Any Users of Bio/eco Friendly Diapers?

Updated on February 21, 2008
K.V. asks from Jonesborough, TN
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I am tired of putting disposables into the trash only to know that they will still be there when my grandchildren are diapering their babies! I have read some reviews on some brands, but am not 100% on any one. I try to be a very eco-conscious consumer and wish there were more choices in this area, as well as availability for testing. I have only found Seventh Generation at the store and would like to compare to others. I would use cloth if I didn't have so much laundry already!!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone for your comments and advice. I may check into some of the one-size cloth diapers, hate to buy and then 2 months later need to buy again! I know I don't want to use gDiapers, mainly for the fact of having to order the inserts regularly and the fact that they are half cloth-like.
Having one still in diapers (almost 2 1/2) and the new baby, I worry about the build-up of laundry. The diapers would be a must to do and so the rest would go undone for longer stretches. I only have one washer and one dryer, my husband does his own thankfully, but the rest is up to me. My 9 & 7 yr olds won't even put their clothes away, let alone do the laundry!
I'm glad I have until May to decide. Going to buy underwear for my 2 yr old this weekend, hope to get him started on the potty, but no high hopes! My others were 3 1/2!
Thanks again to everyone, lots to investigate!

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answers from Raleigh on

I work at Whole Foods and we used to sell G diapers... they are flushable... I never tried them because my daughter was out of diapers. However, people seemed to really love them... I don't know where you would buy them now... maybe Earth Fare? I used the Seventh Generation and the 365 and loved them.



answers from Louisville on

Cloth diapers are the way to go!! There are many kinds that are very easy to use. The cost upfront is a hit, but throughout the time that you will be using diapers, it comes out as less expensive. There are lots of cloth diaper websites out there. Another alternative is g-diapers. If you really must do disposables, seventh generation disposables are the best of these.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I have used Seventh Generation well. They worked for my kids (1 and 3yrs) as they were both sensitive to disposables. I alternated with cloth diapers (we use fuzzi bunz) and I totally understand about laundry. I usually toss them in with the load that is washing. I use white vinegar in the wash (1/2 cup) and everything comes out clean and fresh. I have 12 cloth diapers. They get washed every other day to keep us in fresh supply, but I run a load every night anyways with all the clothes we have to wash. Good luck.



answers from Charlotte on

check it out...

available at earthfare or



answers from Nashville on

I use prefolds, aio, and pocket diapers. I am not happy with sposies as my daughter is allergic to them.



answers from Johnson City on

Check out There is a story about a lady who distributes exactly what you're looking for. Her name is Paula DeVore. Her company is called "Babyworks". You may be able to search for her or her company to find her website. Good luck!



answers from Jacksonville on

I don't use these myself, but have recently heard about them. Attached is the website that may be helpful:

Hope this helps.




answers from Memphis on

I am using a mix of cloth (Bummis Whisper wraps with folded diaper) and Nature BabyCare. They the only disposable that I have found that actually biodegrade. I like them alot. My son is a heavy wetter at night and he has worn one for almost 12 hours and did not leak!! This has to be a testament to their performance. He is also a breastfed baby and has big poops and we have not had any leaks. I know this is one of those instances where it is different for every baby. I hope you are able to find something which works best for you.



answers from Charlotte on

In England we used Moltex, but I can't find where to buy them in the US.


answers from Memphis on

I have not used any of these diapers but I did have a diaper service with one of my children, a gift from some friends. It was wonderful. They brought a set amount of diapers each week, and picked up the nasty ones at the same time. I just washed out the um deposits she left in them & plopped them in a diaper pail. Then on a certain day of the week, bagged up the nasty ones & they dropped off fresh clean ones. It was great. I love cloth diapers. She never had a diaper rash unlike her disposable diapered siblings and never leaked unless I messed up the plastic cover. And they are not hard to change at all. Check around & see if there is a service near you & the cost. I also bought old diapers from them to use for burp rags.

Congrats on #5, we have 5 also and it all works out.



answers from Greensboro on

i won't even go into detail but here is the website.
When I found these diapers i had to try them.... I love them.

Good luck



answers from Raleigh on

We've used Seventh Generation and they work really well. Our daughter has worn them through the night with no problems. There is a product called g diapers that we have used some. They have a cloth outer diaper with liners (kind of like rubber pants to go over cloth diapers) and you put a disposable liner inside. The liner is flushable or compostable. You can also throw it away because it is biodegradable, but I'm not sure how well it does in a landfill inside a platic trash bag. We have used these some over the past few weeks and we like them. You can order things online, and I know Whole Foods carries at least the disposable liner. Hope that helps.



answers from Knoxville on

look at the website

the last time I was there they had several eco-friendly choices.

