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Updated on May 02, 2008
M.B. asks from Sunnyvale, CA
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Recently my 17 years old son came to me with idea that he might have ADD. I am not convinced he has it, though I really want him to be checked. I read quite a lot of books and information on the web. Some of the symptoms are recognizable, so it's good to do a full evaluation on him. I also have 8 year old, which has symptoms of ADHD, so we would need to check both. If anyone know any good Psychiatrist in the area - I live in Sunnyvale - please let me know. Thank you!!!

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answers from San Francisco on

I was going to recommend Children's Health Council, too, for the same reasons the other contact mentioned.

I've gotten the news letter from the Sasos, too and enjoyed reading their books.

You can get some additional information on ADHD from and from Parents Helping Parents in Santa Clara

Good luck!

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I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist practicing in Palo Alto. I would be able to evaluate your sons for possible ADHD.
My phone number is ###-###-####.

T. Hartman M.D.



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the Children's Health Council in Palo Alto ###-###-####) are set up to provide full interdisciplinary evaluations and plans (also treatment if needed). The advantage here is that you may have several professionals looking at different aspects of a potential problem so are less likely to have preconceived notions coloring results or interpretations.

They are quite expensive though they will work with you and your financial situation to try to make it affordable and actually provide a lot of subsidy to various families.

Another advantage is that they work directly on providing an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for school and, I bleieve, will work with the school if needed.

Whoever you see the important thing is to make sure they are a good fit not only for your kids but for you and your husband as well. No matter how clinically great someone is if their communication style is not effective for you or in some other way they seem at odds with you then they are probably not the best choice. Both parents and kids need to feel safe and comfortable discussing anything and asking anything.

You may also want to remind your 17 year old that he has been coping well to date. Even if he is diagnosed with ADD or similar it is no excuse for not living in the real world. He needs to learn to cope with his challenges just like everyone else (we all have challenges of some sort). On the other hand you can also reinforce that if you are concerned there is a problem seeking help and learning your resources is always appropriate so if he is concerned he is doing the right thing to bring it to you and ask for help in finding those resources for evaluation etc.

Good luck. I hope you all find someone you are happy to work with and have great outcomes.




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Get knowledgeable about it yourself too.
Here is the place to start before you explore the whole site.

Home page is

Healing ADD by Dr. Daniel G. Amen is my favorite ADD book.



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Not a psychiatrist, but my son is seen by Dr. Damon Korb at the Center for Developing Minds in Los Gatos. He is a developmental/behavioral pediatrician. Here's his website:

We think he's great.



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Hi M.

Are your sons taking a high quality DHA Omega3 supplement daily? Your 17 year old can have up to 1200mg safely each day, maybe less for your 8 year old. There is much research available to show that DHA is important for brain development and concentration. My kids and I takes the Nutrilite brand Brain Health (mainly DHA with a bit of EPA Omega 3) which is processed from small cold water fish. Getting fish oils from a quality supplement is better than relying solely on eating fish because with the supplements you don't get the mercury!

Hope this helps.




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Hi M.,

i recently went to a seminar on teens at a cupertino high school and was very impressed with the speakers-Patt and Steve Saso. The woman is a therapist and the husband was a high school teacher. if she does not test for ADHD i'm sure she knows someone that does.

their website is

good luck to you!




answers from San Francisco on

There is a very good psychiatrist here in San Jose, name is Doug Mar.



answers from San Francisco on

I know the best Psychiatrist he's name is Jesus and by reading the Best selling book the Bible your son's can find healing. Please consider that first before your kids are giving medication to cover the situation. Don't convince your self yet there is hope I will keep you in prayer so god will give you the resources. God bless!

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