Any Psychiatrist or Psychologist That Accept Medicaid Insurance

Updated on September 30, 2011
M.S. asks from Aurora, IL
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Hi Moms, You are all so very helpful every time I come here with a dilema. I have been seen in the ER twice with severe anxiety and panic attacks. I was referred to a specialist, but cannot find ANY who takes medicaid. I only have medicaid because my job doesn't provide insurance. I have called around and around and everyone keeps telling me point blank they DO NOT accept this insurance. I feel the need to see a doctor asap because I am taking meds now that were prescribed from the ER but I need an expert to see me and help me. If you can recommend any good docs I can call or any that you know for sure accept Illinois Medical Card PLEASE let me know. Thank you and God bless you always for taking time to respond to my inquiry. I live in Plainfield, can get to Joliet, Aurora, Naperville. You tell me where I can go. XOXO

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From personal experience, the organizations that they mentioned to me would not take anyone. The only place that I found was the county health dept. If Plainfield is Will County, there is a location in Bolingbrook off of Lily Cache and rt 53. If you are on Medicaid it is free. There is generally a long waiting list. Hopefully you like who you get b/c I was not happy there so I just dealt. I totally understand were you are coming from b/c I am fairly close to that same place. Maybe even try calling Linden Oaks Hospital over at Edwards and see if they have any thoughts too. Is there any way that you could pay a sliding fee?

I hope you can get better or get what you need. In the mean time you can continue to go to the ER for meds until you get in with an appt to the county health dept.

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you could try Dr. Pamela Rebeck in Naperville. i'm not sure what insurance she accepts but i know she takes insurance because i have been a client of hers for over a year. She has a website and she is listed on Mamapedia. Good luck, I hope you can find someone or something to relieve your anxiety.

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I wish I had someone to recommend but I am not from your area. There are several ways to go about finding out who accepts medicaid in your area ( I have been through this) one way is to look on the back of your medicaid card and find an 800 # and they should be able to direct you to a website that lists all the doctors that accept it, or if you don't have internet access maybe mail you a list. The last time I was at the ER for my son, they gave me several pages of local doctors that specialized in the "area" we needed help with and I had to call them all until I found someone who did. It won't be easy and I know if you have certain anxieties what a difficult task this may be, but I am so happy that you realized you needed the help, so do whatever it takes, I am proud of anyone who sees that they need help and is brave enough to get it, so many feel as if they are unable. Also look in your phone book, there are churches that offer counseling for free or sliding rates. Persistence is the key, I remember making what seemed like 30 calls several years ago before I found a therapist who would see me and accepted medicaid and just a while ago I made nearly half a dozen trying to find my eldest son someone.
((hugs)) hang in there

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Riverside Psychiatric-Counseling‎
7234 Ogden Avenue, Riverside, IL 60546-2387

I know they take Medicaid but you'd need a car to get there.

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