Anyone Else Have Kids Born on the Same Day- but Are Not Twins?!

Updated on May 22, 2011
K.M. asks from Wakefield, MA
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I am celebrating my kids' birthdays coming up in june... the catch is My son is turning 3 and my daughter is turning 1... On the same day!!!! So I am having a hard time thinking of decorating/theme ideas. My son wants pirates.. my daughter has no suggestions :) I did find pink pirate stuff... but a part of me kind of wants her to have her own theme.. I was going to get her a princess crown with the #1 on it to wear and then for favors I was going to get cupcake boxes and send kids home with a cupcake. My son is going to have these treasure chest favor boxes with little pirate things in them. Its going to be mostly family- but about 6 kids all together will be there. All most my son's age, with 2 being 4 years old.

Am I doing too much? Does anyone have any better suggestions? Or are in a similar situation and have advice on what they did? I dont want to favor one over the other.. but I also dont want to have a blah party! they are 2 completely different kids personality wise. My son is shy and my daughter is very outgoing.

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So What Happened?

thanks for all the great suggestions! He has changed his mind again and wants tractors... and im just doing a pink crown for my daughter and a cake for her... pretty much ive decided that the theme will really be just for him ( plates favors and his half of the cake ) I work at a place that makes cakes so Im doing a sheet ckae and doing one half of it pink for my daughter and the other half john deere tractor theme for my son. I guess Id rather celebrate them together until they are in elementary school and actually have friends, etc. Why make relatives travel twice for kids who actually have the same birthday and go through the headache of invitations... I also work on weekends usually so ive been saving my vacation time to have a great long weekend with my family and make each child feel special that weekend. I should note that I was an only child so my parties were always pretty elaborate so its hard for me to keep things simple, i always loved my birthday parties sooo much!

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answers from Phoenix on

This is a great time to embrace the 3 year old since the 1 year old does not know different. I would leave it too him and add the pink in there for her.... I don't think it sounds like too much. I guess if it were me though, I would do a birthday party on one weekend and the other on the other weekend. I think as years go on, you may face that.... every other year the child gets it on their birthday day. Or just always have the parties on opposite days. Many of us can't do parties on the given day anyway due to school or family stuff, so it may not be so bad.

I think you are handling it great. 1st birthday is always special though, so think about it separate.

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My sister did an AWESOME party that was Pirate Princess ... the boys dressed as pirates and the girls dressed and Princesses, but more edgy rocker pirate like princesses. My son, his cousin and uncle all share the same birthday ... my son, and two of his boy cousins are a week apart. Those two boy cousins are brothers and are a day apart, my sister had to set up the c-section carefully her older son begged and pleaded that his brother was NOT born on his birthday. So, it can be tricky to have so many bdays on the same day/at the same time just try to have fun with it and keep it focused on the kids.

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answers from Washington DC on


Baby girl is one. So I think that giving her the cute hat that you've bought, plus her own little pirate princess cake would be sufficient. Make this one birthday more about your son, while getting the cute first cake pics for her.

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answers from Kansas City on

maybe hers could be mermaids, so it could kind of go with the pirate theme but be it's own girl thing?

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answers from Houston on

peter pan... you do pirates and the whole tinkerbell thing too.

or girls like pirate stuff too, you can have a really cute unisex pirate party.

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answers from Boston on

My husband's brother & sister have the same Bday, but 6 years apart.

Anyway, I think you are over-thinking it on your daughter's part. She is only turning 1, she will have no clue what is going on. Focus on the theme for your son (who also probably won't really really know what's going on except that it's fun and he gets to eat cake). We parents are the only ones who are paying attention to the "themes" at this age. Seriously. THey just like eating cake and running around with a bunch of other kids. Give yourself a break and take it easy on the themes.


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You could give them each their own party on separate days. If you are doing separate themes, it makes sense. You could do one child on his/her actual birthday, and the other child on another day. Then alternate next year. Neither one will know what the date is anyway at this early age. They deserve their own special day. As kids get older, you'll see that parents give parties on a weekend closest to the birthday, and not necessarily on the actual day. You can have a small family party (cake & gifts) on the actual birthday, and then give them each a party on a different day. As different as their personalities & interests are now, it will only increase. They will have different friends and different interests going forward - give them each their own party. I think it's different with twins who are in the same grade, often have the same friends, and frequently have very similar interests.

