Anyone Familiar with Melaluca Products?

Updated on November 19, 2016
J.J. asks from Garland, TX
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Hi Everyone,
Someone I know sells Melaluca products, and this other person said they are great products. I looked through the catalog and I am interested in a few items (pretty much all the laundry and house cleaning products, and the RENEW body lotion). Has anyone used any of them, or have anything to say about these products? I would hate to spend a LOT of money and be unhappy. :(

Thanks in advance ladies!

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So What Happened?

Wow I am SOOO GLAD I asked. I wasnt aware of the "Must buy monthly" rule. I assumed it was kind of like Avon where I place the order with her. The main reason I looked into it was because of Excema on my son...but one of you said it didnt make a huge diff.
Thanks for all your input ladies! :) Have a SUPER 4th!

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answers from Phoenix on

My mom signed up for awhile but because they require you to buy a certain amount every month, she was ending up spending more than she was actually able to use. She didn't really notice a difference in product than what she normally bought at the store either. So really it stressed her out too much to continue.

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answers from Santa Fe on

I had a friend selling Melaluca products, so to be a good friend I signed up to try it out. I was very unhappy with how much you have to spend a month. I do not spend even close to that a month on those types of products, so I thought it was crazy. I did it for 3 months and then wrote them a letter to quit. I would not recommend it. You can get bio-friendly concentrated eco products at stores like Trader Joes, Target, Kmart, and Whole Foods for the same price.

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answers from Richland on

I am so sad to read all the negative responses here! I have been a preferred customer with Melaleuca for over 3 years now. There really is no risk and it is just switching stores. I SAVE money with melaleuca every month and my children are not on deaths doorstep anymore either! If you want to be a preferred customer and shop monthly you can....and you can cancel your membership at anytime as well. There is no risk! I have never received a back up order either. Every month Melaleuca has over 500,000 new customers and 95% of them shop month to month. So many people would not choose to continue shopping if they did not love the products and the company!
I have been super happy and know many many many others who are happy as well!
I hope this creates a more balanced approach to Melaleuca, there is a lot of misunderstanding out there is seems!

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answers from Atlanta on

There is a mom on here mimi that sells it.......I used to buy the stuff a few years back but I had to stop due to other financial obligations but I would love to purchase from them again but I can't right now because we are following to whole Dave Ramsey thing....when we get some of our debt paid off then I might be more comfortable allocating that money there-you are spending it at the grocery store anyways but I am big couponer too so sometimes I make out better that way but the only thing is it may not be an "all-natural" product but I just can't afford to do it right now.

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answers from Sacramento on

I really liked their products - I didn't like that you had to buy a certain amount each month and if you didn't place your order - they just sent you whatever.....and I had a hard time cancelling my membership......but I still would give them a positive review overall!

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answers from Springfield on

Hey everyone,
I was reading the comments about Melaleuca. All of Melaleuca's products are top notch. The program Melaleuca follows is not to get you to spend a bunch of money that you don't have, they want you to reduce your budget by converting your home to better products. If you don't switch stores you will find that your are double spending and you will be spending more. We stay out of Walmart and the other uptown stores unless we need a product that Melaleuca doesn't offer. Vitamines, if you take the 90 day challenge and take them correctly as indicated you will notice a big difference. If you go to " you will be able to compute how many points you are currently using of all the products that you currently use whether store brand or Mellaleuca. If you divide those points by 3 you will have basically your usage of products from Melaleuca based on a three month rotation. Some products are used every month, some two, etc. We have a book that explains all the different thing you can use each product for. From bug repellant to getting fingernail polish out of your carpet. I would love to share with any one how this works properly.
As for doing this with Dave Ramsey's program, you are not adding new you are budgeting your products within a company that will save you money in the long run. Mix them exactly the way the directions say. They are concentrated to much product will not clean any better. Only use what they recommend. It will save you money rather than waste product. I know the questions are from a year ago, but the answers are still the same. I would love to share with anyone the particulars of the Business if you are looking to make extra money.



answers from Chicago on

The renew worked awesome for my daughter with exczema, nothing the Dr prescribed worked just this. The laundry soap & all the cleaning stuff is awesome as well. My DD at her dads house washed & dried her white soccer jersey & accidenteally dyed it pink. She washed it 3 times with tide but it didn't budge coming out. We washed it once with melaleuca laundry soap & some sol u mel & it all came it in one wash.