Good Luck.



answers from Memphis on


There is a great local moms list called alternamamas on yahoogroups. You might want to check it out! I know lots of the moms are very enviro conscious and use g-diapers and others. Many on the list have recently transitioned away from full-time disposables to eco-friendly varieties, cloth, and EC.

Personally, out of 5 kids I have 2 in diapers full-time and 1 in diapers at night. I use cloth mostly with my youngest, unless we are sick, but she also spend a large portion of time diaperless. I have a baby bjorn little potty and a soft insert for the regular toilet, and try to take her to pee at least 4-5 times a day- she is 13 months. My 5 yo has spina bifida and can't control his bladder and bowels, so he wears pull-ups. I'd like to have him in cloth too, but I don't have energy enough to change him frequently enough right now, plus to invest in covers in his size. My 3 yo has been potty trained for awhile, but started wetting the bed recently, so now he wears his brothers pull-ups at night.

You don't have to do all cloth, you can use both. Lots of people find it more convenient to use cloth only when they are home, or only after baby's morning poop, or what have you. 1 extra load of laundry a day would cover cloth diapers for two in cloth full-time- if the covers are fitted properly and don't leak. Mothersville is a local store with high quality prefolds and fuzzi bunz and bummi covers available at good prices. I use unscented detergent for all my laundry and double rinse. Unless baby is eating solids you don't even have to rinse poop into the toilet, just launder within 24 hours. I have the older kids fold and put away the laundry so all I have to do is sort and start. 6 is not too young to start learning to fold diapers and where they go!

Good luck on your decision!



answers from Fayetteville on

The best I have found are:
Cloth (but they are alot of work)
G-Diapers ( I used those w/my second baby, loved them.
Nature BabyCare (available at Target)
Seventh Generation (available at health food stores, toys 'r us/babys 'r us, and, and some grocery stores)

The Nature BabyCare and Seventh Gen are both biodegradeable and have no chemicals (which are bad for your baby and the environment)

The G-Diapers are a 3 stage system with an outer cloth shell, a plastic inner liner, and a flushable liner (if you pipes/septic system are up to the task). Even if you can't flush them, they are biodegradable (they will actually compost if you put them in your garden), and they also have no chemicals.

Good luck finding the one you like. I have found the least expensive of those is the Nature Babycare.



answers from Raleigh on

I know cloth creates more laundry, but it is not as hard as you might think once you get your system "up & running". I admit, I did not cloth diaper the whole time, but if you want some pointers email me! There are wonderful products out there that make it sooooooooo easy compared to what our moms had to do!

P. : )



answers from Raleigh on

My friend has been doing a lot of research into the eco-baby consumer world. She came across one discovery I thought I should share with you: flushable diapers! G Diapers are the first fully flushable, totally compostable diaper. Julia Roberts even used them. Check them out at



answers from Lexington on

Try gDiapers if you aren't willing to do cloth. They're flushable...yes, down the toilet :)

We use BumGenius One Size diapers - i highly recommend them if you get to wear you consider cloth. Personally I find it easier than the gDiapers....

We love Seventh Generation stuff....I use Allen's Naturally for laundry tho.

Good luck!



answers from Lexington on

I haven't used any disposable diapers with my daughter because we love cloth, but I've heard that gDiapers work really well. Our cloth diapers really don't add that much laundry at all. Usually they take up the washer for 2-3 hours every three days or so, then a cycle or two in the dryer. I think they are so much easier than disposable diapers!



answers from Charlotte on

I am using cloth diapers on my little one. She is four months old and I also have a 2 1/2 year old who wears cloth diapers at naptime and bedtime. I can totally understand what you mean about having a ton of laundry but the diapers really don't add too much to it. Once you build up enough of a stash you'll do laundry about every 2 days and I just run mine overnight and throw them in the dryer in the morning. There are a lot of misconceptions about cloth diapers concerning how to care for them and how messy they can be. It's actually really easy and there are such cute prints available. We switched for cost reasons and because my daughter has a sensitivity to disposables. if you go to they have a section for "new to cloth" and you can actually try out different types of diapers to see what works best for you and your baby. I hope you find what you need :)



answers from Parkersburg on

I used Kushies cloth diapers somewhat and they're pretty nice, but we're so mobile that I ended up using disposables a lot more than I'd hoped. I found the Seventh Generation diapers to be just as good at staying on, containing leaks,etc. as regular disposables. I can't even find them locally so I order them from Amazon. What I need to do now is see if my local health foods store will carry them so they are shipped more efficiently with the rest of their stock. Seventh Generation also sells wipes, though unfortunately my supermarket only carries the tubs and not the refills (expensive tubs too) so if I buy 7th Gen. every time, I'm buying a plastic tub that then needs to be recycled.

I see no reason you wouldn't like 7th Gen diapers. Just as good!

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