Any New Ideas for Bridal Shower Games/activities?

Updated on September 28, 2009
J.H. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Hi Moms! I am hosting a bridal shower for my SIL in a few weeks. I am looking for some current/trendy game ideas or activities that involve passing out small prizes. I am already considering some of the standards (bingo during present opening, bride/groom questions, look under the seat if marked you are lucky winner, raffle, guess the prices of household items, guess the number of candies in a jar) I am just wondering if there are some cool things you have done at showers that made you think "WOW" or made you remember the shower.

Thanks for any creative ideas!

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answers from Phoenix on

Hi J. -

There is a game that I played for a baby shower that I threw that can also be used for a bridal shower. Make a poster board with names of wedding terms (wedding ring, groomsmen, wedding night, etc.). Have a bag of candy and hold up one candy bar at a time - the first person to shout out the correct answer wins the candy bar - each candy bar will go with one of the words on the board. For example:(wedding ring - ring pop; groomsmen- 3 musketeers; wedding night - skor). The guests at the baby shower really liked the game and it was a game that no one had ever played before. Just google "bridal shower candy bar game" and you should be able to find a complete list of the candy/words.

Good luck and have fun!

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answers from Tucson on

I don't know how trendy this is, but it's great for any kind of shower and it makes life a little easier for the bride or whoever you're throwing the shower for. Buy thank you notes, or ask the bride to give you some if she has some special ones that she's already purchased, and as each guest arrives ask them to self address the envelope. At the end of the shower pick out one or more for a prize. That way you have an easy game and you just made it much easier and faster for the bride to do her thank you notes for all the wonderful gifts! It also insures that you get the right address! I've done this at every shower and everybody's loved it, especially the people who don't really like to participate in games!



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A fun game is to do famous couples. Place the names of the couple on the back of the person - that person does not know who her famous couple is - then people need to give the person hints to see if they can guess the couple.

good luck.



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Get 3 dolls or teddy bears (make the toys match the decor then give as a gift to the mom), about baby size and have a race to see who can properly diaper, dress in a onesie and swaddle. The mom to be is obviously one of the players and her mom and MIL or friends or however you want to do it.

Get a package of newborn or size 1 diapers and write messages on them with sharpies. It is really fun to use these diapers and remember the love and support you have when it is the 3rd night time diaper change and feeding and the new mom has not slept for a few weeks!

Get colored 3x5 cards or cut up cardstock and have guests write advice or a fond parenting memory, or expression of love or whatever and then put them in a photo holder book ( the little ones that just flip 1 picture at a time) It is a great decoration to the nursery if you get it to match the theme.

Who knew about the pregnancy first? (sometimes it is not the mom!)
How did dad find out?
Was this planned?
If there are already other Children, what were their initial reactions to the news? Did they change?
What were the symptoms that prompted a pregnancy test?
Any sickness? When?
Cravings? For what? Did dad have any?
Foods or smells to avoid?
Did anyone gain sympathy weight?
Due date?
Dr Estimated baby weight?
Names that were considered.
Name chosen (if known)
Nursery theme
mom and dad birthdates and weights/ heights.

Get baby items that the new mom is going to need and play 'price it right' to see who can get the price closest to retail, not sale prices. New mom gets to keep everything.

Tylenol, breast pads, pacifier, a bottle, diaper cream, outlet plug covers, gripe water (the best stuff!) rattle or small toy, pkg of onesies, baby mittens, wash cloths, mylecon drops, you get the idea!

Take the labels off of baby food jars and pass them around. Let guests guess the food by tasting. Fruits and desserts work the best, but it is always fun to throw a few others in there, like mixed garden veggies with turkey!

Also, something my husband and I have done with our children is at their 1 month pictures, in addition to an individual picture and a new family picture we take one that is just mom, dad and new baby. It hangs in their rooms and is very special. Each pose is different.

Good luck and have fun!

I think this next one is gross, but so many people seem to love it: Take snack sized candy bars and melt them in the microwave onto a baby diaper and then have guests guess what it is.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi J.,

When I had my son's shower 7 yrs ago my friend had white hankerchiefs and fabric paints bottles. Then any of the guests that wanted wrote on the hankerchiefs with the paint, or drew on them. Some examples were hearts; baseball glove, ball bat; trains;trucks; some just did sayings. I hadn't decided on a theme yet when he was born so I used those to decorate his room. I still have them to this day packed away. Maybe you can do something like that?

Another game is to get 15-20 "baby itmes" and put them on a tray, give the guests 1-2 minutes to look at them, take the tray away and give your guests a certain amount of time to remember what was one the tray and write them down. Whoever has the most wins a prize. Good luck.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi J.,

Have you considered hosting a Temptations Romance Party? Bridal Parties are such a great time to host one. You and your guests will have a great time laughing and learning, and as the hostess you (and/or your SIL) will receive free gifts! And fun games are played so your guests can win prizes too!

Temptations Romance Parties are fun, but more importantly discreet. And all of this is at no cost to you. You or your guests may buy additional products you would like to own but there is no obligation to buy anything.

This is what I do for a living. If you have an interest, shoot me an email or call. We can talk more and answer questions.




answers from Flagstaff on

the dice is by far the funnest game played at both of my baby showers (but people play at any gathering- one woman plays it every year at Christmas). Figure out how many people are going to be there. Buy little gifts so each person cab get at least one. Picking out the gifts is where the fun starts. Do not buy the same type of gift - make them totally different and some should be funny. We went to World Market and bought tons of clearance items varrying from candles, to journals, to cutting boards,to bath soaps, to sets of silverware to tea cups to a pair of really long hot pink rubber gloves (shower for a baby girl). We also bought wine from Trader Joe's. Then you wrap each gift. Get several pair of dice (the more you get the faster it goes and adds to the commedy factor) and put one pair in a pie tin or something similar.

To play the game: have everyone sit comfortably in a circle with the wrapped gifts in the middle. One person shakes a set of dice. If doubles are rolled the person who rolls doubles takes a gift out of the middle and passes the dice to the next person. If no double is rolled the dice just get passed. DO NOT OPEN THE GIFTS! When all of the gifts are out of the middle, every person opens their gifts at once and shows everyone what each gift is- no hiding gifts:) Now the real fun starts- each person put the gifts in front of where she is sitting and the rolling of the dice begins again. This time you set a timer. When a person gets doubles this time she gets to steal a gift from someone else. Nothing is off limits or can be 'stolen' too many times. What ever gifts a person has when the time goes off they get to keep so it is really fun to do a count down when it is getting close.

Have fun!

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