Anyone Else Have a Change in the Length of Menstrual Cycle After First Baby?

Updated on October 07, 2008
L.M. asks from South Bend, IN
11 answers

Hello, ladies: Prior to the birth of my daughter, I had a very regular menstrual cycle of 29 days--never any variations. Now, my daughter is 11 months, and I seem to have developed an equally regular 35-day cycle. I'm still breast feeding, but only twice a day, and intend to wean her around a year. Has anyone else had their cycle length change after pregnancy like this? My husband and I are starting to think about another baby, and I want to start keeping track of ovulation. Thanks!

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answers from Cincinnati on

L., My cycles went back to normal when I finished breastfeeding my twins after 1 yr. Here is a website that helped us tremendously through the new changes.

Good luck.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

My cycle also changed quite a bit after my first child. With our first pregnancy, I got pregnant the first month. With our second, it took about 6 months (I wasn't breastfeeding any more), but I never knew when to expect my period. The month before I got pregnant, I didn't even have a period. I just happend to have my annual OBGYN appt and found out at my appt that I was prego! Now that our 2nd child is almost 3, my cycle is pretty regular (I've never tracked the exact number of days), and it is a LOT shorter than it used to be. I can't say I mind! :)



answers from Dayton on

Hi L.,
My cycles actually became shorter and more regular after my pregnancy. I used to have cycles that lasted anywhere from 35-60 days and now they are 32 days consistently. My ob said that pregnancy just changes our hormones, and in my case, it was a very positive change.

If you're interested, I know of a website that is excellent for tracking fertitity signs. I don't want to put the site name on here because I don't want it to seem like I'm advertising, so if you would like the name of the site, send me a message and I will gladly give it to you.

All my best!

Good luck!



answers from Muncie on

Hi L.,

Yes! My cycle length used to be 28 days on the dot prior to the birth of my son in March of 2006. Now they are anywhere from 24-29 days and we are having a very difficult time getting lucky for baby # 2. I have been charting my cycle since our son was about 10months old (we also wanted another one soon after our 1st). We have gotten pregnant only once and it ended in miscarriage this February.

We're still trying and I'm still charting...using opk at home but it's getting expensive.

Best of luck.



answers from Lafayette on

I'm so jealous! My cycle actually went just the opposite: originally it was a nice long 35 days, but after my first kid, it switched to 28 days. *sigh* My ovulation changed, too, to about a week after the end of my period, so watch out for a change there too. It's all hormonal and after the chaotic cocktail of pregnancy hormones, there are lots of adjustments the body must make. Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

Hello L.. I don't think it is having a baby that has changed your cycle, but breastfeeding is most likely the cause. I breastfed my now 2yo until she was about 15 months, and I didn't have a period from the time I got pregnant until she was over a year old (the good old days :) I assure you, you can and will get pregnant even with a longer cycle while breastfeeding. That is how my SIL got pregnant with baby #2-currently #10...She has breastfeed babies for 12 solid years and #11 is on his or her way. Congrats on baby #1 and good luck with #2



answers from Columbus on

I most definitely had a change in length of cycle, except mine was following 3 babies (didn't have cycles between because didn't cycle at all while nursing and became pregnant 3 weeks following the weaning of the previous one). Also, I was the opposite, I had 36 day cycles prior to babies and now 26-28 day cycles following (I like the 36 day ones better :)). Anyway, most likely your cycles are different because you're ovulating later in your cycle. This could be from nursing still, even though only twice/day. I was one of those that had to stop all together just to have a cycle. In your case, your cycles may become shorter in length again once you wean. Regardless, you can probably get pregnant if you hit it right, whether it be during a 35 day cycle (now) or if you wait to wean and go back to 28 day cycles. Who knows though, you may stay with 35 day cycles even following. Like I mentioned before, pre-babies, I had 36 day cycles and now, 26-28 day cycles. When trying to conceive or getting ready to, I took daily temps to see (in retrospect) when I ovulated and it was around day 20 or so when I had 36 day cycles. Now I don't know because I don't keep track. I'm done with that phase of my life (having babies) and have 3 wonderful "babies." They are almost 2, 3 1/2, and almost 5. Good luck planning/adding to the rest of your family. :) And enjoy every moment!



answers from Columbus on

Hi L.. My cycle length has not really changed (28ish days) however the length of my period increased as well as a dramatic increase in flow which was not quite fun. I also started my period while breast feeding about 5 months after my son was born. I guess I was one of the unlucky to go without my period the entire time while breast feeding. The best thing to do is just keep a calendar and discuss with your OBGYN. Your cycle length may change how easy/hard it will be to get pregnant again (not to discourage you but wanted you to be prepared)!



answers from Fort Wayne on

Same thing with me. I have a 10 month old son and my periods started back up a few months ago. I am still breastfeeding as well. My cycles seem to be even up to 40 days! I don't mind though :)
Good luck trying to figure your schedule out!



answers from Indianapolis on

Yes, my cycle changed by about 5 days as well. It worked out all right when I got used to it but I was concerned about it until the GYN told me to relax and enjoy it.



answers from Cincinnati on

My baby is a little over seven months old and I am still breast feeding and my periods are so irregular I never knoe when they might come and how long they are going to last! I have asked my OB about it and they say it will probably be irregular until I stop breast feeding! I had 4 periods in 6 weeks and now I haven't had one in 2 months! It is crazy but they also told me it does not mean that you can't get pregnant!