Any Other Moms (Or Dads) Think This Could Be Useful?

Updated on August 24, 2009
H.G. asks from San Francisco, CA
9 answers

I had an idea that I wanted to put past the group. Recently, I was up at 4am feeding time, as it was my turn to feed our 6 month old son. Usually, I prefer to stick to breast milk, but it's not always possible, as we all know. Anyways, as I was shaking the bottle of formula in one hand and then warming it up, my eye caught our single serve coffee machine and I found myself wondering why there isnt a one-button machine that could make my formula as easily as it can make our coffee and then store feeding and nutrition logs for later. I was wondering if anyone else thought this was interesting or useful?

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answers from San Francisco on

So smart! I breastfeed mostly though. I love the suggestion about the warm water in a thermos too. I am trying to wean now and it's so tough. I agree with the mom who said if people will buy wipe warmers they'll buy anything! hahaha - so true!

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answers from Sacramento on

I think that if people will buy wipe warmers then people will buy anything...



answers from San Francisco on

it could be useful but not a necessity. i put hot water in a thermos before going to bed, then mix with cold water and add formula, viola, done in an instant.


answers from San Francisco on

Just my own opinion, but it seems to me that this would be one more step away from breastfeeding.....



answers from Sacramento on

I think that is a great idea! I have a 16 month old and when he transitioned to formula I would have bought it!!! Awesome!!!!! What a great idea!




answers from San Francisco on

I think I would be worried about heat more than anything else, wouldn't want to burn the baby. =)



answers from San Francisco on

Hi H.

I think you may not be the first person to think of this quite clever idea. Check out Their Milk Expresso machine sounds much like what you are suggesting.

I think there are other similar products on the market or at least patented in the US. Check out and

I certainly don't want to quash your entreprenuerial spirit. These may just give you a place to start and perhaps you could develop something that has unique features that they don't have.

Good luck and keep us posted. D.


answers from Modesto on

It seems like a decent idea to have a machine that would run your formula like a coffee maker, but it would take time and of course measuring and then having to clean and sanitize the machine all the time. Seems to me at 4am the easiest thing to do it put the baby on the boob?



answers from Sacramento on

I actually think it's a pretty good idea. Now, I know the mom's here are great but be careful.....
My husband has had idea's stolen from him.Not from anyone we knew (directly) but from talking about his idea' person mentioned the idea to another the friend of the friend lives in a BIG house in Granite Bay & we are still just trying to pay the bills....oh well, the early bird gets the worm.
Just a little word of caution.....
Good Luck , I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea. I mean SOMEONE is making money on the diaper genie,and post it notes, and white out & oh shoot I could go on & on.....why not you next?????

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