shouldnt either and i know it seems selfish to put that baby through all the tests and treatments and medications and all but our scientist have come so far in the technology these days that theres always a chance for hope. and never give up no matter how slim the chances may seem. prayer is the key and ticket to everything and god is watching over you & your lil one. if you ever need someone to talk to you can email me, i would give you my phone number but theres really no point , see 3 years ago i was also diagnosed with cancer and they had to remove my voice box and larynx and my dr screwed up and punctured my asophagus so i cant have a trach either so im unable to talk on the phone, im completely limited at everything even eating. so you see there is hope. even though im so limited at what i can and cant do im still alive to raise my kids, brad, brandi and autumn 17,13, & 5 i live in fear every day brandi's cancer will come back but i dont let her see that fear. we just make the best out of the time god has given to us though its limited because of my handicap we are still together as a family, my email address is
send me your childs name as well as yours and ill have you added to the prayer list at church. and if you ever need to talk i am a good listener and i dont mind if you need a shoulder to cry on. mines pretty tough. have a good day and keep the faith no matter what,
your in my thoughts and prayers, god bless you and your family always,
S. & family



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I will be praying for you and your family!

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