Anybody Else Have a Storm-Phobic Dog Who Refuses to Go Outside?

Updated on August 22, 2008
C.M. asks from McKinney, TX
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We adopted a very sweet, 5 yr old Boxer a few months ago. It turns out that she is storm-phobic. The storm we had a few nights ago caused her to stay up all night panting in her kennel. Since then, she refuses to go outside to go potty willingly (even today when it is nice weather). I have to physically carry her outside or she will just run back into her kennel and hide. Yesterday and today she spent the entire morning in her kennel. She has never had an accident in our house, but I don't want her loose until I have seen her go potty at least once. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, do you have any ideas or suggestions? I don't like her staying in her kennel all day, but I don't want her to start having accidents in our home. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I have a Schnorkie (Schnauser/Yorkie mix) who is terrified of storms. She sleeps on our bed and was keeping us awake with her shaking and panting. We finally asked the vet for some advise and they prescribed Valium. We give her 1/4 a tablet when we know a storm is coming in and another 1/4 45 mins later if she is still shaking/panting. We call her our little storm warner. We see her pacing and panting long before we hear the thunder! Although I don't like to rely on drugs, this is the only thing that has helped. She still won't go outside to do business but she can hold it for days! I just make sure she doesn't have access to any rooms with carpet, just in case she has an accident.

My 70# pointer mix is also hates the rain, doesn't get scared, just doesn't want to get her feet wet! She will hold it for as long as possible, she's gone 24 hours before! If it's still raining, she will finally go outside and pee on the patio.



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I have a Jack Russell Terrier that has gone through bouts of this on and off for years. Sometimes the sound of rain freaks her out and she busts the gate down in our kitchen to run and hide under a bed. After talking with the vet I found out that their ears get sensitive to the sounds of the rain and that she wasn't freaking out, but the rain might be hurting her ears. About a year after that, she stopped with the freak attacks.

As for going out to potty in the rain, I found that if I took an umbrella and went out with her on a leash, she would go eventually but it might take some time.

I now have three dogs, and the biggest goofiest one runs out and goes, then the other two dogs go mark up his spot so it's like a contest...heheheh. But I basically do put them all three out and shut the door and then look out the window and watch them until they do this.

Hope this helps.



answers from Dallas on

Um, have you tried leaving her outside?? I know it sounds cruel, but the best way for a dog to overcome a fear is to face it. Is there adequate shelter outside, if it were raining? I say leave her out when it's nice and when it's not nice to just get her used to it. Eventually she'll get over it. I seriously don't know of any other way. I have dogs who are afraid of other dogs, people and thunder and we've helped them overcome their fears by disallowing them to run away from whatever it is and face it head on. (Works for people too!)



answers from Dallas on

yes. we have a 7 yr old Doberman. These past few days have been hell on him and us!!! during the storms he'll come and cry
at our bed, pant, run around the house, shake.....
We have tried to put him outside on the covered works until he sees the lightening!
but what really does the trick is moving his bed and water bowl to the garage. We crack the garage door a bit for fresh air and it works like a charm. we put a nite lite on for him in there too.
He can't see the lightening, He can't hear the rain as much,
and i guess it just comforts him more.

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