I love tub & tile, it works like magic. I also use tub & tile on my bamboo floors which are on my entire 1st floor.

I had a membership for 2 years but I cancelled it only because I had to order too much in products every month. I am out of tub & tile now & renew & I am in desperate need since this works the best on my floors.

If you can just piggy back an order off of your friend at least for the renew lotion. I need someone close to me to do this with.


answers from Dallas on

Hi JJ,
I've been a Melaleuca customer for a few years and love their stuff. However, sometimes I don't need as many products as I have to buy to meet my "quota". Let me know if you want to try a few products and I can order them for you, since you're right down the road from me....we can meet up somewhere to swap products/$$. The Renew lotion is AWESOME for eczema and the main reason I started buying from them. Message me if you're interested. :)



answers from San Diego on

Wow, I love Melaleuca. At first I was hesitant about the min 35 points, but 1) I never have a problem getting the 35 points, 2) I find most of the products last longer, or the same, then the products I would normally buy at the store, yet, I still make my minimum 35 points, because I can basically "switch stores" and buy most of the things at a regular store and get it through Melaleuca, they have great cleaners, skin care, make up, even weight loss products 3)I spend less with Melaleuca than I would at the store, on most things, but those things that I don't, it doesn't matter because I really love Melaleuca's products much better, I have not found a product of theirs that I didn't like or wasn't amazed by 4) Also, I just plan out my list each month with what I will need for the next month and buy it then or if I can wait to buy it till my next order. It is just like making a shopping list on a budget. 5)They have such great customer service that if you are dissatisfied with any of their products they'll give you a complete return on. Which is why I would say try it, you really have nothing to lose, and you may be amazed as I was once I used their products.


answers from San Francisco on

I tried selling this for a while, until I read up on MLMs. Not a good business idea! Plus they can sabotage your friendships and people's trust in you.
I found the Tub 'n Tile tends to leave a scummy residue in my bathtub. The melalueca oil is great for removing permanent marker, etc. I like the window cleaner - hasn't left streaks for me. It's nice that the products are chemical free and safe. Their vitamins are probably fine, although I prefer Nature's Sunshine.
You can be the type of member who doesn't have to do a monthly order, but then you pay higher prices for each product. I haven't ordered anything since I quit. A word of caution: some people are sensitive to tea tree oil, which is what melalueca oil is. My daughter got a rash when I used Melagel on a cut. I'm not sure if that's why though.



answers from Minneapolis on

I was with Melaleuca for 5 years, just quit this past December. I loved the products (miss the Sol-u-mel the most) but since you need to place a minimum 35pv order ever month, it got to be a bit costly especially when there was sometimes I really didn't need anything. One reason I signed up with them is cuz of the non toxic cleans and laundry stuff. Everything is totally safe. When my DS was 3 yrs old, he got into my kitchen sink cabinet cleaning stuff while I was showering. He spilled some all purpose cleaner and was eating pretzels he had dropped too in the cleaner. If this had been Lysol or Pinesol, I'd have rushed him to the ER but I knew he was safe.