My SIL and her daughter have the same birthday, and that's what they did since my SIL got tired of spending her own birthday dealing with kids & cupcakes every year. They had an immediate family party, and then each had a special day or party.


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My kids bdays are 19 days apart and when they were little and didn't know any different, we always had one party for the 2 of them. And I did 2 cakes (lots of leftovers!) and different themes. Now that they are older, we spread out the bday, we celebrate my daughters the weekend BEFORE her bday and my sons the weekend AFTER. so that helps financially now that they are older and want friends to go somewhere with them. Don't worry so much about it and just have fun. No one really cares and the kids just care about the cake and presents!!! :o)



answers from Columbus on

My neighbors son and his cousin (her niece) are born 1 day apart on the same year. They are 2 now. So far they have done their parties together. This last year the niece had wizard of oz theme and they made cupcakes for her with little red slippers to match. Our neighbor wanted Thomas the Train so his cupcakes were blue with Thomas stuff on it. I say do what each of the kids want. I don't see a big deal having 2 different themes. My other friend has all 3 of her kids bday in July. She does 1 party and 3 cakes that way all the family only has to attend once, but each kid still gets their choice of themes/cakes.

And good for you for doing that! They are 2 seperate kids so I think it is the best to do 2 different themes.


answers from Redding on

My daughter had a little girl and all her friends had boys. So here we have these kids who are growing up friends and every party theme for my grand daughter has to suit the girl but include the boys tastes too. Her first birthday was a pirates party and the boys came as pirates and the birthday girl was Tinkerbell. It was great and the decorations were pretty easy to find. So your older boy will be happy with that idea and his sister will be the Tinkerbell. We burried fake coins and treasures in sand in a swimming pool. At her 2nd birthday it was a Hawaiian luau. Age didn't matter much and we had a swimming pool filled with sand for the beach and a pool with water, and everyone had fun! 3rd birthday was a Super Hero party. Boys came as their favorite super hero, and she was of course Cinderella! So, it will be easy to fit in both kids for a few years and then you may want to go to different weekends for each to celebrate with thier own friends. More work for you, but, that's what moms do. My sister has dealt with this for years. her first daughter was born on her own birthday, and 3 years later the 2nd daughter was born the day after, so in 2 days time we have 3 birthdays. Have fun!



answers from Minneapolis on

Well in our family of 5 we all have summer birthdays. When I do birthday parties we would do one big family party my son would get his own cake and my twins would get their own but this year the twins want to have a birthday party with their friends and my one twin was diagnosed with a milk allergy so they will all get their own cakes. I find it easier to do the birthday parties together to just get them done and over with.



answers from Washington DC on

Friend of mine has two boys born 2 years apart on the same day. Most of the time they agree on a theme for the party and each boy gets his own cake and invites his own friends. I think that especially with different genders, you might have to have a more broad theme or why not have pirates AND princesses? Kids can pick if they want an eye patch or a pointy hat. I would do some of the decorations black and red for him and pink and white (or whatever) for her. It's her day, too, and #1 is a big day. Oriental Trading has some cute cupcake boxes that my stepdaughter used last Christmas.

In future years maybe do things like take the boys to laser tag and let the girls do a sleepover so each gets their "party timeslot" during the day. A lot of work for you, but might help them share the day.



answers from Boston on

Well, I have twins, but I give them each their own cake, & usually each has her own "theme" (although it really only applies to the cake & plates/napkins/etc). I only do one favor bag, except sometimes I have slightly different favors for the boy guests, or the babies.... but I don't have theme-related favors usually.

