Any Tips for Losing Baby Weight?

Updated on February 04, 2013
S.M. asks from Panorama City, CA
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I have an 8 month old daughter and I'm still holding on to an extra 25 lbs of fat and feel gross. None of my old clothes even come close to fitting. I really don't have any desire to run. I walk with my daughter in the morning for 30 minutes and try and watch what I eat. I guess I could be less lazy and try harder. Any tips on losing weight that don't require running? A gym membership I just couldn't afford right now. I have dvr with Time Warner and they have those 30 minute excersizes on there but they start off so fast. Ugh as I'm typing this I sound too lazy! Any moms out there that lost the baby fat?

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So What Happened?

That's funny about the cleaning. I have an app on my phone called my fitness pal and you can calculate your calorie intake and add excersizes. I always add vacuuming. Lol it's something because I have to hold my 8 month old while doing it because the loud vacuum noise

Kelly after reading your response, I really have no excuse! 3 babies? Geez and I'm complaining about one. Good job with the weight loss. You should be proud after 3 babies.

Thanks for the support and answers ladies!

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answers from Savannah on

When you want it, you will do it. Until then no tips will help. Personally I have used several diets, but most recently lost 35 lbs on Weight Watchers. I make the time to exercise, to shop for healthy food, to plan my meals. You can too. It's a lifestyle change.

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answers from Washington DC on

I went to my local mall and walked 2 miles in the morning (with the baby in a stroller) and 2 miles in the evening. That was 4 miles a day, that helped a lot. I also went to a few weight lifting classes per week.

I also ate really low carb. I cut out bread, cereal, and anything like crackers or chips. It took me 10 months to lose the last 17 lbs, but I finally lost it. You have to be patient. No matter what anyone says, losing weight is hard...

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answers from El Paso on

Scrub your house from top to bottom as often as possible? Lol... That's a darn good work out, let me tell you! I've been working on hardcore cleaning my bathroom for a couple of days (clearing the drains, going to re-caulk the shower, etc.) and I am EXHAUSTED. It also has the added benefit of leaving your house looking amazing! lol...

Alternatively, adding some ankle weights to your walk could help give a little bit of extra boost. Not much, but something is better than nothing, right? Also, if you're doing a casual walk, try bumping it up to a "speed walk" but still do the 30 minutes. If you're already going at a quick pace, add on time/distance. Good luck!

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answers from Naples on your butt off. I was in your boat 8months post too, I finally had enough and kicked my butt into gear. I don't like running either but no way will walking 30 mins a day do it. Diet was my key to success along with a good 30-45 mins of intense workouts 5 days per week. When I say intense I mean sweat dripping and short on breath.

For diet I used my fitness pal app if u don't have smart phone u can access online. I logged everything that went into my mouth even gum. It tracks your calories, proteins, carbs, ect. I wasn't super concerned with my calories but really focused on my carb count. I eliminated all grains (bread, wraps, pasta, rice, oatmeal, cereal). I ate healthy carbs from sweet potatoes, carrots, black beans, and some fruits. I kept fruits to once a day and stuck to the lower in sugar ones like an orange or apple and occasional banana. I let myself eat as many lean proteins and green vegetables as I needed to satisfy my hunger. Then I took it a step further and really focused on all natural products and stayed away from anything processed like deli lunch meat. No dairy at all either. I replaced breakfast with a protein shake bc that was my busiest time of the day. Check out the paleo diet I pretty much followed it but not strictly. It was a lifestyle change I made for not only me but my whole family. I cook so much more and really feel good about what I'm putting in front of my kids to eat.

I started in sept and by dec I lost 14lbs on the scale but I'm sure my body fat % was the bigger score. My entire body changed bc I added weight lifting in with cardio. I know I looked different bc everyone around me told me I look so much leaner than when I started. I feel awesome at 13 months post. I can even do a pull up now u assisted and when I started I struggled to do a girl push up correctly.

Good luck, it takes time, dedication, and drive to get to your goal.

Most people's main excuse is how do they find the time...u make it. I'm a mom to 3 kids 6,3,1 and lucky me just after I lost the baby weight I'm pregnant again. Due aug 17 and I'm still working out and eating healthy. I don't even crave any junk food this time around. At 12 weeks I'm showing but haven't gained anything. I actually have continued to lose weight.

