Any SAHD Groups?

Updated on September 11, 2008
L.S. asks from Chandler, AZ
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My husband stays at home with our 6mo and does some work on the side. However, while he won't readily admit it, he could use some additional adult interaction during the week. We have not been able to find other SAHDs in the area that he could get together with. We are in a unique situation and would like to find other families with SAHDs that can relate

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I just went to the Lapsit activity at Basha's library on Tuesday. (You can find the schedule at Chandler's library website.) There were a couple of dad's there with their babies and I know one of them was a SAHD.



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There is a site for Phoenix (and other area's) dads It just started up a few months ago, so it's kind of slow for now, but the more members they get the faster it will take off. He may want to check it out.



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Have you checked Yahoo Groups? I'm not sure where you live but I typed in "Stay at Home Dads in Arizona" and found this group for you.

There are others as well. Good luck, I hope this helps.



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Have you tried There are all kinds of different clubs and there may be a SAHD club.

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