Anyone Else Suck at Taking Your Prenatal Vitamins?

Updated on April 30, 2011
J.B. asks from Marrero, LA
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I am the worst I think. With my first I was totally faithful, but I was never sick at all. With my second I was Ok. I didn't take too many for a couple weeks in the first trimester but other than that I did good. With this one, I am terrible! I have been feeling so crappy and some days I just can't stomach the thought of taking one. I am hoping that in a week or so when I finish the first trimester I will be more on board with it because I will be feeling better. I have never taken even on prenatal while breast feeding, even though I know it is a good thing to do! I do have a friend who is 18wks and still crazy sick and just can't keep them down. I keep encouraging her not to worry and then turn around and find myself a little worried about my own inconsistency! Anyone else really bad about it with a great healthy baby to show for it!?

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answers from Lincoln on

I was always so sick that i had to stop taking them. the 2nd one I even tried taking them at night. and then I switched to the chewable ones. but still no good. so for most of my pregnancies I didn't take them. My dr finally told me I was better off not taking them if it meant I could eat some and try to keep something down. and I had enough other problems to worry about that and those were the reasons my babies were born early but healthy even without the vitamins!

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answers from Norfolk on

With baby #1 I choked down the prenatal vitamins. They were HUGE. I couldn't face them first thing in the morning so I would take them at dinner. With baby #2 I bought the smallest regular multivitamin I could find and took an extra folic acid tablet every day.
Both babies were super healthy.

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answers from Dallas on

I was really sick with my first and hated taking them. I've had three pregnancy and I think I missed a few with all of them. For some reason I eat very healthy when I am pregnant, so I know my children were getting natural vitamins for the foods... All my kids came out "healthy"- 9pounders...

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answers from Seattle on

I took them for a few weeks and then quit. They made mer terribly sick (nausea, migraines, etc.).

I usually prefer to get my vitamins/minerals from my diet, when I was pregnant I added Flintstones when I confessed to my doc I quit taking the prenatals. She laughed at me. "My god woman, if they're making you sick, why did you keep taking them??? Try kid's chewables a couple times a day. If those are making you sick, then just keep to your diet."

Since then, having taken far too many med courses: getting sick on vitamins is a sign that you're overdosing on 1 or more components (bad, causes organ and immune problems, even permanent damage) or have an allergy to them.

10lb bouncing baby boy. Well, not actually bouncing. But total control of his head from day 1, and eye contact up to about 5 feet away, and little "braided" back (killer muscle definition).

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answers from Austin on

I am a midwife with 3 children. I have never taken prenatal vitamins. All three babies born very healthy and smart with amazing early development. Research has shown that most vitamins are just peed out anyway. Folic acid is the only one that is really important to prevent defects but that is just to about 4 weeks anyway because that is when the neural tube closes. Most foods have folic acid added anyway. Look at your cereal box.

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answers from Columbus on

I couldn't/didnt with my 3rd. She turned out fine and she is hitting all her milestons. She is 6 months next week.

Maybe try flinstones or something.

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answers from Decatur on

I have a hard time swallowing pills and early in this pregnancy I was sick quite a bit too. I mentioned it to my ob and she suggested 2 Flintstone vitamins instead. My son takes them already so it was easy for me to remember and much easier to take!!



answers from Dallas on

I am 27 weeks and haven't taken any this whole pregnancy. I've read the vitamins are more for the mother than the baby anyway.



answers from Chattanooga on

I took my pills before bed every night... then I could sleep through the sick feeling they gave me. I was pretty decent about taking them, but only because hubby reminded me. :) If left to my own devices, I forgot.



answers from Eugene on

I didn't with either of my pregnancies. To me they seemed like a gimmick (I'm a natural skeptic). The research on folic acid is clear so I always took that, but I haven't seen good evidence for a prenatal vitamin in healthy women in the industrialized world so I didn't worry about it.



answers from Minneapolis on

I"m in the same boat - I'm 15 weeks and throw up the prenatal's if I take them. so, my doctor suggested flinstones, I found a sour gummy which stays down for some reason . . . that is, when I remember to take them - i didn't take them with my other 2 either, happy healthy 9 pounds and 8 pounds.



answers from Houston on

YES! I couldn't keep my prenatal vitamins down either, just the thought made me sick. My doctor suggested I at least take Finstone vitamins, so I did. Like you, I was very good about taking them with my fist child but couldn't handle it throughout my entire second pregnancy. Baby #2 was healthy at birth and has actually surpassed my first child in grow. He will be 2 years old next month, weights 40 lbs. and wears a size 4T. Keep trying to take them, but don't fret too much if you don't!


answers from Jacksonville on

I was awful!! My husband is a chiropractor and it drove him nutty. But they made me SO sick! Finally he found some different one for me in my second trimester, that didn't make me feel awful, and I was better about it. Not great, but better. My daughter is hardly ever sick, even though now we are dealing with Molluscum. :(.



answers from Killeen on

I didn't even get prenatals for both my pregnancies until the end of the 1st trimester (lovely Army healthcare LOL), and with my 1st, I had such horrible morning sickness that I probably only took half of them. With my 2nd, I just forgot to take them all the time b/c I was pregnant and had a toddler LOL Anyway, my girls were 8lbs 12oz 21" and 8lbs 1oz 19" I'd say they were pretty healthy babies =)



answers from Gainesville on

I just ate the chewable generic multivitamins. They were tasty, so I didn't skip them, and of course they don't make you sick. And I took Tums for the calcium while I was nursing. Again, yummy. I tried the regular prenatal vitamins, they were horse pills and nauseated me, so I wouldn't take them. I figured better the OK chewables that I would take rather than the nasty horse pills I would not take. My OB agreed and said fine. If you want to take a vitamin, get a yummy one you'll actually eat.



answers from Honolulu on

LOL! Don't sweat it!

There are studies that show they might actually be bad for the baby IF you ar eating right to begin with (only if you are eating right, if you are living on mac and cheese and McDonalds, you are not eating right!!!)

Of course you can possibly fix the problem in the above article with more... as seen here:



answers from Houston on

I get sick taking regular vitamins whether I'm pregnant or not. When I got pregnant, my midwife introduced me to vitamist sprays. I never got sick using the sprays. They were much easier to take and I didn't have to worry about keeping pills down. Good Luck!



answers from McAllen on

I was never able to take my prenatal vitamins I was sick all the time and both of my girls are very healthy.



answers from Chicago on

I took them religiously with my first and now with number 2 i took them for I think 12-13weeks and then just started to forget. He is healthy and I think as long as you are eating all the right things baby will be fine :)

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