Any One Suffering from the Same Thing???

Updated on October 21, 2010
S.Y. asks from Clearwater, FL
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Hello, I have posted before about my problem with binge eating, I just figured it was lack of control and I can get a grip on it. Well I just recently found out this is ACTUALLY a real eating disorder. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem or if they know anyone who has? Here is what happens. I eat alot...even when im not hungry...I only do it when Im alone. For example the other night I ate...a bowl of ice cream....then salsa and chips...then grapes...then I made french fries...then some more french fries...I felt so horrible I thought I will go and puke ...but I couldn't bring myself to do I just felt HORRIBLE! I do this alot, I feel so happy when I am eating it then I just hate myself when im done.
All I think about is getting fit and eating healthy...and when im not binging I do stick to a pretty healthy diet...I have started running to try and at least not gain more weight....Since having my son 3 years ago I can't seem to get back into shape I want/need to loose about 30 lbs to be at a healthy weight for my height. This consumes my EVERY thought...all I think about is loosing weight. I just feel powerless! The truth is I don't want to be stick thin...I just want to be at a healthy weight. I want to work out regularly and eat ONLY healthy foods....I just can't stop binging!!!!!
Im just looking for maybe someone who is going thru the same thing or has been thru the same thing and can relate. This is really hard for me to talk about so please no negative comments...I need positive feedback :)

Thank you mommys

P.S. I just wanted to add Yes I am a stay at home mom...and it does add to my problem I love being home with my son...but it can be lonely.

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answers from New York on

Find a counselor who has experience with treating eating disorders or a treatment program that combines counseling and medical supervision. It sounds like you are are in the relatively early stages but eating disorders can cause serious health problems and even become life threatening if left untreated. One of my close friends struggled with some eating disorder symptoms and was able to get a handle on it with counseling (mainly for depression).

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answers from Chicago on

You're taking a step in the right direction in realizing that this is problematic thinking. A lot of people can't get over that big hurdle and participate in the behaviors you describe but can justify them. Good for you for knowing this isn't right.

Your post sounds like bulimia, binge-eating disorder, probably coupled with some anxiety and/or obsessive-compulsive issues (we all have these to a certain degree). You need to seek professional assistance and the best place is probably with your family doctor or primary care physician. If you feel more comfortable with your ob/gyn then go that route. Either way, the doctor will be able to guide you to the best course of treatment. Your doctors are part of your total health team so consult with them and use them to their fullest extent!

What you describe is actually an illness. I honestly don't mean to sound negative at all. Many people suffer from forms of disordered eating so know that you are definitely not alone! The good thing is that there are actually great programs, therapists, counselors, and doctors who can help treat your issues.

Please don't feel ashamed one bit about seeking medical help for this. If you broke your arm or if you had cancer, you'd seek medical assistance without a doubt - you wouldn't try to set a broken bone or cure cancer on your own, right? The same should hold true for mental health issues.

You deserve to be happy and healthy, so please give yourself this gift of healing. Through the process, you'll learn about what triggers the behaviors, techniques to help yourself choose alternate forms of coping without bingeing, and healthy ways to lose/manage your weight.

Give it a chance - you'll probably feel a great sense of relief once you get on the right track. I wish you nothing but the best of luck!

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answers from Houston on

I'm so sorry you are dealing with this, and I appreciate your courage in speaking up.

Have you checked out Overeaters Anonymous?

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answers from La Crosse on

I'm going through something similar. Not to the extent as you, but I still consider it binge eating. I too only do this when I'm alone. My weakness is candy or sweets. If I make cookies or cakes, I will eat and eat these while my husband is at work. Or if I'm out running errands by myself, I will eat a lot of candy bars and hide the wrappers in my purse so my husband won't see them. I am also happy when I'm doing it. It makes me feel happy sort of. But, when I'm done eating, I feel like I'm going to be sick and I feel extremely guilty. I want to be healthy and exercise, too. I just don't know how to do it. Thanks for posting. It helps to know I'm not the only one feeling this way. Are you a SAHM? I think that's part of my problem. I'm at home alone so much with my son. I get lonely and bored.

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answers from Topeka on

I don't have a bit of advice for you, other than to run, not your primary care physician, or your OB/GYN, whichever one you feel the most comfortable with and be very open and honest with them!!
I also want to thank you for asking this question...I have a wonderfully intelligent, beautiful, physically fit 26 year old daughter who has recently told me that she is suffering from this very same eating disorder. She just called me tonight to tell me that she has finally made an appointment with her doctor!!!
Please know that this is nothing to be ashamed M.R. told you so eloquently, you wouldnt feel badly if you had a broken arm or would simply go to the doctor and ask for help!! I hope that you can find the help and support that you need. You want to be a great role model for that little one of yours....and you want to be happy and healthy!!!
God Bless You

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answers from Tampa on

Sounds like you have a pretty bad nutritional problem- when a body is missing some necessary nutrient complusively it demands food trying, like the old time gold miners, to pan thro enough food to find the missing mineral or vitamin.
So get a really good nutritional work up, or start with WestonPrice. com- and their book Nourshing Traditions. Also get your blood type- and get that book- the best researched book I have seen- all at Bastyr Universtiy, I digress, and make sure that you do not eat the thinkgs that are bad for you type,
If you need info on where to find a good work up on nutrition, contact me
This is something that is handable with the correct direction.
best, k



answers from Chattanooga on

Yup. I do the same thing. I hate it! I am able to keep a handle on my weight, fortunately, but I am almost constantly eating! The 2 main things I do... 1. Keep a liter size container of water in the fridge. Every time I look in the fridge for something to eat, I chug at least half of it. That fills my stomach up so I can't eat as much, and it's good for you anyway. 2. I snack on something lower-fat that takes a while to eat... Popcorn is my favorite. I eat one piece at a time, and let each piece dissolve in my mouth before I eat it. (weird, I know) but 1 pack of popcorn will last me about 45-1 hour... then I also give myself a time limit until I am able to eat again... so after my popcorn I won't allow myself to eat anything for, say, 2 hours. If it's something with higher fat, then it's longer.... but some days I have a hard time following my own rules.


