Anyone Built with DR Horton?

Updated on December 02, 2009
D.R. asks from Rowlett, TX
4 answers

We're thinking about building with DR Horton in Rockwall. Has anyone built with them? I'm interested in knowing the good and bad.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the insights! Even though we loved the lot, we decided against moving forward with this builder. I appreciate all your candid responses!

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answers from Dallas on

We've built 2 homes. None with DR Horton. The first was Drees and the one we are in now is a Huntington model which was built by Highland.

The building process is stressful and tedious. I swore I would never do it again then hubby talked me into this one.

Neither of our experiences were pleasant. Like another response....the "higher ups" are the ones who make life miserable for you. Their interest is to get you to sign off on everything and when you don't because something is not right, they get ugly. This was the case with BOTH Drees and Highland.

Whomever you use, get EVERYTHING in writing and stay on top of them during the process...inspecting as you go. We did this and we still missed a few things we were picky about. During both builds, we were on the property supervising daily.

I have horror stories with both builders we used. I also know there are more horror stories from neighbors I have with their builders.

Good luck, be patient, be firm.



answers from Dallas on

Hi D. -
We built with Horton a few years ago and while I do love my house and am very happy with the outcome, it was quite a process. We just had to be very patient and watch everything. I am sure that is the case with many builders. There were a lot of things they tried to "slide by" us but since we watched them like hawks, they didn't get a way with a lot. Our builder was an absolute pain. Do every request/change, etc. in writing.
I don't want to be a downer because in all we do have a nice home. I've also noticed, as little things are starting to break, they use cheap stuff (ex., toilets). Also watch molding, trim, etc. I wish I would have been more picky about how they did this. Kind of looks like it was rushed.
Good luck!!!



answers from Dallas on

I would HIGHLY recommend NOT purchasing a home from DR Horton. We were in the process of purchasing one of their spec homes (also in Rockwall) a few years ago and our experience with them was anything but wonderful.

For us, things started out pleasant enough but when we demanded that serious construction/landscaping issues be corrected they began to put up a fuss. We knew these issues were serious and would end up costing us major dollars because we had two different building and landscape professionals walk through this home with us and they both identified the same problems. Then, when it came time to follow through on other areas of concern (which they had promised to correct before the closing) they began to "put off" until after the closing or out right refuse to correct them.

Needless to say we told them they could keep their house the day before closing and ended up purchasing another home in a subdivision very close to theirs but with a builder that went above and beyond the call of duty in all areas. I also want to emphasize that it wasn't the salesperson or even the construction super that proved to be the most difficult to work with but rather the "higher ups". For my husband and me this reiterated the fact that not only was their customer service severely lacking but the overall integrity of this company was nonexistant.

Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

My husband and I was in the process of building in Rowlett a few years back and decided to take a loss and pull out of the deal. We saw problems early in the game and didn't feel comfortable with some compromising we would have to make with building. Example: They framed off the drive way to pour cement that lead right to the curb drain in front of our home and wanted us to put the drive around it and go through our front yard instead of turning the home around and put the drive on the other side of the house. That was one of many problems we had. We got tired of having to watch them so closely and decided to pull out. Glad we did.
I know that their are MANY that have used them since and hopefully some with good experiences too. ")

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