Anyone from San Antonio or Familiar with San Antonio

Updated on December 02, 2006
R.K. asks from Lewisville, TX
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My husband has been offered a job there and we are thinking about it. I wanted to look at some real estate and schools but have no idea of what area to look at. The most important thing is to be in a good school district. Anyone have specific schools (ELm and middle) that they would reccommend or good family neighborhoods??

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answers from Austin on

I grew up near SA also, and my sister and grandparents live there now. I agree with the previous poster to stay away from the south side. The north and west sides is where you will want to look. Northeast ISD and Alamo Heights ISD are great districts to be in. And there has been a lot of growth in the north part of the city. So, depending on where your husband's job would be located, you may want to look in Schertz, Selma, and the Judson ISDs. Here is a website for area districts: There is also Bulverde & Boerne that are near SA, but not in the city. Good luck to you!




answers from Dallas on

Hi there. Before I start rambling information I'll tell you I'm not from San Antonio, but my family lives there and are ALL in education (superintendent, vice principle, teachers, schools named after them, nutritionist for district, etc). I just did all the research of SA for my cousin who's transfered from Saudi Arabia (military).

Ok, the BEST districts are Northeast and Northside. In Northeast, Reagan is the best high school so any elementry to feed to that high school will be good. It is the newest. Churchhill is also great. CHECK CAPS. Some schools are caped. Your realitor will know. They are opening a new HS in 2008 to help with this problem. Middle schools to feed to are Bush and Tejeda. Subdivisions are Stone Oak, Rogers Ranch, Champions Ridge, Sendora Ranch.

Northside high schools to feed to are O'Connor and Clark. All I have mentioned are 5A and have excellent athletic programs, high acedemic achievement scores, most AP kids, good band, etc. OConnor subdivisions are Helotes, Dominion (stars live there...high priced).

Subdivisions to look at are outside 1604! Depending on the location of your husband's job and your desire for a small school, you may also look at living in New Braunfels. It's not far (just out 281) and has great schools and is a nice smaller town.

A side note, living far from your job in SA is not the same as Dallas. Traffic is not as bad and everything seems to be closer. I would talk to your realistate agent about commutes.

Ok, that's all I have. Hope that helps.

A. Cody



answers from San Antonio on

Hi R.
I grew up near San Antonio and my parents live in a little town just north up 281. We've been looking for property up that way as well.
You want to stay out of South San Antonio. That area may improve over time with the new Toyota plant, but for now, stay away from the south side.
Northside ISD is the better school district. There has been alot of urban flight out of SA. The hill country areas have seen a tremendous amount of growth the last 5-10 years. Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, Bandera and areas just north are extremely popular. Smithson Valley is supposed to be a very good district. Alamo Heights, I think is one of the better ISD's within the loop.
I found a website called that has quite a few properties for sale. Check out some of the larger realty companies like century 21 too. When you find a place that looks interesting, google the town. You can find demographic information including what schools are available, property values, etc. Be sure to check when the site was last updated. Some of the statistics may not be current.
Hope this helps you some. Good Luck with the move!



answers from Dallas on

Hi R. -

I'm from San Antonio and my family still lives there. I'm excited for you - it's such a nice place to live. One of my sisters currently works for a real estate agent who I believe lives in one of the better school districts in San Antonio. If you would like to contact her (or have her contact you) I would be happy to put you both in touch. My sisters email address is [email protected] and her name is Rebecca Byers. I'm sure she and the woman she works with can help you in your search.

Good Luck!

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