Anyone Experience Flovent-related Stunted Growth?

Updated on October 09, 2013
H.L. asks from Washington, DC
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My 2.5 year-old has to inhale 2 puffs of the steroid Flovent (thru a spacer) twice a day for the month of October and then once a day until the end of winter - from November to March. (During spring and summer no steroid is needed.). He will have to do this regiment until his seasonal asthma gets better with age, maybe until he's 4 or 5. I am happy to finally have a treatment plan for him, but I have this nagging concern about it stunting his growth (height). No matter what, I will give him the Flovent. His health and breathing are paramount, but I still worry. He has always been in the 90th or higher percentile and I worry that his natural growth will be affected.

What has been your experience in regards to this Flovent-related issue? Do you think your child's growth was affected, or not really?

Thanks for any input!!

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answers from Chicago on

My nephew has to take steroids for asthma as well. His growth has been stunted considerably. He is 9 yrs old and is the size of a 6 yr old. His 5 yr old brother will soon be taller than him. But, there wasn't any choice in giving him the meds.

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answers from Seattle on

No personal experience with this. You can read this medical study though, that indicates there is no statistical difference in height growth between those who used a placebo and those who used Flovent.

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answers from New York on

Never stunted growth in my house that's for sure.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My friend's child takes steroids for asthma and she too worries about it stunting her child's growth. You are not alone. Breathing trumps height though.

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answers from Dallas on

No - my son (14) has been on Flovent for several years now. He has to take it year round. Believe me he has NOT been stunted LOL. My understanding from the doctors is that the inhaled steriods do not have the side effects and issues that liquid steriods do. Since the inhaled steriods go straight to the lunch they don't go through their system like the other types do so it doesn't affect the rest of the body. Hope this helps ease your mind a little bit.

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