answers from Chicago on

if you are concerned see your Dr. and get a referral to 1. nutritionist 2. therepist they can help you find out why you do it and they can help guide you thru it and past it. I do it often and my weight is out of control, I am currently taking simmilar steps, but I am a SAHM who is not meant to be one but has to be for the time being. Once I get back out into the working world some things will change but habits are habits and sometimes you need help breaking/adjusting them.



answers from Seattle on

I go through something similar and what I've found works best is to NOT buy those foods and try to mainly buy healthy foods. Know that having indulgences is a good thing and indulging in "bad foods" once in awhile is meant to be pleasurable and something you should not deny yourself of. If you only ever have the same healthy foods all of the time you're possibly setting yourself up for failure if you do not allow yourself to indulge a little. I also found that joining a support group could be helpful. I wish ya the best.



answers from Sarasota on

Good for you for speaking out about what is going on with you. There is a book called "Women, Food and God," by Geneen Roth you might want to read. Another resource is Overeaters Anonymous. I went to some meetings when I was in my 20's and found it very helpful. I think all of us find ways to self sooth and if you find what you are doing is not in your best interest then become aware and reach out, which is exactly what you did. Some tools I use are journaling, prayer and meditation. I'm a single stay at home mom with 2 kids and I also realize that it's important for me to be social and take care of myself so I can be a better person and mom. I make time to do things with friends a couple times a week. I try to stay in touch with my feelings and what is going on so that I can live more consciously and avoid stuffing my feelings in various ways. Eating is so tricky because we have to eat but when we use it to fix or avoid what we are feeling it can become destructive. Good for you for working out. Exercise is so important both physically and mentally. I wish you the best and hope you find what you need!



answers from Tampa on

Go to Weight Watchers! It's awesome! I'm an emotional, sometimes closet eater. I couldn't lose (and then regain) more than 4 lbs on my own after my 2nd child. I've lost 10% with weight watchers since the beginning of summer and I'm just about at my goal. Got a little lax for a bit and back on track now. It'll help you become more mindful and what mom can't use an hour out of the house without the kids on a weekly basis!?!



answers from Punta Gorda on

I second the recommendation for Geneen Roth books/media, and the Overeaters Anonymous connection. In my experience, it's not generally about the food - it's usually about emotions. If I focus on how to lose weight, I am ignoring the root problem - how I feel.



answers from Tampa on

I can totally relate to that! About a year and a half ago I was the exact same way. I really did not think it was going to get any better, but of course through prayer determination and seeing the difference I was able to over come. Don't get me wrong I still get that feeling from time to time that I want to just eat and eat, but if I do not have it to eat in the house I can overcome it alot easier. I also shop with a health and wellness company how pays me to set up other accounts for them, but between their vitamins (that absorb 85% more then the over the counter brand) and their other protien shakes and bars it has made it a lot easier.
I am very sure that you can do this and will be praying for you! If you are interested in changing your brand of shopping or just need someone to talk to you can email me direct at
God bless!



answers from Las Vegas on

it is tough to NOT binge eat.. many have done it, including me.. :) how do I get past it.. well, actually I don't always.. sometimes I do binge.. but now, I do it less and less.. what helps me.. a few things. I drink TONS of water.. yes water.. this does help me and I feel good in that I am cleansing my system.. additionally, eating a lot isn't always so bad, but it depends upon what you are eating. eating lots of sugar and carbs will make you want more food.. try to add some protein in your diet (protein helps suppress the appetite.. e.g. eat some white turkey meat or chicken breast (that is if you consume meat) maybe grill some chicken breast and make EXTRA so that when hunger is near, you reach for the protein.. I like to make a grilled chicken , spinach and avocado salad (yes, avocado) it's the good fat.. so I don't mind eating it.. anyway, I make a HUGE salad and that will fill me up..
also... if you can, get some of the junkfood out of your house.. this way it isnt in arm's reach. IF you have a loved one who insists on having it near.. then let them put it away where you can't get to it. believe me, this will help. IF I allowed myself to have lays potato chips around, I'd definitely eat most of the bag if not all of it.. lastly.. well.. you have to get down to why you binge.. sounds like you have some anxiety??? when I am nervous about something I will go to the fringe over and over.. but if you don't question the anxiety, then you too will go to the fridge..
Also, I don't think it's about self control but rather, setting yourself up each day to either fail or succeed.. e.g.... you prepare food BEFORE you get famished and hence you are preparing to succeed..
cut up some apples and or veggies you like.. keep em in the fridge.. this way, when hunger strikes, you strike back...

lastly.. think about joining a group.. Weight Watchers is actually a pretty good one.. you can also do it online..

believe me.. you can get that weight off.. but it will take some planning ahead... youve already begun the process by reaching out for some advice..

best of luck

p.s. drinks TONS of water.. even when we are 1% dehydrated... your metabolism slows down..

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