Any Other Work at Home Moms?

Updated on April 09, 2007
J.C. asks from Middletown, DE
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I recently started my own business at home, and it has been keeping me very busy lately. I love staying home with my three year old son, but he's been taking the recent changes with a bit of difficulty. He's grown extremely whiny since I've started working at home, which is very out of character for him, and I began to feel so guilty that I resorted to working 6+ hours a night after he's gone to bed. The lack of sleep has been taking a bit of a toll on me, but I much prefer being tired to the feelings of guilt associated with him feeling bored and ignored. Are there any other work at home moms out there? If so, any advice on how to manage the responsibilities associated with running a home business, and still maintain super-mom status in the eyes of a three year old? I truly enjoy my work, and would never give up being an at-home parent, but a little more balance between the two would be wonderful! Thank you, in advance!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I am a work at home mom I own my own business its easier to set up time limits for yourself rather then trying to do all the work at once try if you can to break the work load up threw out the day like work for an hr in the morning if he takes a nap or something do some then you didnt mention if your married if your husband or boyfriend could take him for an hr after dinner then you could do a little then if not have a grandparent or close relative come over or even take him out to dinner while you get a little work done my kids go with granpa every so often to dinner and the park it helps to get some stuff done the point being if you break the work load up you'll not only get the rest you need but you'll also get to spend time with your son like you want my kids still act up and destroy the house but when I 'm working I give them a craft to do like coloring or something else that will keep them busy put in a special movie netfilx is great for those things and you wont have to buy it its cheap to good luck with your son and getting your work done



answers from Allentown on

Hi, I am sorry but I dont have advise for you just a question. I am looking to move to Bethlehem PA and work at home seem like a great option. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to work from home to get started? Do you have any suggestions on anything in the Bethlehem area like before/after school programs? employment? Dept of Human Services is there one located there? Any info would be greatly appreciated!



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi J.!
I'm so glad you've found a work at home solution. I too work from home and love having the best of both worlds!
First, my situation is a little daughter is in school full day and I only work part time (2-3 hours).
But, I will tell you what works for me, and hopefully something will benefit you...
First, don't try to do both at once. When its time to spend time with your son, do just that. And then when its time to do work, focus just on that. This helps me with feelings of guilt. Schedule your days. Does your son take a nap or "rest time"? Maybe that could be the time that you crank out some work.
Second, and this helps as your son grows, let him share in the responsibility of your job. Are there ways he can help you in your office?...throwing trash away, "writing" on mommy's "special paper", etc. I have found that its easier to ask for help than to ask to be left alone! :)
Good luck! And feel free to message me if you have anything else you want to chat about.
M. J



answers from Philadelphia on

i don't have at at home bussiness would like to but not right now, anyway at 3 kids start to want to play with other kids so maybe you could put him in a program a couple of half days a week and teach him that certain times of the day you need to work have a little sign to show him and he needs to be quiet and do his own work give him a desk and stock his desk with his equiqment.



answers from Reading on

Hello J.! Nice to meet another WAHM! I too love my business, as it allows me the freedom to put my children first. It has been tricky for me to keep 4 kids occupied while I am working, especially in the evenings when the oldest ones come home from school. I decided to get up extra early, shower, have my coffee while I read my bible and talk to God. After that I jump on the computer and get my day organized. By 7am I have the oldest 2 up and out the door at 8:30. I get breakfast ready for the youngest 2, and try to get some things done before they wake up. They usually beat me to the other things. I get out crayons and books and paper so to keep them occupied. They are allowed 2 tv shows in the morning, and that takes 1 hour of time.I keep a basket of healthy snacks at my desk which is right in the living area. The tricky part is keeping them quiet during the 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening that I call my prospects. It has been my biggest challenge. What has helped me with the rest of my business is my night time work. I too spend many extra hours researching my materials and products, trainings to improve my business, and organization. I lay out every day the night before and have it all organized before I go to bed. I found that this really helped.
It is wonderful to be able to work from home, and I would never think of doing it any other way. I am blessed to be able to work for such a great company that is so easy to work for. It also benefits my family because it has made my home healthier and safer for my children. So I could never abandon it. I just make it work. My 3 year old gets whiney too, but I just hold her on my lap and cuddle her if I can. When I can't I give her a special spot next to my desk with her table and chairs. I tell her to work from home like mommy. She gets her toy phone out and paper and crayons, and starts making calls with the same enthusiasm I use. She believes in the products as much as I do! LOL! That is wonderful to know because I want to raise my children to be financially literate, and to allow my girls to be home with their babies too! Just try making your little one part of your business. Maybe he will enjoy it as much as my little girl does!
On an other note. I love that you practice attachment parenting. In this busy world of career moms children rarely get to experience enough time with their mommies. I too kept mine close as long as I could, and cried when they started school.
As you are such a great mother I would like to share the company I represent with you. I work consumer direct marketing for a Health and Wellness company called Melaleuca. I have a daughter who kept complaining of headaches, and would have a mysterious rash just show up from time to time. I started to look for an answer online, and came acrossed information that brought me to tears. I learned that the cleaning and personal care products in my home were the probable cause of her discomfort. Many of them even contain chemicals that are known to cause childhood cancer, which in fact is the number 2 cause of death in children. This is only second to childhood poisonings from those cleaning products we keep in our homes. Please contact me if you would be willing to try products that will make your home safer for your little one. They are actually less expensive than the leading national brands that we pick up at Walmart. They also come with a 120 day money back empty bottle guarantee.
Again, I hope my suggestions helped a little with your business. Good luck, and I hope to hear back from you.
Take care.

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