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answers from Orlando on

I joined weight watchers, have lost 4lbs :-) i'm averaging about a pound a week. It's all about tracking your food & using their points system. But, I agree, you have to WANT IT. I'd add on more time to my 30 min walks and walk faster. Then maybe do squats and situps when you get home.

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answers from Dallas on

I lost the baby fat from both DDs by running about two miles 5 days a week (sorry, I know you hate it) and mowing the yard in the Texas heat, but also by being very careful about every bite I took for a while. To maintain my weight I run about 3 times a week. I run very slowly because I hate pain...

Years ago I lost weight by doing step aerobics. It can be low impact compared to running but burns just as many calories. The downfall is finding time to do it with little ones. I like running because I can take them with me.

Everything I read says weight lifting is also the way to go to trim inches and build up metabolism (but it doesn't always show on the scale which is frustrating). Good luck!

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answers from Norfolk on

Try keeping a food diary.
There are quite a few that are good, free and online.
To lose weight you have to set a goal, like no more than 1200 calories a day, then make sure you don't go over it.
(You don't want to starve yourself by going too low with the calories because you'll throw your metabolism into starvation mode and will not burn calories as well.)
You can have what ever you want but when you reach your calorie limit - stop.
Drink plenty of water throughout your day.
For me, excessive is good for me in many ways but it doesn't help me much with actual weight loss - because too much stimulates my appetite and I end up eating more than I otherwise would.
It's great for circulation, and working muscles and releasing endorphins, and it helps me sleep better at night, and my stamina is better and my blood pressure is lower.
But keeping the food diary is what really helps me with the weight loss.
It helps me understand where my calories are coming from and it keeps me honest and aware of where my limit is.

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answers from Eau Claire on

I also did Weight Watchers after baby #2 and loved it. Basically it's not all about what you eat...but how much you eat. After losing all my baby weight I lost another 20 pounds (but have now hit a plateau). However, when I was in the right mindset to eat healthy, it was really easy. I didn't even exercise...except for walking and pushing the stroller for 30 min each night...and of course running after a ton of kids lol.

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answers from Philadelphia on

You sound like me but at the same time I dont even walk in the morning. Ten years later and I still have babyweight on me. :/ I will be keeping an eye on this one to get ideas.

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answers from Columbus on

Try yoga or Pilates to start, they are both great for strengthing your core. On tv look for a beginer class or just start with part of a program, take breaks as needed. You may want to check with your Y, they have a program people helping people and you might be able qualify for financial help there. The local Y here has where you can meet with a trainer free for several visits. Alsow the group classes can be great and their is child care, so if you haven't gone it it might at least be worth a visit. It will provide a community to help motivate you and friendship. Good luck to you!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Give up carbs (bread, rice, pasta, pretzels and all junk food). And you will loose weight. FYI... I still eat fruit even though that has carbs too.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I see that you are using the ap for calories. I've been using one for two weeks now and I LOVE IT! I had no idea how many extra calories I was actually eating.

I'm trying to lose the last few pounds of my collective 3 babies worth of fat. I had good luck with healthy eating, walking (when it's warm out) and using our YMCA membership to lose the first 25... but now I'm down to that last 5 pounds. I"m actually excited to go to the Y this morning to weigh myself and see if I've lost any weight the last two weeks. I feel like maybe I have.

I'm working on a 1200 calorie per day goal - I'm usually pretty close. I've been measuring out food and think it's working.

Keep on calorie counting. If you can't exercise, try to limit your intake to 1200 or so.

Good luck!

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answers from South Bend on

dear S., by my own experience, stress and worrying are 2 things that will work against you when trying to lose that baby weight. with my first son i was a mess about my weight and always worrying, feeling so self-conscious. it took me a little over a year to lose the weight with that pregnancy. with my second son, i gained even more weight but was mentally prepared for what my body would be going threw. i didn't allow myself to worry about it and just kept very active. walking really does help a lot and this may seem silly, but i wore a tight fitted gurdel under my clothes all day every day!! to my surprise and before i knew it i was back to my old self this pregnancy. losing the weight in just 7months verses over a year!! Dont stress out and stay busy and active!! Goodluck too you!


answers from Chicago on

I've got 2 kids (almost 5 and 2.5), and I'm 20lbs lighter than I was before I even had my first.

