Any Science Fair Project Ideas for Kindergarten?

Updated on February 12, 2008
M.P. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hello mamas',

I'm having a little bit of trouble finding good ideas online. My son is not really into science, or how or why things work or happen. I'm hoping some of you will have pointers or ideas.

Thank you,

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Hey I have this great website that you and your child can go and visit:
I use a site linked to this one for teacher ideas and supplies.
Hope it helps.
Also have you heard of the homemade glow stick?
It is 1/4 of a bottle of Mt dew in the bottle.
Add 3 caps of peroxide.
and a pinch of baking soda...homemade glowstick. Try it yourself first.

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I would like to offer the idea of a volcano. Consider a hands on clay project for you and him to work on, or he can work alone. After he builds the volcano make sure to check it out and admire his work, offer suggestions if necessesary. The volcano should have a deep enough well in it so that after it dries you can add the ingredients to make it explode. Here you can either let the volcano dry or put in the oven to bake, it all depends on the type of clay. Paint the volcano or leave it however he likes. Pour baking soda into the dry well, if you want to put a small cup or bag to cover the well so the mixture doesn't touch the clay you should do so here. Mix baking soda and peroxide to make it explode.

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Get some easy plants (small ones) and feed one water, the other milk, and one vinegar. Your child will see how important water is. And be able to watch them grow. You can do variations on this with what you plant them in, sand, dirt or rocks. Or one in light, one in low light and one in the closet.



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Wow, kindergarten is mighty young for a science fair project! I would talk to his teacher and see what kind of things she's looking for. They usually have suggestions. Go to the kid's science section in a good book store and they usually have some books with experiments for different age groups. Good luck!



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I am a Kindergarten teacher so I have seen a couple neat one's. Have him start with an inquiry question about something he is interested in (ie..ask him if he has any questions about how things work)
Some questions I have seen in the past:

Do smarties (the little colored candy in rolls) really make people smart?
together, come up with questions and have people answer them and then try answering them again after eating a smartie.

The one I did with my class last year was:
Why do eggs not break when the mama chicken sits on them?
(It's because of the shape of the egg)
Eggs are actually super strong when pressure is directly on top of them. We ran the experiment by laying 8 eggs on a tray. We layed 1 text book at a time to see how many it would support before the eggs broke. We weighed the stack of books it supported and compared to the weight of an average chicken. This proved that the egg can support the weight of the chicken without breaking. ( We were hatching eggs in our classroom which is why they were so interested in it. )

Good Luck!!

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