I just signed up with Shaklee just two months ago, they have the same principle as Shaklee. I know I'm not going to trigger an asthma attack when I clean my oven or shower/tub. I'm finding that I love Shaklee's products as much as Melaleuca's if not more since I don't have to place an order every month, and there is no minimum.


answers from Washington DC on

I just canceled my membership because it was around $70 per month. Also if you don't place your monthly order, then they automatically charge your account and send it to you. I do like some of their products, but not all. I hate the window cleaner. It leaves streaks. I do like the disinfectant. The lotion is ok. I have extremly dry skin and by the end of the day my legs feel like chalk again but right when I put it on, it's nice. It just doesn't last as long as other brands.



answers from Los Angeles on

I'm a melaleuca member, and I really love the Renew lotion - it's the only lotion that has taken care of my weird skin (I got dry patchs, some patchs are oily, my skin gets itchy when hot, and I have these white bumps that aren't whiteheads) - everything I've tried from CVS hasn't worked. Anyways, other products are pretty good, and I love the idea of not having to truck to the store to get my household products...Granted some products aren't any better than things I find at Costco, Target or Walmart. My review of the vitamins are that they aren't worth it - going on Amazon to buy my vitamins that I can buy at the Vitamin Shoppe is a much better savings and quality of products too..but the only reason I'm contemplating on keeping the membership is only for the Renew lotion. I'm about to ask my boss if I can borrow his account and buy with him each month (but it was his sister in-law that signed me up). If I could only find a comparable product of the Renew lotion I would then quit Melaleuca because I don't like that I am required to purchase a certain amount each month.


answers from Minneapolis on

Wow so many are really uninformed about Melaleuca. I have been a customer for 7 years now and would never go back to shopping for my consumables anywhere else.
Here are some info about Melaleuca...
A+ rating with BBB, My family saves $1000 a year by using their products, it is about home conversion and being loyal to great brand, not switching stores to shop for 1 or 2 products, you get 10-15% back each month on your purchases, if you look at price comparisons you will see that you save money over name brands, no contracts...cancel any month, no cancellation fees, all products refundable for 60 days, no risk, my family of 4 shops for 5 times the required min. order for wholesale pricing, it is not hard to do, we were spending this every month from Walmart, Target etc anyway, it is just a matter of getting better quality with Melaleuca.



answers from Albuquerque on

If your friend will let you order from her you should try it. I used to be a member but not anymore and I do miss some of the products (I just don't want to pay the direct member price). The RENEW lotion is awesome. Tough and Tender is a good product too, it's a multipurpose cleaner but it smells really good. Most of the cleaning stuff is super concentrated so you either use a small amount or mix it with water and it lasts forever. The pre-spot is really good for just about any stain, just spray it on rub with water and wait 10 minutes. Didn't like the shampoo/conditioner. They have this stuff called pain a trate, it works like bengay, love that stuff! The dishsoap last foorreevver. I'm sure there's more but it's been a while.



answers from Richland on


I have been amazed by their products!! I was a bit skeptical, after all, I'd been green for years and it hadn't made a difference. When I started with Melaleuca, it was great!!! My boys asthma went away, my sons eczema healed totally! (and it was a severe case!) We haven't used prescription medications since starting with Melaleuca when I used to use them almost every day. If your son has eczema, TRY IT!!! You won't regret the switch!
And, if for some strange reason you do, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products. I never miss an order, it saves me money and my family is healthier. I can't ask for more!

Oh, and my boys clothes (they have a very good talent for leaving stains!) is finally clean and stain free!!! :) LOVE IT!


answers from Missoula on

LOVE their products...HATE the prices.



answers from Dallas on

Renew is excellent , It does not leave your hands greasy yet it moisturizes great. I liked the Laundry ,Dishwasher and No Work for showers. Sol-u-Mel is the only thing that will keep mosquitoes off besides Avon's Skin So Soft that does not smell bad to me.



answers from Austin on

I bought it for a while, and really like the products.... I like that the cleaning products are concentrated, so you just add a certain amount to the spray bottle and add water. We compared prices for the "tough and tender" to basic sprays, even the more green type, and ultimately, the price for the melaleuca (even adding in some for shipping) came up considerably less. I am still using some of the items I had stocked up on.

Unfortunately, you DO have to buy a certain amount of "points" each month to get the lowest price, or they send you a pre-selected box.

Quitting wasn't that hard... you do have to send them a written letter telling them to cancel your membership.

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