Anyone Ever Have a TVT Surgery for Urinary Incontinence?

Updated on September 17, 2008
L.U. asks from Chalfont, PA
4 answers

I have severe incontinence since I gave birth a year ago. I am told to see a Urologist and perhaps look into TVT surgery. Has anyone had that? Can you tell me a how it went for you or for someone that you know?

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi L.,
Are you done having children?
I had this procedure and would recommend it to all who suffer incontinence.... My life has changed, I am sooo happy I did this but you need to make sure that you are done having children. My second baby was 11 pounds, natural and to be honest i hadn't lost the extra weight I put on with him. I started doing Karate and one class I looked in the mirror and after doing jumping jacks my pants were soaked,,, I didn't feel a thing except embarrasment. I think I called that next day.I went to Joanna Chon, M.D. at Abington Memorial Hospital,It was an out patient surgery and the only pain I truly felt was in my hips because they spread your legs so far open. I was back to light duty work in a few days. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write me..Best of Luck.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Dear L. U,
I am a mother and physical therapist...have you received PT for pelvic floor dysfunction? There are a great niche of PT's that specialize in women's health issues. There are some very effective, non-invasive treatments for incontinence. I always recommend to my patients to exhaust all conservative management approaches first before surgery. If you live in PA you can see any "direct access licensed" PT without a doctor's prescription. I could recommend some groups if you are in the philly area.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I did 5 years after the birth of my son. The surgery itself was not bad. They cut you in the hair line of the pelvic region, and then staple it. Every time you move you feel pain, you can hardly walk, my husband had to pull me up from a laying down position, because everytime I would try the pain was unbearable,(your using muscles on the top of your legs.) It took about 3 weeks to get up out of bed myself.


answers from Allentown on

Hi L.,

Try going to someone who does the biofeedback with the kegel exercises first to see how that works.

The procedure that works the best is the Marshall Marchettie procedure.

Hope this helps. D.

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