Anyone Got Any Helpful Moving Tips?

Updated on November 16, 2012
C.V. asks from Jefferson City, MO
13 answers

I don't need them, but someone might. And I wanted to share my money saving moving tip...

Here's a little tidbit for anyone who is moving a front loading washer.

According to the directions, front-loading washers are supposed to be "stabilized" by some snazzy moving pins put in by a technician that you'll have to pay to come out. Because the excess motion of the drum during moving could break the whole washer. The pins cost $30 and the technician...who knows.

We didn't hire the tech. Or use the pins. We took the top of the washer off and stuffed blankets down under and around the washer drum so it wouldn't move. Worked like a charm. For free.

Please share your oddball moving tips...

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answers from Chicago on

We hired a moving company because we didn't want to do the work. It worked out great. Each box was labeled (i.e., kitchen, dining room, bedroom #1, etc.), as was the door/area to each of these rooms at the house. This way, the movers knew exactly where (which room) to take the box as opposed to just dumping them in a heap of boxes in the living room.The only draw back was that on the day we moved it was super hot, like 95-98 degrees. Not a good choice for weather.

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answers from Houston on

Hire someone to move your stuff. :)

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answers from Washington DC on

If you hire movers, get insurance.

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answers from San Francisco on

Pair down your stuff before you pack.
Hire movers. It'll save your back and your friendships from ruin!

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answers from Philadelphia on

get beer, music, and laugh while killing your back=)
oh and sneak in a few sweaty kisses if you can
honestly i have no tips. we moved everything in one night with one person helping and still managed to have some fun in the middle of the neverending moving from midnight saturday until 5am sunday the next day.

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answers from Chicago on

Number your boxes and keep a log of what's in each box.
Then once you get there and you're looking for an item, you go to your log, find which box it's in and you don't have to go through all of them to find the thing...

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answers from Redding on

Take a sedative and sleep through the whole thing?

I absolutely hate moving, so I have no tips. Even with professional movers, it's always been torture for me.

I'm interested to see what others have to say.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Get wine bottle boxes for glassware and then you don't have to wrap them.

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answers from Boston on

I just went through this in the summer. Basically we had my husband's whole family come to our house in their cars. Loaded everything small in them, and moved all the big stuff in one Uhaul truck. Then, we all drove to my new house. Unloaded, and then spent the rest of the day eating pizza and Sangria. It was a good day.

I'm still going through the boxes though..:)

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answers from Dallas on

If you have someone who wants to help but can't move items or lift, get them in charge of food and snacks. It makes a big difference to have a cold juicy cantaloupe or watermelon in the middle of sweaty chaos. And not to have to worry about lunch or supper.
Otherwise, I told my H next time if we didn't have money for a mover then we didn't have the money to move!!
Thx for the tip!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I went to an office supply store and bought reams of paper in different colors, enough so that each room in our new home would have a different color - blue for living room, red for dining room, green for kitchen, etc..

Then I used PowerPoint to create a template that went on the page: Name of the room and space to write contents (i.e. Dining Room _________________________).

Each box packed got the appropriate "label". Before moving day, I went to the new house and hung signs on the doors in the same colors.

This eliminated hearing "Where does this box go?" a billion times on moving day.

I also use post-it notes to identify where furniture goes - sofa on this wall, bed against this wall, etc.

My movers loved it and it made the day less stressful!



answers from Los Angeles on

Need boxes? Hit up a restaurant and talk to the manager. Boxes for restaurant toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels are awesome for linens. The boxes they get for liquor are perfect for pretty much anything else especially kitchen. They are smaller so it you load them up with heavy glassware and dishes you can still carry them and they usually have dividers for the liquor bottles that work for glassware or you can rearrange them for plates and other dishes. sometimes they will have boxes for paper too (regular paper or receipt paper) that is great for clothes. Oh and the price? Most often totally free.



answers from Minneapolis on

I love how all the guy's are suggesting hiring someone! I'm not a guy but I'm hiring for my next move. I will break a bone if I have to move this house. It'll be cheaper to hire a mover.

On a more serious note, dedicate the day after the move to doing nothing but unpacking boxes. We have done this for all 3 of our moves. We start early in the morning and do not stop for ANYTHING. Our goal is to have every single box unpacked and broken down by the time we go to bed.Once you get going, you get into a rythym and it goes much quicker than doing a few boxes here & there. (you spend way too much time overthinking things doing it a few boxes at a time.) Last time we moved we were up until midnight, but we got it all done. (that was a 4 bedroom house and 1800 sq ft basement.) It felt soooo good to be 'done.' About the only thing remaining after we unpacked were pictures, and they were set against the walls where they were to hang until the following weekend at which time they were hung up.

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