Anyone Happy with Their Children's Bedroom Furniture?

Updated on September 10, 2011
C.T. asks from Red River, NM
19 answers

We are getting ready to buy furniture for our 2 year old daughter's bedroom. We are looking for affordable yet still pretty good quality furniture and I am not sure where to shop. Are any of you very happy with the furniture you bought for your child's room? We have been looking online at Ashley Furniture and at Target. It is hard to tell what it is really like from pictures. I'm thinking we will get a twin or full sized bed, one nightstand and one dresser in either white or light wood. Please let me know if you have an opinion on this. Thanks!!

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So What Happened?

Well thank you everyone for your quick responses. Boy, I wish we had an IKEA near us!!! But sadly we do not. I am not sure what we will do yet, but thank you for your suggestions!

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answers from Orlando on

Try first. I bought my daughters entire bedroom w/the princess theme for super cheap-I bought a new mattress however.

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answers from Lynchburg on

Hi C.-

I am a fan of OLD furniture...

You know...the well made SOLID stuff that can be refinished...

I have collected...over the years...some very sturdy...well made 'older' pieces that have worked very well...and lasted a goodly long time. This furniture will outlive ME!!

Cribs I have always made sure were brand new...after 'that' stage...not so much!

One of my kiddos has an antique oak school desk....she wanted to take it to college 2 years ago...UM...NO! lol

Another has an old wash stand as a bedside table...(the answer for HER taking to college is NO!!!)

I have found...with 'older' 'better' made is fun to restore them...and more meaningful to the kiddos (cause they help/watch the restoration)...AND...they are just better made!!



Just my opinion!

Best luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

We special ordered furniture from a British Columbian company called "Canwood." It's hand crafted, solid wood, and heir loom quality. If you have it shipped to you, you will have to assemble a few parts. For the price it's an excellent deal and very strong and beautiful.


I also suggest looking at Costco, IKEA, Pottery Barn Kids during clearance time, Sears, and JC Penney.

I love Mill Creek furniture..though it is pricey it is worth looking at. This is heirloom quality too, and it's all very lovely.


Amish furniture is a very good choice for kids' rooms too, if you don't mind spending a little extra.


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answers from Seattle on

We have a lot of pottery barn stuff currently (NOT cheap, but stellar sturdy furniture).

I have been VERY happy with everything we've had from IKEA over they years, however. What we currently have from ikea are

- down comforters & pillows (8 at last count. I pick up a new one every couple years. We each have 2 of our own; 2 for winter, 1 for summer, couple for guests). LOVE down. Better quality than many others that are four and five times the price.

- bunk bed (don't currently use, but great when we have used it)

- expedit bookshelves (the squares we have a 4x2 and an 5x4)

- kitchen island cart thingmys

- dining room chairs

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answers from Phoenix on

Hello! So far we only needed to get toddler beds and got both at Ikea. Great quality, not generic, easy to transport and move if need be and sturdy. Kids love them and the price was right...



answers from Indianapolis on

We got the convertible crib to avoid buying additional furniture, but 6 yrs. later we had our second child and now we need to buy a new bed for the oldest... I will not recommend white, it shows everything. I loved IKEA but, at least for the ones I saw you have to buy mattress, and everything to dress the bed there bc it's a different size... I loved Ashley furniture we have a kitchen table from there and it still looks beautiful and is really sturdy... at the end we haven't bought anything and still looking.... Good luck!


answers from Rochester on

I can only suggest you go for the light wood color, because white furniture shows every scuff and it will look used and dirty very quickly, unless your child never plays in her room or touches her furniture. I had that kind of room as a child, and I hated it. :)



answers from Phoenix on

Are you a costco member? We purchased our sons' bedroom furniture from there (bunk bed, 2 dressers, drawing table, and nightstand) and LOVE it! The quality is great and the price was very reasonable. Good luck!


answers from San Francisco on

We bought our daughters' bedroom sets at IKEA. So far, they've been very sturdy and have not chipped, peeled, or anything like that. Both of them have white bedroom sets. (We also bought their mattresses - memory foam - at IKEA.)