I'm a disciplined workout fanatic. 5 days/week...pretty intense. I don't run. Ever. I hate it.
I do bootcamp, step aerobics, HiiT, Tabata and heavy weights...but I never run. And I do it ALL at home. I refuse to go to a gym.
It's a part of my lifestyle, and it has been for 10 yrs.

I'm also quite disciplined with my diet. I've found that with age, I've needed to be more so than ever (35 now).
I take in 1200 calories/day. And I track it with an app. Every bite. Every cup of coffee/latte. Everything.

I'm more extreme than others, I know. But it works for me.

Short answer, you have to be willing to put in the work to see the results.
Find exercise that works for you in some way. Cut your calories.
You will see results.
It's really not much more complicated than that.

Good luck!



answers from Cincinnati on

I'm with you on the whole losing baby weight. I was still trying to get the extra skin on my belly to flatten/tighten back up when I found out I was pregnant again. Sigh

But some of the things that I did that worked well: There are DVDs that I have two of that are called 10 minute solutions....One is pilates. It's actually a prenatal pilates but I still use it because you still get a good work out with it, and I have a kick boxing one.

They are broken down into 5 different sessions, 10 minutes each. So You know you have at least 10 minutes to work out. You can do all 5 or you can pick and choose. There's a bunch of different ones you can get but I like them.

I also walked my son outside when I could, while the weather was nice, but it's not so nice now so I have a workout DVD from Leslie Sansone Walk at home. You can walk 1-5 miles, all in the comfort of your own home. It's a cardio walk so it's not all straight walking. Again, I like it, and it is something that has helped me to get back on track.

My sister (who is also still trying to lose baby weight) signed up for

It's free. You put in your body weight and your goal weight and then you keep track of what you eat (it's an eye opener. I realized how much of an unhealthy eater I am) and what you exercise-if you do. You also can put in how much you want to exercise a week. After each day it will calculate what you ate and/or exercise and tell you something like: If you ate like this everyday in five weeks you'll way.....

My sister and I support each other and it has helped.

With the walk at home. It starts slow, it's an easy pace. I started out with the one mile. Once I was good with that and felt like I could do more, I added the 2nd mile and later the third. I have yet to go beyond that. But it's something that I like, so it's worth a try.



answers from Los Angeles on

I haven't read thru all the other posts. But I want to share that my personal experience with losing the baby weight was best done thru the HCG diet. I know the diet can cause a stir among friends, but in Europe it has been done for almost 5 decades. My OB prescribed the HCG injections and I met every week for a weigh in. It's a restrictive diet and if you stick to it the results are amazing. It's been almost a year and I have not gained back the weight and I feel amazing. Good luck in your decision.



answers from Savannah on

I don't think I lost ANY baby weight (aside from what I lost during delivery) until my son was 9 months old. I started watching what I ate and doing those 30 minute workouts on netflix. If they are too difficult for you, then go ahead and start a little slower, but you have to keep yourself in check and push yourself (just not to the point f passing out!).

I also used It is a free site that lets you track your food and fitness. It is a really good way to see what you are doing for yourself. They give you recommendations based on the information you give them, and it will suggest how much of each type of food to eat.

You say that you try to watch what you eat. Here are the things that I noticed made a big difference with my weight loss. I switched to whole grains (whole wheat bread, whole grain cereals, whole wheat pasta etc.) I also switched from 2% milk to skim. I am a big milk drinker, and I think this helped immensely. Protein throughout the day and lots of fiber (whole grains and fruits/veggies).

And keep drinking water!!! If you are a soda or juice drinker, you should just stop now. There is no reason to drink your calories, when you can drink a glass of water and actually eat a small snack!



answers from Toledo on

It's hard to get motivated, especially in the winter, when you are caring for a baby.

You don't have to run to get fit, but you do have to stay off the couch all day. Vigorous exercise will help burn the most calories, but just staying off the couch (no TV!!!!!) will help keep you moving and out of the fridge.

It's really hard to lose weight without improving diet. Write down everything that goes in your mouth (you might find you're eating more than you think) and reduce simple sugars, refined things, and portions of nutrient-poor foods (don't just "try" to watch what you eat...actually change what you eat).

There is no magic secret. You have to make the decision to lose the weight and be willing to do the work hard to make it happen. Good luck!

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