Anyone Else Allergic to Honeydew Melon?

Updated on September 11, 2012
M.R. asks from Edmonds, WA
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I have finally accepted the fact that I am allergic to honeydew melon. I love melon.

However I started asking people if they had put pepper on the melon, or does honeydew taste like black pepper to them, like it does to me? Yesterday, I cut up this huge honeydew melon, and ate a lot of it, and within half an hour I had a sore throat as if I had burned it on too hot of a drink. Plus the melon tasted 'fishy' to me.

I googled allergies to Honeydew, and sure enough, people who have allergies to ragweed can experience allergies to melons. My son always complaines about raw tomatoes and how they make his mouth feel, so I've begrudgingly allowed him to remove the tomatoes from sandwiches and burgers.

I was raised to think people outgrow these types of food allergies, and I've learned as an adult we typically do not.

Any other unusual allergies out there?

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answers from Hartford on

Yes, honeydew is one of my allergies. It's related to ragweed. You might be interested to know that during ragweed season you should probably stay away from lettuce, eggplant and spinach since they're related to ragweed too, and you might notice your mouth tingling when you eat them.

I have to be careful with foods with seeds to begin with, and foods with pits. They're high on my allergy and sensitivity list if they're easily digestible, and if they're seedy I have to avoid them because of diverticulosis.

If you have nut allergies it's not uncommon to also have melon allergies and seed allergies.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Kiwi makes my mouth tingle and my lips swell a little but I eat it occasionally anyway...and I need an epinephrine shot if I get stung by a bee & then I have to take huge horse pills (of what I have no idea..haven't been stung by a bee since the 8th grade---knock on some wood) for about a week after.

Allergies are lame! I have been getting hives off and on for the last 3 feet and hands swell up pretty badly actually...but I still have yet to determine what is causing them and I am too cheap to pay for the allergy testing blood work that all my kids have had! Dum!

I am 35 and for YEARS when the subject of allergies came up I always said I didn't have wasn't until after I had my kids and had to fill out all the school/sports/medical papers that it dawned on me, that yes, I am indeed allergic to a couple things. Dum!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Yes, I have birch tree pollen allergies. It includes all sorts of foods. Tree nuts, melons, tomatoes, berries, some research and have some Benadryl in the little vials in your purse all the time.

It is supposedly just an oral allergy and once the food is out of the mouth it should not cause a system wide reaction...but I am not sure I take that for granted. I make sure I always have an allergy med with me.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I think I have a mild allergy to cantaloupe. I just get kind of itchy. I've also recently developed an allergy to red wine, which is a big fat bummer. My sister is allergic to stone fruit, which are basically fruit that have pits (cherries, apricots, peaches, plums). I've never heard of anyone else having this allergy, but basically her lips swell up pretty badly when she eats them. She also developed a shellfish allergy as an adult.

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answers from Iowa City on

Sounds like oral allergy syndrome. It isn't an actual food allergy. More of a cross reaction to a pollen allergy. My husband has this. His mouth gets itchy when he eats pretty much any type of fruit.

My daughter breaks out in hives when she has pomegranate.

I have an anaphylactic response to cherries.

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answers from Seattle on

i have honey dew too, and a lot of other things. (melons, citrus, nuts, avocado, carrots, tomatoes, apples, berries) It's oral food allergy. I have severe plant/pollen allergies, which were mild as a kid and worsened until the oral food allergy developed around 30. i always thought i would outgrow my allergies so that they got WAY worse was a huge bummer!

My weirdest allegy is the newspaper and i have had that one since i was little!

FYI, in case yours get worse...I get shots and it has helped so much, i can eat most fresh healthy foods now and take very little medicine. If yours is only one or a few things that is probably not worth it tho.



answers from Portland on

If you love Honeydew Melon and want to eat it go to and read about how it helps people with allergies and they also have a list of doctors who do it. It is non-invasive and "fun"


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