answers from Phoenix on

Whatever you do don't get a bunk bed. My son has a twin over full bunk bed and I HATE it with a passion. The top bed just collects dust and to change the sheets on the bottom bed, we literally have to take the mattress off the bed. (It doesn't help that the bed is up against a wall). I wish someone has warned me before purchasing it. My other son has a regular bed we bought used from craigslist and we LOVE it. It was originally purchased from Costco Home and it's very good quality. He's 3 1/2 and this will last for him until after college. The bunk bed is children's furniture and my other son will out grow it very soon (he's 8 1/2). Good luck.



answers from Washington DC on

I just read your so what happened. Man! I was going to rave about my son's IKEA furniture. Oh well.

Separately, if you have to spend more to get a dresser you want (all the pulling and pushing puts a lot of wear and tear on those), you can skip the actual bed and just get a nice mattress and box spring and the cheap frame/legs they sell at mattress stores. My son has that and with a nice bedskirt and a Euro-pillow against the wall... No one has EVER missed the bedframe!



answers from Phoenix on

CarrieT -
You might try IKEA. Their furniture is really affordable. You will have to lug it home in a heavy box and put it all together (yikes), but we've been really happy with the quality of the kids furniture we purchased.
Good luck.



answers from Albuquerque on

IKEA in Phoenix (and a new one in Denver)! Their stuff is great--excellent prices, good quality, and nice-looking stuff! I'm trying to convince hubby to take me soon to get furniture for our girl's room! (Hey, Road Trip!)

I also saw some nice things at American Home Furniture...everything is just so expensive!


answers from Chicago on

We bought the Hemnes daybed from Ikea. It comes in white or black, and there are several coordinating pieces (some with more vibrant colors, like blue or yellow). We didn't have to buy any of them, however, as the 2 large under-bed drawers are more than adequate to hold all of our son's folded clothes and socks/undies.



answers from Chicago on

I purchased my daughter's bedroom from JCpenney. All white wood. They have pottery barn style furniture at half the price. Sometime you can get a great deal if you time it right. My daughter's bed is a twin w/ a trundle that i got right before it was discontinued. It was 60% off original price! I find their stuff to be quality. I got her storage and media center from there and it is identical to the white storage media at PBarn. My friends thought thats where i got it!!



answers from Augusta on

rooms to go kids is where we are getting our daughter's next bed. it's very sturdy stuff

Also check yard sales!


answers from Dallas on

We bought our now 16 yr old's desk, dresser, bookshelf from Haverty's and it is white. It is pretty and YES, it does show marks and you have to clean it regularly. Quality wise it had held up very well.

We got a Queen bed for her from a high end shop around here when she was in elementary school. We just happened onto this bed. It is beautiful, cherry wood and is high. She picked it out, she and we still love this. We made out like a bandit because it was $2500 (very high quality and sturdy, etc) and because of the massive size of it, it was put on sale for $450 because it wouldn't fit in many rooms. Daughter's room is very large, larger than most master bedrooms so it was a perfect match for us!

Again, we love the white furniture and she does too, but it does take more upkeep. If you get it, get some good touch up paint!



answers from Cincinnati on

Target over prices their furniture. I use to work there and alot of the furniture we sold other store sold (under a different name but smae exact thing) for less. I would go to a furniture warehouse or liquidator. you will get a good price and furniture that last (make sure the whole thing is hard wood, with no laminate pieces.)



answers from Phoenix on

We got DD's set at a local furniture store called Pruitt's. I'm sure the set is sold elsewhere, though. DH used to do furniture repair, so he is pretty well versed in what's good quality & what's not. You really can't know what the quality is until you see & feel the furniture in person. I wouldn't order it online unless I had seen the actual set in person, personally.

DD's first set was from Walmart & it was a particle board hunk of junk. I personally wouldn't buy anything from big box stores, or Ikea, if you are looking for something that's going to last for a while. It's worth it to pay a little more for something you can keep for a long time, than something you'll have to replace in a few years.

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