Anybody Use Nanny and Afterschool Care Program?

Updated on December 19, 2012
S.S. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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We are planning on hiring a nanny for our 2 year old and 5 year old come next year. However, once the older child starts in school next September, there will be an additional pick-up for her at 3 PM, which means a good hour and a half in driving time to the school and back (traffic jams start in my area by 3 PM!) I really hate the idea of interrupting my younger daughter's afternoon for a long, boring car ride just to pick up her sister, so am considering putting the older into the afterschool care program at the school until 5:30, and then either myself or my DH can pick her up after work. But it seems costly to pay for an additional childcare service on top of a nanny!
The reason we are getting a nanny right now is the cost of two in daycare is equal to having a full time nanny, and the hours of most daycares do not extend late enough for our workhours. And we don't have any good local schools closer to home that would make the pick-up time shorter for the nanny.
Anyone use both a nanny and daycare/afterschool centres and don't feel bad about it?

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So What Happened?

Thanks all for your answers. I think the part time afterschool might be a good compromise. My oldest really does like the socializing aspect, and does very well at an all day daycare, so I think she'll enjoy an afterschool program too. Currently my youngest does a deep nap from about 1-4, but by the time next fall rolls around, who knows what she'll be up to in the afternoon. Maybe it'll be playtime in the park with her sister near her school.

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My youngest is in a home daycare and my oldest has a nanny. He is with the nanny because he is a handfull, and we can not put him in daycare at this time. (he has been kicked out a few times).

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answers from Cleveland on

I have done it on and off and except for being kind of embarrassed bc people look at me like I have 2 heads, I don't feel badly. I feel badly about working... So whatever I can do to make my kids happiest, I will do. It makes way more financial sense than my quitting... So - I have 2 very different kids. One wants after care sometimes bc she's so social, the other doesn't and wants to be home. You could consider using aftercare just 2 or 3 days a week... I think a factor too is if your 5 year old will like this or it'll be a long day for him that he doesn't really have to endure bc you do have a nanny. I'd worry more about the 5 year old. Time to a 2 year old is very very fuzzy so it seems less impt than potentially stressing your older child out - IF aftercare would at all. And btw- I know plenty of SAHM's who use aftercare for these types of reasons.

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answers from New York on

I know lots of people who do it. Also, after care at school will be an excellent experience for your daughter. My daughter loves it.

Hey, you do what you need to do, right? If it works for you, then go ahead and do it.

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I work in Beverly Hills and the traffic does start at 3:00. I'm not sure why but I understand your frustration with it.

See how your daughter feels about being picked up late. If your daughter doesn't mind staying at the after school program then it's a good idea. Our after school program is Boys and Girls Club. They come to the school and stay until 6:00. They do homework for an hour then organize games with the kids. My son loves it. He gets his homework done and has time to play with his friends. The cost was $45 for the week. If he has to go to an activitiy, the babysitter would pick him up.

Do whatever is best for your kids. If you can afford both go for it.



answers from San Francisco on

The after school programs are usually quite inexpensive, compared to daycare. So if you put the older in the after school program, could you still put the younger in daycare? No matter how you do it, you are going to have two costs unless nanny picks up your 5 year old after school.



answers from Detroit on

I am a stay at home mom and use after-care at school. Here it's $160 a month, for the whole every day month until 6pm. The daycare centers charge over $400!

If I were you I would do the after-care for sure. Then your 2-year-old gets quality one on one time and does not have the added danger of riding in the car all the time. (If you can justify the cost). The 5-year-old might love it, too! My 5-year-old would go nuts at home.

Oh, and wow. That's some commute! Here it's 5 minutes to the school no matter what time. After reading your school commute time, I'd do aftercare, yes, yes!



answers from Los Angeles on

Why not put her in the day care for like half an hour or so and then nanny can pick up with no traffic (or until traffic dies down)? Or maybe you can get together with five school friends and they take turns watching her until nanny can pick up?



answers from Provo on

Is that a good time for your 2 yr old to take a nap? That's what my youngest does when put in the car at that time of day. I don't mind because she'll wake up for dinner.

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