Any Suggestion on Foundation and Cleanser While You Are Pregnant?

Updated on May 03, 2012
M.K. asks from Anaheim, CA
7 answers

I am not pregnant yet, but I have been trying for over 6 months now....anyways, I would like to know is what kind of foundation and cleanser everybody is using during your pregnancy? My dermatologist told me that not everything is safe to use during, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

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answers from Los Angeles on

This is a great site to investigate what is in all of your personal beauty items and their levels of toxicity based on their ingredients ... from shampoos to sunscreen to make-up, etc.

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answers from Chicago on

I simply use all natural products like the ones found at Lush

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answers from Syracuse on

Don't do what I did, which was to walk into a health foods store and buy myself a new all natural organic body wash and lotion thinking it would be so much better for me. It wasn't, after checking out my new products on the site I found that they rated HIGHER on the toxicity scale than my Aveeno lotion and body wash. Just because the label says Organic and Natural does not make it safe, you have to know your ingredients which I didn't and fell for it. There is a line out there called Ava Anderson which is very safe and the products are actually surprisingly good.

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answers from San Diego on

I use Thoroughly Clean Face Wash Original by Desert Essence (or the Trader Joe's brand which is pretty much the same)
It is wonderful! You can tell when I don't use it for a few days because I run out and can't get to the store or something and am forced to just use Ivory soap. Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic so it kills the bacteria that encourages pimples. I am orone to hormone triggered acne and this works so well to keep it from happening at all or if it does, at a complete minimum.

I can not recommend a foundtion as I never use one. I find that no matter what brand I use it causes me to break out more and I'm allergic to so many that it wasn't worth it. I don't need it anyway.

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answers from Dallas on

When I got pregnant my skin got really smooth and cleared up so I didn't wear makeup. As for washing, I just used a soft washcloth and hot water.



answers from Washington DC on

You need your dermatologist to clarify. Or your OB. I avoided things with salicylic acid in them, but other than that I didn't change much.



answers from New York on

im not using any foundation at all.. once i got pregnant my skin got so0 bad .. it was never perfect i always had at least one pimple one my face but once the pregnancy hormones took over my face was a mess.. putting any kind of makeup on it just made it worse.. i tried every facewash/acne system in the book nothing worked.. my mom ordered me proactive as a last resort before going to a dermatologist and amazingly it worked.. my face hasnt been this clear in years.. im still afraid to put any foundation or anything like that on.. the only makeup i wear is eyeliner and mascara i try to keep it light ... the only thing i will say about the proactive and ive heard it from other people also is that if u run out before you get your next order within 2 days sometimes even a day i end up with a pimple or two starting to pop up on my face
-if you get pregnant and it doesnt effect your skin at all -iknow some people it doesnt- i would just use something light nothing too thick or heavy and whatever facewash works for you

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