Any Suggestions on How to Get Eye Drops in My Daughter's Eyes?

Updated on April 06, 2010
M.J. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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My 3 year old daughter has pink eye for the first time and while it isn't a severe case the doctor prescribed drops for her eyes. The last few times I have tried to put drops in her eyes she has screamed and won't open her eyes. I don't even know if the drops have gotten into her eyes. I have tried opening her eye lids with my fingers but she fights it and tries to close them and starts kicking and screaming. Any helpful suggestions?? Will the drops still take affect if I get them more around the outside of her eye than inside since she is still blinking and probably letting some of the drop into her eye??

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your responses today! I took your advice and was able to have my daughter lay down and close her eyes and I put the eye drops in the corner of her eyes and then told her to blink and it worked out really well with no tears and screams. I asked her if the eye drops hurt and she said no so I am not sure why she was scared. Probably since this is the first time I had to put drops in her eyes.

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The easiest way is to put the drops in the inside corners of her eyes. She can lay down and close her eyes. As soon as she opens them the drops should run into the rest of her eye.

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Although I have had contacts for 20 years, I still can't stand putting eye drops in. A trick I was taught by a worker at an eyeglasses place was to close the eye, put a drop or two in the inside corner, then open the eye and roll your head slightly so the drops run in. It continues to work for me and now for my kids. You can try it with your daughter lying down and maybe with some calming music on or something. Good luck!

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I had pinkeye a couple of years ago and while I usually have no prob putting drops in my own eyes, this was just unbearable. They finally realized I was allergic to the preservatives in the drops and it was making things WORSE instead of better. I have heard the same thing from friends, so this could defnitely be the case too.

I second the oral abx instead. And make sure you're washing hands and pillowcases a lot too.

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Have her lay down on the bed. Tell her to close her eyes.
Put the amount of drops that she will need like 1 or 2 drops in the inner corner of her eye ( near her nose ). Tell her to blink her eyes quickly.
Have a tissue to dry any drops that may miss her eye.
Repeat this with the other eye.

I wish you the best and God bless.

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I do home childcare and am militant about pink eye treatment! I greatly dislike that crud! But I have had loads of experience getting drops into very young childrens eyes! I lay them down and unfortunately have to keep them in a straddle approach works best. Have a few clean tissues handy and the lid off already. Have them close their eyes and put several drops all along the eye lashes. Then tell them to open the eyes and keep saying BLINK BLINK BLINK....they will fight it, but the drops will go in as they open and close their eyes and roll their head about a bit. The drops sting!! use the tissues to dab the drops rollig down their face. Wash hands immediately and clean up. it really only takes about 2 minutes to get it done and hugs and we are all over it.



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I always laid my kids down on the floor and I would sit behind them with my legs in a "V" position and their head right between my thighs. I would have them put their arms straight out so their body was like a "T" (legs straight down) and tuck their arms under my thighs and lightly rest my thighs on their arms. So in this position, when I would bend my head down a bit I was looking directly into their face and my thighs would prevent them from rubbing their eyes and also their head from turning side to side. I would have them close their eyes and then put the drop(s) in the corner of each eye. Eventually, the drops will seep in through the corner. This works for the calmest of kids and the kids who will fight tooth and nail since there is no way for them to fight you if you are applying pressure with your thighs (and no way to hurt them) yet if they are calm, they don't feel "trapped."

Good luck!



answers from Portland on

I'm with Amanda. Those drops can really sting, and if that's the case for your daughter, forcing her to accept that sharp pain will only be making it worse. Have you asked her if they hurt? If so, contact the doctor and ask for an alternative treatment.


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The only thing that works for us --straddle your daughter's chest (not sitting on her but on your knees) and put your knees on either side of her head so her head is still. Her arms should be down at her sides between your legs and her body. Put the drops in the inner corner of her eye when it is closed- when she blinks, they will go into her eye. Doc suggested this and it works OK (better than prying the eye open and less drop wasting). It also works for ear drops -- we have an ear tube kiddo. Best wishes!

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Yes, I agree with the inside corner trick. It really does work and hopefully she won't fight you too much. What is it she is afraid of, do you know? Can she tell you?



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If it's a real battle, call the pediatrician's office. You can get an oral antibiotic instead. I wish I'd known this earlier ... I finally broke down and called the doctor after I just couldn't get them anywhere near our daughter's eyes and he said, "Oh, don't bother with the drops anymore. I'll send an oral version over to the pharmacy." Night and day difference just giving her the oral version.


answers from Austin on

Yes in the corner of the eyes is best and tell her "blink , blink" over and over.. it will really help to get the drops in there..

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