Any Recommendation on Great Charities to Donate Outgrown Baby Items

Updated on August 11, 2008
M.S. asks from Basking Ridge, NJ
4 answers

My little and probably last baby is outgrowing his beautiful clothes, gorgeous bassinet, excersaucer,infant car seat and cover and stroller, etc. and I was curious if anyone knew of any really great charities to donate to. Ideally it would be one that it goes directly to people in need, not to be sold or end up who knows where. Maybe an orphanage or place that gives directly to families in need. I live in Warren, Somerset county. If they pick up even etter for the larger items that wont fit into my car or open to great place to sell the larger items like the bassinet.

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Hi M.,

In addition to the Resource Center for Women & Their Families (which is a good option), please check with the following organizations in Somerset County: Agape House in Somerville ###-###-####; Interfaith Hospitality Network of Somerset County ###-###-#### and the Center for Great Expectations in Somerville at ###-###-####.

I hope this information is helpful.

Best Wishes,



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Why don't you try Resource Center for Women and Their Children. They are a shelter for battered women. My girl scout troop did a project and made our donation to them. They were extremely greatful.
Good Luck,



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Check to see if there is a Crisis Pregnancy center in your area (sometimes it can be found under Abortion Alternatives in the yellow pages). They not only help women who are in crisis pregnancy situations, but they often distribute baby items to the indigent people in the area. A good one is Action Pregnancy Center in New Brunswick, but that might be a little far for you. Good luck!



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Hi M.,
I can offer a couple of suggestions for your donations. I personally belong to a church in Clinton that has a consignment sale every year where the proceeds do benefit families in need within the local community. We have donated money to other non-profit organizations as well. This is how it works; you can choose to sell your stuff at the sale where you would receive 60% and The Parent Co-Op Ministry through Icc would receive 30% which we then choose who to donate to throughout the year (i.e., folks who have had a fire, illness in the family or some crisis like unemployment); you can choose to donate your stuff directly to The Parent Co-Op Ministry which will mean all the proceeds would come to the ministry again to be donated to where there is a need within the community. Any items that do not sell will go directly to non-profit organizations called Life's Choices who help single pregnant women & couples expecting who are in need. You can access this organization on line at This organization is phenomenal. We have been working with them for years and I can attest that they are truly an organization that is honest and if you were to ever visit there you would see for yourself how amazing it is. They have dr's on site, they help to get housing, pay bills, and set the folks up with all they need to raise a child.

There may be some other Churchs in your area that do this as well. I'm not sure who they are. The church I belong to is Immaculate Conception Church in Clinton. We have a consignment sale twice a year (spring & Fall). We are a group of parents who help & support other families in the local area. If you are interested in the consignment part or just donating your things to us please let me know. If you would like to go straight to Life's Choices, I beleive they may pick up the items from your home.
Hope that helps and feel free to contact me, M. at [email protected]

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