Any Recommendations for Montessori School in Davis, Roseville, or Lincoln?

Updated on March 24, 2009
A.G. asks from Santa Monica, CA
4 answers

We are relocating to Sac in May and are looking at living in either Davis, Roseville, or Lincoln. Any good recommendations for Montessori schools in those areas will help me with my decision. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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My friend's daughter has attended Granite Bay Montessori school since Kindergarten and they love it. The school is on Sierra College Blvd and would be easily accessible from either Roseville or Lincoln.



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There are many good schools in each area. Montesorri, Developmental and also Warldorf in surrounding areas. You may need to visit and also add more criteria to your search because each town is quite different. Davis is near academia, closer to SF, flat, a lot of bicycles, smaller shops, people who live there love it and there are a lot of bright people who live there.

Roseville has a little bit of everthing, Old town, new growth, every conveinence you could need, eastern Roseville is hillier..wild turkies, walking trails..restaurants, schools, friendly people, closer to Tahoe.

Lincoln is where Roseville was years ago, on the verge of growth but hard hit by real estate, some interesting charter schools that have M influences..more land out there also some houses very close together..just depends on what you need. My mom lives in Lincoln, The hills are lovely. We live in Roseville. We eliminated Lincoln because of the traffic on 65 and even the back road, Sierra extra 20 minutes to get to those things we needed. Also, my husband travels and being close to freeway and airport helps. Davis is awesome but I was not sure about the flat lands. We live on a ridge and have some open land around us..Davis is still interesting to me.



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I highly recommend Sunrise Montessori in Roseville.

This is a great Montessori Pre-School and Kindergarten!! My son is 3 and has been attending since the summer 2008. Here are some specifics:
1. All of the teachers are certified Montessori teachers
2. It is a true Montessori program with two classrooms full of age appropriate Montessori materials.
3. A variety of options including full days, half days, 5 days/week, 1 day/week, an unlimited amount of flexibility for your needs.
4. There is a summer program, but you do not have to be enrolled to keep your spot.
5. The staff is professional, caring, and outstanding.
Anne provides a well run environment and works well with the kids, parents and her staff to make Sunrise Montessori an unique and special place

I am a public school teacher and I love how my son sees the world with his eyes wide open and loves learning. He sings new songs everyday and is a happy boy!!

Good luck,
K. Beck



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Sunrise Montessori in Roseville .....

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