Any One Have the Essure Procedure Done?

Updated on April 16, 2007
L.B. asks from Vancouver, WA
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I was wondering if You have or know of anyone who has had the Essure procedure done. It is a sterilization, where they put coils in your falobian tubes to block them and it is permente. Would like to know your story. I have appt for the 27th of April to have it done and I just want to know about it from real women.

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So What Happened?

Ok so I decided to go ahead w/ the essure procedure, only got nervious a few min before they called me in to prep me for it. They gave me 3 different meds to numb me and keep me from throwing up.
They layed me down in the OR room and put my feet in stir-ups which was a little different cus they were hanging instead of resting, which made my thighs hurt after about 30 mins. Then they preped my vagina by washing it out and they numbed my cervix. They put a scope in there to see and a device around my cervix to keep a seal on the cervix so it would hold water to inflate the uterus so they could see the tubes and place the essure coils.
My cervix didn't want to agree w/ them and i kept leaking the saline, went through 3 bags before it was done and it took them an hour to place the coils, which is a little longer then usual. The doctor didn't want me to leave w/out having both coils. (I guess sometimes if they can't get a coil in you have to come back and do it later) I could feel them placing the essure coils cramping like a pap swab (sorta but a little more painful).
It was deffinatly more to it then they lead on. Though they don't cut you open like a tubal, but still it was uncomfortable, I was dizzy and weak the rest of the day.

So one day after the procedure: I am still weak and not ready to go back into the swing of regular life. My parents are helping out by letting me stay w/ them and caring for 2 of my kids and my husband is home caring of the older 2. I'm grateful for this time to heal. I'm not saying this procedure is aweful but expect to be off your feet for a few days or at least take it easy. I'm still bleeding and probably will for a week. I'm sure I could say more about it but I'm a little tired. Thank you for letting me share my experienc and hope this give another women info about this Essure Procedure.

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Yes I have had the Essure procedure done. I had it done last year. I opted for this procedure because I know that I don't want to have anymore children. I have a blood disorder that I can pass on to my children. I had horribly painful and long periods. I used the Depo Injection for nearly 7 years which stopped my cycles completely, but I have gained some weight from the Depo. The recovery process is pretty quick for the Essure. It took me about 2 weeks to recover as I had two deaths in my family around the time that I had the procedure done therefore I was unable to just kick back and relax the first week after the procedure. I did have pain in my right ovary area as my right ovary did swell up more than my left. I am pleased with the decision that I made and am doing well since the procedure. Every now and then I do get an occassional pain in my right ovary. My doctor said that it will completley subside with time. My post procedure pain is probably due to the severity of my cycles when I did have them. My doctor said I am one of a very small amount of women who had a recovery longer than a week to two weeks.

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This procedure looks interesting to me and I would love to hear your experience if you do it and any other information you discover.
Thank you.

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Hi Loetta, I have not heard of that procedure but if you don't mind me asking why not just have your tubes cut? mine was so easy it was a 4hr deal.I checked in then inmy surgery they put a little incision in the deary hare area then they put the other incision in my belly button then i was done. then i went to recovery. then I went home. I don't know what your procedure in tales. but maybe it might be another option for you. good luck



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Maybe you should do more research and reschedule your procedure for a later date.

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