Anyone Had Their Permanent Retainer Removed?

Updated on September 13, 2011
M.P. asks from Orem, UT
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Mine is pretty much coming off. I went to a new crappy dentist (not going there again) and he refused to remove it even though it was loose and causing me pain. He put more glue on top of the old glue, so I had this HUGE bulge there and it was just a huge bother. Well thankfully it fell of a week later.
So I'm wondering if other people have had their retainer taken off before? Are their willing dentists out there?? I've had this on for the mast 12 years, and I'm sick of it. I want to floss normal again.

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So What Happened?

Thanks gals. Next dentist I go to, I WILL get them off. I'm so tired of it.

Yeah it was crappily put on as well as my braces.

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answers from Houston on

Ooops, I NEVER went back to the appointment to get my permanent retainer. 18 years later and my teeth have shifted very little. I can notice it, but noone else really can. No regrets!

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answers from Phoenix on

I still have my permanent retainer that was installed in 1982...maybe sooner. It is located bottom front, from cuspid to cuspid, so 6 teeth total.

I have opted not to have it removed permanently b/c my 2 front roots are crooked and my teeth revert to being crooked. It came off once, and that's what happened.

And I have never had a problem with it. Never. So, how odd that yours is causing an issue. I wonder if it was not installed correctly. Also, b/c I have moved so often, I have asked numerous dentists about it coming off, and not one of them is willing to do that kind of work. They refer out to an orthodontist.


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answers from Dallas on

I had one behind my front two teeth. The orthodontist told me that I would only have to have it for a few years, but he would never remove it. It often cause me to get an ulcer on the tip of my tongue. Thankfully it finally fell off on its own.



answers from Cincinnati on

I had mine taken off about ten years after I got it and I think that was about 8 years ago. My teeth haven't shifted at all.



answers from Provo on

YES, but only to get it put back on again. It is awful!! Or maybe I just have sensitive teeth. I would recommend getting it put back on again. I had to get a new removable retainer from my orthodontist and they are spendy and suck to wear every night, ugh.

My advice, it sucks to get the old permanent retainer removed but they are worth it! I'd find an ortho that will drill it off and then put it back on for you :)



answers from Tallahassee on

I've had my permanent retainer for almost 23 years. I've asked about having it removed a few times and my dentist said that it's not a good idea because of the possiblity of teeth shifting. I make sure to pay special attention to that area when I'm brushing and I thread my floss underneath it and haven't had any problems at all. Unless I'm actually thinking about it, I don't even know it's there. Luckily, I had a great orthodontist and I've also had great dentists.



answers from Chicago on

Yes, your teeth will shift. Have an orthodontist make you a new retainer. And yes, food can get caught behind permanent retainers, that's what floss is for.



answers from Wichita Falls on

My husband has his removed after our dentist explained that perminant retainers have a tendency to get food caught behind them and cause cavities.

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