Anyone Had a VBAC Lately?

Updated on November 12, 2008
E.S. asks from Dalton, OH
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Hi there........just wanting some information/support for moms who have had a successful VBAC? I'm planning on having one but am looking for insight and information. My first 3 children were vaginal deliveries and the last was a mandatory C-section (3 yrs ago). Please share your experiences! Thanks.

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So What Happened?

E. here. Thanks for the advice so far. I do have a great doctor who cheers VBAC and whole-heartedly believes I am an excellent candidate---he has encouraged me from the beginning (I'm new to him with this pregnancy due to a move) and believes I'll have great success. I likely will not go the homebirth route, I for one believe in being in a hospital. I just wanted some feedback on where others stand on the subject. I will likely have an epidural too, so that was good to read that there are successful VBACS with epidural. My doc is alone in his practice, so he'll be the only one delivering. Thanks so much!

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I second the referral to ICAN. You can find support with the International Cesarean Awareness Network at their website These women have amazing knowlege and will go far to support women in their quest to birth the best way possible.

Also, in order to have a VBAC in today's birth climate, it is essential that you choose a care giver who truly is willing to support a VBAC. You need one you know has attended VBACs recently, not one who gives lip service to support and then changes things out at the last minute.

I wish you the best!

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I would suggest you check out

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Not lately, but 18 years ago I did. I had 2 C-sections and then the VBAC. All went well and I recovered so much faster than with the C-s. I had an epidural for it also.
Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

You've gotten some great info already. I just wanted to add that you should consider using a midwife instead of an OB because OBs are so quick to see a need for emergency section that isn't really there. I know quite a few women who never felt pressured to "get it done quickly or else" because of their midwives.
Either way, good luck!!! I hope you get exactly the birth you are looking for:)



answers from Dayton on

The 2 most important ingredients to achieving the birth experience of your choice, are your care provider and the place that you choose to give birth. I concur w/all other recommendations....find a midwife, or @ least a dr that follows the midwifery model of care as opposed to the medically managed model. Avail yourself of all the info out there....ICAN, to to the website and read their 6 care practices for normal birth. Actually, homebirth is not illegal in Ohio, it is just not protected by can find midwives who attend homebirths. Hire a doula...go to the DONA website and plug in your zip code. Ask lots of questions and make sure your care provider & place are VBAC-friendly. Having an epidural also increases your risk of a repeat C-sect.
I wish you the best, if you would like help finding a doula/midwife in your area, let me know I'll see if I can locate someone.
Waterbirth credentialed, AAMI Midwifery student



answers from Cleveland on

I had a successful VBAC in Feb 07 after an emergency c-section in Jan 05. Obviously the biggest factor is getting a midwife/doctor who is onboard. (In fact, be sure the whole practice is onboard. I had a friend whose DR was okay with a VBAC, but she got another DR on call and he went c-section.)

VBAC was a great experience for me. Yes, the literature about uterine rupture is scary, but there are lots of success stories and you will be even more closley monitored during labor than your first vaginal delivery.

Good luck!



answers from Lafayette on

Hi E.!

I have had 3 successful VBACs. The most recent was in July. My first was a c-section and the rest have been VBAC's. It is important to talk to your dr./midwife about whether you are a good candidate for VBAC or not. Assuming you are a good candidate, I HIGHLY recommend it! You already know how much easier a vaginal delivery is compared to a c-section. My c-section was because my first baby flipped into the Frank's Breech position. If he had been my second baby, (first being delivered vaginally) we could have delivered him vaginally. But, we tried to turn him and was unsuccessful, so had a c-section. My second and third were VBAC's with epidurals. Wonderful experiences! Fourth was VBAC without epidural. Again, wonderful experience (after the last hour of labor). I absolutely would have more VBAC's assuming it is safe for you. My dr. told me that the amount of risk (for me, at least) with a VBAC is the same amount as a scheduled repeat c-section. Both have risks, just different risks. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery!!



answers from Indianapolis on

Hey, E.. Way to go on the VBAC!! That's so awesome. I've never had one, but I do know a little about them. Both my kids were born vaginally (one induction/epidural and the other completely natural).

I'm guessing you have already found a doctor or midwife willing to do a VBAC? That's great if you did. They're not necessarily that easy to find where I live. In fact, homebirths are sort of illegal here (because it's hard to find a Certified Nurse Midwife who will attend them and Certified Professional Midwives are not legal here).

One thing I would highly recommend would be to go for a natural delivery. The reason for this is that you would know almost immediately if a problem should arise. The concern with VBAC is a ruptured uterus. Well, if you are numbed with an epidural, the first sign of a problem would be the fetal monitors. But, if you have full feeling, you would know if something was wrong.

There is a website with lots of good information for you to look through. Go to, I think for more info. It might be .com, but I don't think it is. It's all about Cesarean births and VBAC.

One last thing you might want to consider. Having a doula can be very helpful in achieving the kind of birth you want. I'm a doula, but I also had one for both of my children's births. I would trade having her there for the world. I think had she not been there I would have had a Cesarean with my first child.

Hope that gives you some help and encouragement.

God bless,



answers from Lafayette on

My daughter was born by c-section in '03, and my son was VBAC in '06. Everything was successful with his birth. My OB was completely supportive & highly encouraged me to do it throughout my whole pregnancy. No mishaps. I'm done having children, but I would certainly do it again if I could! :)

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