Anyone Had a Behavior Consult W/pediatrician Before? What to Expect?

Updated on June 23, 2011
K.A. asks from Centreville, VA
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We have a son who will be 4 on August 28th. His behavior ranges from polite and quiet to crying at absolutely nothing and yelling at anyone. We've been concerned if this is typical behavior or if there is something more going on, so I made an appointment with his pediatrician. The appt is tomorrow and I'm a bit worried about what to expect. Any ideas? Thanks, moms!

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answers from Lynchburg on

Hi K.-

Have you considered an appointment with a 'developmental' pediatrician?

Reston Pediatrics had one some years ago...her name was Dr. Polly panitz...she went on leave as she had an 'adolescing' son with some issues...but maybe now she is back in practice? She was the best...up to speed on very complex medical issues my daughter had/has...but also extremely focused on her over all development...

This was some years ago...

best luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

If its a good pediatrician who is well versed in behavioral issues the appointment is no big deal. He'll probably have some questionairres for you to fill out on which you'll rate different aspects of your son's behavior. He'll review the list and talk with you about what you are seeing, may talk to your son some and ask him some simple questions. He'll then discuss with you his opinion and either refer you to someone or give you some suggestions as to what you can do to help with your son's behavior. Just a side note, a "good" doctor will not try to immediately prescribe any type of behavior altering medication without referring you to a psychologist who can better evaluate your son for a behavioral disorder.

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When my youngest turned two and still was not talking, I knew his two year well check was gonna have some tough parts to it.

Make sure you have everything you are concerned about written down ahead of time. Go in with an open mind and some ideas on how to take whatever is going on ''HEAD'' on.

Make sure you ask every question you can think of. Nothing is too silly when trying to determine any type of behavior/sensory disorder. And most of them can be helped big time with the numerous different types of Therapies they offer now days.

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I did this about a year and a half ago concerning my then 6 year old. I just told the pediatrician about what our son was doing and how he was acting... (all atypical behavior) with lots of examples. (I made a list to help me remember). She just listened and at the end said it sounded like we may need the help of a child psychologist and gave us a name/number/referral.

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Don't expect a lot of help from this source, unless you've got an exceptional pediatrician. If your doc finds a physical concern, this will be useful. If your doc says nothing's wrong and tells you you just need to improve your parenting, keep looking for useful advice.

I've written up some stuff about assessing your child. Contact me privately if you'd like a copy. The gist of it is that *you* are the expert in assessing your child. You've got the most data, the whole picture. Go to specific professionals to evaluate specific concerns, but don't expect a truly holistic evaluation from any type of professional. All the professionals are specialists, and can only offer information within their speciality.

Good luck.


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I hope you are going to the INOVA Keller on Route 50 and Waples Mill Road - you will like how they treat you and your son....

It's not an IMMEDIATE diagnosis...they talk to your son without you in the room and with you in the room, they have him do things - math, read, problems, etc. to determine other have to answer a boat load of questions....

We see Dr. Giroux - but we are working on Hyperactivity (not ADD) and NOT what you are dealing with....and my other son is dyslexic and we are working on how to best treat him and help him through this...




answers from Honolulu on

Well is something triggering it?
He's over-tired?
What is his level of communication ability.. .and his understanding of expressing himself and of his feelings and the names for his feelings???

Just ask them anything that concerns you and is on your mind.
They are used to this.



answers from Washington DC on

Whatever you do, do not let them try to medicate your son! Have you ever heard of the Feingold Diet? The Feingold diet basically eliminates artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Some children (my son) are chemically sensitive and can have behavior, learning, and other problems because of what is going into their bodies. My son is a lot calmer and can focus on his school work easier when he does not have all that "junk" in his body. Check out (I think that is the website or just google feingold diet). I accidentally came across the book "Why Can't My Child Behave" when my son was having some problems - the book will explain all about the diet. Hope this helps.

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