I just insist on 2 separate cakes, & sing Happy Birthday twice, so that each can have the spotlight individually for that one moment. I think that's especially important in your kids' case... make sure your son doesn't feel left out when everyone's oohing & aahing over his baby sister eating her cake!


answers from Lansing on

My girls are 2 years and 2 days apart. I celebrate their birthdays together also. I know it seems easier because they are both girls, but in reality they are into their own thing and appreciate their own theme. So we do two cakes each with their own theme and work from there with a little bit of decor for each of their themes. Last year it was Barbie and Dora.



answers from Tampa on

Me, Me, Me!!!!!! My son and daughter have the same birthday and were born 2 years apart. Parties haven't been an issue yet since they are not in school and go to a home daycare. I do try and get separate birthday cakes though...



answers from Boston on

I know this is late but my two will be 1 and 4 in June. They are 2 days apart so we are having one party. The party is one theme but they will each have their own cake. I am going to keep simple while I can. Someday they will both be asking for their own themes and parties.



answers from Killeen on

My son and daughter were born a week apart and when they were little we did one party with two separate themes. It always worked out fine we just had boy stuff and girl stuff....2 cakes.....separate favors and then for decorations I just used colors that were in both themes with basic happy birthday stuff.


answers from Norfolk on

I think this will get more challenging as they get older and have specific likes and dislikes. In future years it might be easier to celebrate them on different weekends sometimes so you can do different themes and invite their own friends.
(One of my college friends was not a twin, but was a triplet with 1 identical brother and 1 fraternal brother. - He always made a fuss if someone asked him if he was a twin because very few people thought of higher multiple possibilities.)


answers from Spokane on

I would really just go with the same theme for both. Party stuff is expensive and if you're doing two completely different themes, that's going to get up there. You mentioned seeing a few pink pirate items. Just get her a couple of those. Get her a little pirate costume and she can still wear the crown too! She'd be adorable. :) Besides, she's too little to really care. This party is for you, mamma. :)

Two of my children were born so close together (my 8 yo & my 4 yo) that we always celebrate on the same day. They decide together the theme they want (if we go with one) and then we go from there. So for instance, last year one wanted princess and the other wanted dragons (usually they agree better but it still worked out). But I didn't have the budget to buy decorations anyway. So I made one huge cake. I put the kids Lincoln Log castle on one end, stuck a little princess doll in the tower and then put knights and a dragon on the drawbridge & lawn. I even had gummy fish in the moat! The kids thought it was awesome. All the kids came in costume (if they felt like it) so we had princesses, a few knights and even a dino running around. :)

A friend of mine is in a similar situation (1 girl, 1 boy like you) but she just does a general theme. One year it was bugs, one year it was cowboys/girls (the cake was a huge saddle, it was awesome), one year it was construction, etc. You get the idea. Both children always really enjoy their parties.

My brother & sister were born on the same day (1 year apart) and we rarely had themes other than the cakes. My mom made a separate cake for both of them, and decorated it however they wanted. It wasn't until they hit their adolescent years that they wanted separate parties and that was only because if my mom did do a theme, she had a bad habit of letting my sister have all the say so my brother felt ignored & left out. As long as you make an effort to include both children and try to listen to their (reasonable) requests, you should be good to go. :)

In my house, also, there is a three generation birthday every Thanksgiving. I was almost born on my dad's bday (my mom went into labor on it), and my youngest son was born on mine. :D So we always celebrated together. My dad gets his pumpkin pie with a candle stuck in the middle, it varies for me and a small cake is always made for my son. :) It's a big thing and I've always enjoyed it (except for the years no one made an effort for me as a child and I didn't even get a pie).



answers from Gainesville on

Princess and Pirates! But given that your daughter is only turning 1 make it easy on yourself and go with pink pirate stuff for her. It has taken me years to figure out that I do too much and try to take on too much. I have finally learned to keep things in perspective (most of the time lol) and keep from pulling my hair out ;)


answers from Modesto on

My dad and his brother were born the same day two years apart. They always celebrated the same day and enjoyed it.



answers from Chicago on

My SIL three kids all have birthdays this week (May 10, 14, 15). She has always tried to make each one feel special at the party. I think you are doing the right thing by holding one party but trying to make parts of it individual. That way each kid knows he/she is important.

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