Anyone Every Had a Relapse of the Stomach Virus?

Updated on May 14, 2011
D.G. asks from Maple Shade, NJ
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Hiya moms! My kids recently has a stomach virus. Though mild with intermitant vomiting and diarrhea it had a much longer duration then your typical bug. With 3 kids it's taken a long time to get through this. My youngest was sick 6 days, and middle child 4 days and my oldest only 24 hours. My middle child has been healthy for 5 days and then began with symptoms again the other night. I've never had this happen before, usually when they get it they do not get it again. He was also the last child to get well before becoming ill again. Has anyone ever experienced this happening? Thanks!!!

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answers from Columbus on

Yes. Totally sucks!! The strain we have experienced this year was insane. My 8 year old threw up for 16 hours straight. That was unheard of in our family. Stomach bugs would usually be about 3-5 hours of vomitting, then taper off and the diarrhea may or may not make an appearance. The only reason I didn't have her into an urgent care, was because a friend has said her son had thrown up for 12 hours straight. Our elementary school principal said his own kindergartener got it 4 times!!!! She would get better and within a week or two, had it again. Poor girl!!
After my daughter got sick, as well as my toddler, I researched a sanitizer my SIL told me about. She's a nurse in California, and some of the hospitals use it. It's called Prefenz. It's a botanical sanitizer that claims to remain on your hands through 10 washings (and possibly more). I ordered it, cuz I was scared the whole family would get the bug and just keep passing it around! I can't say that we all didn't get sick because of the sanitizer, but only the two girls got it. I try to put it on my kids hands each morning. I do forget. I had also tried to get the kids to wash their hands as soon as they walk in the door from school, but that was even harder to remember! We've had a pretty healthy late winter/early far. I probably just jinxed myself!!! LOL!! I would try to be super consistent with hand washing and try to keep the kiddos away from each other when they are sick. I know that's hard - for sure. I also went through the house and washed down the doorknobs, remotes, handles, etc. I'm so sorry you guys are going through this. Hopefully, it will all be over soon!!!!!

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answers from Philadelphia on

This has been circling through my house too.
3 kids all had it once, then again, and now again.
I don't know if it's coming from school or just lingering in the house somewhere. I have lysoled but think I am going to break out the bleach out. I have had way more than my share of it!



answers from Harrisburg on

Yes, this happened to me actually. I thought it was just a stomach virus, it went away and came back. After three weeks, which the doctor told me it could take that long for a stomach virus to completely go away, I went to the doctor and was tested and it turned out I had a bacterial infection. I was put on antibiotics and all was fine then.



answers from New York on

My 2 yr old just got over the stomach virus a couple of weeks ago. He wad diarrhea and vomiting. Then, on day 4, it appeared he was all better. I was so happy. Then on day 5, he started vomiting again. On day 6, he went back to normal again and has been better ever since. Make sure you change his toothbrush, wash bed sheets and clothes. Stomach bugs that are caused by a bacteria often need antibiotics but a stomach virus of a particular strain can only be caught once unless the virus mutates, which takes lots of time. (kinda like the common cold).



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes... just recently. My child had it ( vomiting and diarrhea) for four days (although only in the middle of the night) then fine for three days, then sick again for two day, skipped a day. Lasted over a 14 day period in all on and off.

Doctor said that the virus can take that long to leave the system. Also that body can be weakened and stomach more sensitive afterwards.

Still seemed so odd that I wondered if there was some environmental factor. Did change the little screens (aerators) on the spout of my kids faucets (there was some debris there -- don't know if it contributed).

Try some kids' Culturelle (probiotic) -- haven't found a doctor who didn't recommend it. Helps restore all the natural flora/fauna especially if they've taken any antibiotics. Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

Yup, we had the same thing. Horrible stomach cramps with this virus. Apparently its a form of novowalk instead of norwalk. (?) At least thats what my Nurse friend said. I too had never had a tummy virus make its ugly return. It went away...we felt good for about 3-5 days then...whammy. Its baaaack. Hang in!



answers from Dallas on

It's also here on the Central Coast of Ca. My eight year old who is never sick has had the worst stomach cramps, crying and miserable for 5 days so far hoping for a break soon. She has lost about 7 lbs eating microscopic amounts of brown rice etc... With Drs. approval I gave her some Immodium for kids and that ever so slightly firmed up her stool. Hate to see the pain she's in heating pad and baths only help for a bit. Fever is gone and vomiting seems at bay. Now just cramps and diarrhea. Thank for the posts, it helps to know she's not the only one.

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