Anyone Deliver at Valley and Know??

Updated on May 27, 2008
E.B. asks from Tacoma, WA
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If anyone has dilevered at Valley before how many CM dialated did you have to be before the admitted you to the hospital? As most of you know I am currently awaiting my third child. And I have been having BAD contractions since last Saturday. I am just not dialating with them very fast. I went in on Saturday night again with regular and painful contractions and was dialated to a three. It looked like they were going to keep me but then I didnt progress again ater being there for well over and hour. They sent me home with more morphine for pain so I could sleep but I didnt get sleep until after 330 that morning because I was having cintractions I could fell through the morphine. Once I did get get to sleep I woke up in the morning like nothing had happened. I went and walked Southcenter mall four times (which is eight full down and bacls so it works out to be a few miles) when i was done nothing no contractions or anything. So after dinner we walked to the park next door and then to the store across the street...nothing. I knoe if i can dialated more they will keep me but how dialated do you need to b e to get admitted?? Thanky ou guys for all your help with my prego questions...I was induced and helped along with both my other so I am clueless at going this alone!!

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So What Happened?

I had to go back in last night. Having contractions less then two minutes apart. I finally asked, they do not do it by how dialated you are it is how you are progressing in an hour. So after an hour of having contractions..again they checked me and nothing I was still at a 3. So, SInce I am not at 38 weeks my OB will not help me along so they sent me home again with pain meds. It is frustrating but I also know now in a week when this happens again and I am sure it will they will just help me along. Ill keep everyone posted!!

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Yes, E., we all know you're about to deliver your third and I think it's really great that you continue to seek advice, etc. even with your third pregnancy. Many people think that since a person has been there, done that, that there is nothing you should have a problem with. You're a good model for for moms who might be thinking "I feel so stupid for asking because I've already been through this." You're proof that all pregnancies (as all children) are different, regardless of gender-your third is a boy, too, right?
Please be sure to let us know when you have the baby (like you'll have nothing else to do :~>) and how everything turned out.
Good luck to you and your family and I'll say a prayer.



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When I went there with my first I was at a four and they said that if I didn't dialate 1cm in an hour I would have to go home. With my second I was induced. I tried the whole walking thing I walked for 4 or 5 days and about 4 hours a day with nothing before I was induced. Good luck!! Take a good bubble bath and get some massages from your hubby, relax and don't tire yourself out too much! =-)



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I havent delivered there, but they should be willing to tell you if there is a magic dilation number. Talk to your dr or a labor and delivery nurse. Contractions to painful to handle are another clue.



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I delivered in another state, but I was sent home while having contractions because I wasn't dialated enough. The thing they look for isn't how much you are dialated exactly. It is how much you are dialated in conjunction with how quickly you are progressing because you can be 2 or 3 cm dialated for a couple weeks with nothing at all...not even one contraction. They pay closer attention when you are having contractions and if you are not dialating, they try to make you comfortable so you can rest and progress to getting further dialated. I sort of think that the body has a hard time dialating if it is not rested. I wish you luck and a swift delivery. I remember what it was like waiting while I was having contractions.

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