Anyone Else Incredibly Hormonal During Pregnancy?

Updated on November 13, 2008
K.M. asks from Sierra Madre, CA
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Hello all. Normally, I am not a hormonal person at all - no real PMS, nothing exciting. But .... I have hit my 16th week of pregnancy and I am simply a raging ball of hormones. It seems that even small things that I know are insignificant irritate me, I want to cry if my husband doesn't notice that I vacumed the house, and all in all I am just cranky. Does anyone have suggestions for fighting through this? Similar experiences? I hate being out of control with my feelings!

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all for your words. I knew that this wouldn't necessarily provide a "fix" but it is reassuring to know that others are in my boat or have been. I try to remind myself that I am not crazy, but reading your responses makes that a bit easier! I did go to bed at 9 last night, so I think my body desperately needed some sleep and I plan on having a heart to heart with my husband tonight or tomorrow to let him in on my hormones! Thanks again .... this is why I am part of this blog - you are all wonderful!

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I was completely hormonal during my pregnancy. I was easily irritable and so emotional. The littlest thing would upset me and I was so sensitive. I think I went two or three months straight where I cried myself to sleep every night. Then, I would get upset with myself and angry for being so emotional. Then worry that somehow all that would affect my baby.

For me, it just helped to talk to someone about whatever it is that was bothering me. There's an old wives tale that your baby will look like the person who upsets you most during your pregnancy. My son looks like his daddy. :P



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Hi K.,
Try yoga or acupuncture - they will both help you relax and acupuncture can curb the hormones. It stopped my PMS completely.

Good luck.



answers from Los Angeles on

I don't have a lot of helpful advice I just want to sympathize with you. I felt that way too when I was pregnant. I wasn’t unhappy about being pregnant. My pregnancies were planned and we wanted our two children very much. Still, I was so jumpy and irritated. For the first time in my life I thought about “needing” a drink nearly every day. No I did not drink at all during my pregnancy, and I rarely if ever drink normally. I just wanted something to numb down the irritability. Exercise helped some, and I tried to distract myself whenever I could. I wish you the best.



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After 4 successful pregnancies, I can totally relate! I'm so sorry. For me, it did pass. What helped the best was making sure I got enough rest, healthy food, and especially my B vitamins (they help with stress). Best wishes and God bless!



answers from San Diego on

The easiest fix is to look at your diet. Soy is said to mimic estrogen. Meat and dairy is full of hormones.



answers from Los Angeles on

I thought you must be kidding!! Of course, and w/ my 3rd and last, I had a girl after 2 boys, It was the worst ever. All my rage went directly to my husband. It was his fault I was pregnant-I have no idea if I was even that rational.



answers from Reno on

Hi K.,

Amazing isn't it. I was the same way. I once got so hormonal over where my husband put the milk in the 'fridge, I nearly hit him. My honey said he could see the "demons" possessing me and ever after said "whenever Steph had a mood swing, I learned to duck!"

I also taught/teach high school. My students said the same thing my husband said, which was embarassing. We all soon learned that if I snacked during the day, my mood swings were manageable. Milk was my mainstay. I had those school size cartons of milk twice a morning, at lunch and had a big glass after school.

Plus, my students started bringing me little "offerings" of fruit, nuts and the occasional bag of M&Ms (my favorite candy). Together, we survived!

As you get further into your pregnancy, you'll learn to recognize the signs of a pending emotional overload. I learned to avoid tv commercials and intense, emotional movies. For example, Harrison Ford's "Air Force One" gave me contractions for two hours. That was the end of action/thrillers for a while.

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

No advice here... just wanted to share that I was the complete opposite! I am normally very hormonal during that time of the month and during my pregnancy I was very nonchalant about everything and just took everything in stride. How very odd!

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