Any Suggestions for Croup Coughing?

Updated on October 22, 2006
H.M. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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My son is 4 1/2 and he has gotten Croup every year around this time. He has it again and is okay, no fever, very little congestion, he just has that horrible cough that just won't stop. I've tried everything - the Dr. gave us Orapred to help keep the inflammation down so he doesn't have trouble breathing, but he is just coughing like mad. We've used the humidifier, cool air (it works while he's in it but it just starts up again), fogged up bathroom, cough supressants, hot drinks and soups, the cough just keeps going. He was sent home from school because he couldn't stop coughing long enough to participate. Has anyone found an alternative that helps? Thanks in advance!

H. M

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your advice and warnings. It did finally clear up, then his sister got it and now she has 2 ear infections and a lymph node infection. But...I guess tis the season. His cough was very persistent but time finally cleared it up! Thanks again.

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I have to agree with the asthma. My daughter, now 5, had croup at least two times a year since she was 18 months old. We were in the hospital twice with her because her breathing was so raspy. We were also given orapred during the episodes and the steroid turned her into a little demon. I finally took her to a pediatric allergy/asthma dr. The problem you will always hear from your primary pediatrician is that they are too young to be diagnosed. However, the pediatric allergy/asthma drs know how to better diagnose younger children. My daughter has never been "officially" diagnosed with asthma but they have her on singular and she has a rescue inhaler for emergencies. I am happy to say that since we have started the singular a year ago, she has not had another episode of croup.

Good luck. I know how scary and frustrating it can be.




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I was once told by a doctor who thought my son had croup last year to allow him to be out in cold air. The cold air sooths the throat and helps with the cough. Please, PLEASE take this advice with a grain of salt...this doctor diagnosised my son with croup and pneumonia and told me to put him out in the cold...My son was having an asthma attak!!! (We went home and did one breathing treatment and his cough stopped!! I had to go to the doc's to get the refill for and had to beg to get it.) The doctor was a little odd...but he was very informative on the Croup and said cold air helps...if your in the Cincy area we are due for some wonderful cold air soon (BLAH).

Best wishes!



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I was also told that the cold air helps, also have him sleep propped up.



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I had this problem with my 3 year old. Every time the weather changed he was sick. it turned out that he needed his tonsils removed. he was holding an underlying infection in them. when he got croup back in feb. thats when it became noticable that his tonsils and lymph nodes where extremely swollen. he had his tonsils removed in april and in between that spring/summer time change of weather we were free of colds, croup, and cough. so i would ask the pediatrician when you go back to see them to check his lymph nodes and tonsils. hope this helps.

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