Any Suggestion on Which Gym Facility to Join?

Updated on October 07, 2010
M.S. asks from Aurora, IL
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Hello M.'s. I want to work on loosing some weight. I have decided that I need to join a gym in order to focus best. I would prefer an all women gym like Women's Work out World or Ladies Express but I do not have any near me. Can anyone suggest any other place near my area of Plainfield, Naperville, Aurora?? I thought about Curves, YMCA but not sure, please foward me any suggestions you may have. Thank you!!

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answers from Chicago on

I love the YMCA. It is not for profit, not fancy, has decent child care and more importantly has great kids programming too. I love that my young children were able to be in a gym or swim class while I worked out too. The child care will walk your child to their class and pick them up too.

The YMCA is not a "being seen" sort of place. It's "regular joes" in t shirts and pants. I like the no frills and low prices.

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answers from Chicago on

I agree with joining a place that is close to you. Sometimes we don't need much of an excuse to NOT go, and if its in your circle of travel you're more likely to do it. I really like Curves...I belong to the Batavia location. M R is right...its a great place to start but you have to remember to keep challanging yourself and once in awhile add some other stuff to your routine. Try joining with someone if you can...or make a friend after you join. If you have someone who helps you be accountable and you help them in the same way you are also more likely to keep it up. I know that I will drag myself out just because my friend will be there too and I don't want to let her down!

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answers from Dallas on

I love the YMCA. It's not plush, but it's family oriented. I don't feel guilty leaving them to go workout because they are having fun. I go to Yoga, Zumba, and kickbox classes. They offer kids sports, have family nights, movie nights, parents night out. We can swim together after my workout. My husband and I try to schedule our workouts together so we can urge each other on. It's actually pretty great for our relationship. It's all of us, not just me. And they have financial assistance if needed. I know once when my husband lost his job they waived our fee for 3 months, afterward when he went back to work, they reduced our fee to half price.



answers from Chicago on

I love lifetime fitness in Romeoville. There child care is excellent. It is a mixed gym but the fitness classes are 90% to 100% women. Let me know if you want more information.



answers from Allentown on

I joined Snap fitness- I'm not from your area, but you could look them up. I got a free week trial, and then they also waived the start-up fee since I mentioned several other gyms that had this promotion. I go early in the AM and have the gym to myself. They are a 24/7 so I can go late at night if I want to. This is important for me, as I can only go once my husband is home with the kids.



answers from Chicago on

See if you can swing a free 10 or 30-day trial at Curves. Curves is a great place to start if you know absolutely nothing about strength training and want everything spelled out for you without paying for a trainer. The bad thing about Curves, however, is that with any training program you need to mix things up a bit. Curves would last you about 8 weeks and then in order to continue seeing strength and weight loss results, you need to both switch up exercises (keep your muscles guessing, keep boosting your metabolism) and increase your intensity (go faster or lift heavier).

The YMCA would also be a great option. They might be able to hook you up with a free personal training session (all you may have to do is ask, just tell them you are new to training and need an orientation). Another great place is Cardinal Fitness - it's inexpensive and you're not paying for a lot of stupid extras (tanning, juice bar, towel service, etc.).



answers from Seattle on

I belong to Mieko's Fitness. I like it because it's cheap. One of the biggest pieces I can give you, however, is join a gym that is CLOSE! If it's far, you will not go there every day. My gym is 3 minutes by car, 10 by bicycle.

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