Any Recommendations for a Good Bouncer or a Swing ?

Updated on July 10, 2014
L.K. asks from Des Plaines, IL
6 answers

Looking to buy a gift for an expecting couple. It has been few years since I had a baby ;-)

There are so many options now. What would you recommend ? A swing or a bouncer or both ? I had a swing for mine but never really tried a bouncer.

Any specific product that you loved and would recommend ?

Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all. Starting looking at all your suggestions.

Thanks again.

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answers from Chicago on

This is a great swing, especially since it plugs in too, so they won't be spending extra on batteries. My kids sleep in swings for the first 4-6 months of their lives, so the swing is my #1 baby item (only the side-to-side ones--my kids hate the front-to-back motion). (My sister had this one, but hers didn't plug in--newer ones do).

I have the Fisher Price Zen cradle swing, and its seat is detachable so it can be used as both a swing and a bouncer. It also plugs in, but I don't think the overhead entertainment feature is as interesting to babies as the Snugabunny swing.



answers from Chattanooga on

A folding travel swing would be very handy-especially if you can find one that plugs in.

Other than that, I agree with the vibrating bouncy seat. My DD LOVED hers, and used it for a long time. She never had a swing, and while she had a bouncer she never really cared for it much.

The one going I got that I absolutely loved and used the most was a diaper changing kit. It was just a little case that unfolded to have a changing mat, a pocket for a couple diapers and wipes, and an outside zippered pocket big enough for my wallet and a change of clothes. It was SO nice to have something small for quick trips instead of hauling a diaper bag around.



answers from Chicago on

Get a play-gym instead. Swings take up too much space, bouncers are silly. After three kids, I concluded that all you need is a play gym and a playpen. It's best if they can move around anyway.



answers from New York on

we had hand me downs for both, which was great, because my kid took to both. but as I understand it, not all do. some prefer one, and won't be soothed by the other. we also used a jumperoo, and an exersaucer down the line.

F. B.



answers from New York on

The swings today are outrageously priced! The portable swing is wonderful. It's a space saver and serves the same purpose. I like the infant to toddler rocker/vibrating seat. The baby uses it and so does the 2 to. She sits in it to look at her books or watch MM Clubhouse. Not more than $50 for each of these. Someone gave me a $300 high chair from her son. Thought great. Hated it. Food got into every crevice. Horrible. Hard to clean. Bought Fisher Price space saver high chair. It's the best. Cover goes in washing machine. So what I am saying is no need to spend a fortune.



answers from Montgomery on

Swings can really be hit-or-miss. I would recommend a bouncer, because they're much smaller and are a nice comfy place for the baby to lay and watch what's going on. I had the Bright Starts bouncer. It had vibrate and a music box attached. It also moved from perfectly flat to upright. My daughter actually used it as a bed for several months because she needed to be upright for her acid reflux. HUGE help. Also, the little side pillows seemed to make her feel snuggly and secure while still being able to move (she didn't like being swaddled).

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