Any Moms Used Hypnobirthing?

Updated on January 12, 2010
K.R. asks from Durant, OK
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This is my first baby and I am hoping to skip the epidural. Has anyone tried using Hypnobirthing, or any Hypnosis to control pain during labor? I would really like to hear some personal experiences or advice.

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answers from Austin on


I did hypnobirthing in 2005 when I had my daughter. She was born at home and it was an awesome experience. I am now a midwife though and I think Bradley is a better class to take.


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answers from Austin on

I used hypnobirthing for both of my kids and plan to do it again (I am pregnant). It was great! The first time I used the Mongan method and the 2nd I used Hypnobabies. They were both great. I really recommend taking a class - I think you will have more success if you have someone to help you learn. It does take work and practice, but it is worth it! You can have a great birth naturally - don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Even if your babies are huge (my biggest was 10.8 lb) and labor is long (30+ hrs) your body is made to do it and you can! Good luck!

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answers from Houston on

I have had two natural births with no epidural or any anesthesia. My first was a very long labor. We had taken a private childbirth education class with Debbie Hull and I had a doula. It hurt a lot and I was very tired near the end. Overall it was a good experience and I was successful in having my natural birth
In my second pregnancy, I took a hypnobirthing class AND ordered the hypbirth program which included a DVD and CDs. I personally found hypbirth to be far better than the hypnobirthing class as well as less expensive and more convenient. My husband often did not have the time or energy to read and practice the hypnobirthing information with me but I was able to use the hypbirth DVD and CD's all on my own and practice daily. Even during labor there are CD's in this program that you can use where the narrator talks you through each contraction/surge(you pick the track with the appropriate length contraction/surge which will change throughout labor)I found this to be very helpful. My biggest problem was that the second time around since I was using hypbirth my mother and husband were not convinced I was in labor until my water broke. I was so calm, composed, relaxed and did not appear to be in pain (the pain was very mild for most of my labor). With this program I was instructed to write down my ideal labor including length. I wrote down "5 hours from the time I knew I was really in labor" My baby was born 5 and 1/2 hours after my water broke which was how we were all sure I was really in labor,the midwife came right after water broke and I was already 6 cm. She kept saying she could not believe by the way I was acting that I was at 6 cm. I did not get overly tired, it wasn't pain free but close until the last hour and it was so much more tolerable than my first time around. The technique has worked for me since then at the dentist and for getting blood drawn. The program claims to help even those who plan to have epidural and or even c-section and I have no doubt that it would be helpful in those circumstances.

If you are in the West Houston area since this is your first baby and it is so important to avoid that first c-section, I would recommend for your first birth to:

1. Take a childbirth class with Debbie Hull. (Maybe a Bradley class if you can't take a class with Debbie Hull.)
2. Consider getting a doula for your first birth, especially if you plan to use a hospital. They act as your advocate as well as help you or help your husband help you through contractions(I used Sally Head and she is fabulous with lots of experience in hospital births and home births, I have heard Debbie Hull is also wonderful as a doula.)
3. Order hypbirth program.

You are investing in your and your baby's health and safety and the safety of future pregnancies with the primary goal being to avoid unnecessary drug exposure and risks for you and your baby and possible unnecessary c-section. I believe these three steps will increase your odds of reaching these goals.

Feel free to email me privately if you have questions.

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answers from Austin on

I read the hypnobirthing book before I had my baby girl. There is lots of great information and advice in there (esp about "relaxing" into the contraction and the science behind it) but there is an overall theme that you can have a painless birth if you follow their method. That is complete BS and it's dishonest and insulting that they try to perpetuate it. Giving birth is painful - duh! I was able to deliver without drugs and am so glad that I was. I just highly recommend that you educate yourself about other methods and options, too. You don't know exactly how your labor is going to go and hypnobirthing is not going to help you through a C-section!



answers from San Antonio on

I used hypnobirthing when I had my son last year. I was in labor 18 hours, pushed for 2 1/2 hours. No drugs...there was pain, but I was able to breathe through it. Folks coming in and out of my LDR commented on how calm and peaceful it was. I recommend taking a really helped me get the techniques down.



answers from Austin on

I only had the hypnobirthing book and cd but it was awesome and I have had both my babies naturally, the first in a hospital and the second at home. There are some really good affirmations in that book as well that were awesome. Once you are committed to a drug free delivery your amazing body will take over and do what it's meant to do, birth naturally and beautifully, which is about the most empowering experience in life. Bless you for doing your research and finding out your options.



answers from San Antonio on

Hey Katrina-
Good for you! How exciting to truely experience the fullness of the wonder of birth and the love that flows from it!
My first daughter was born in April and we had a 100% all-natural labor and birth!
I did not use hypnobirthing, but have several friends that have and they loved it. I chose to use the Bradley birth method because it involves the dad so much.
The nice thing about Bradley as well is you can use any method with it (hypnobirthing included) but it gives so much meaning to the partnership of labor.
Ultimately, almost any method you use will have a sort of self-hypnosis to it because you are focusing so much on staying relaxed it becomes a bit hypnotic. But, I would discuss with your hubby if he'd like to play a more active role- look at Bradley Birth (also known as Husband-coached childbirth).
Natural labor and birth is incredibly rewarding and wonderful- I look forward to it again!



answers from San Francisco on

I am a birth doula in the east bay area of california. HypnoBirthing is amazing. I am a HypnoBirthing instructor and would be happy to offer you more information about the course. My website is



answers from Houston on

While researching all of your options of trying to give birth naturally do some studying on the bradley method. I have such a low pain tolerance and Bradley method gave me almost pain free labor on most of my kids. Hypnobirthing and Bradley are a lot of the same - they both focus on relaxing through contractions to get through labor - this really does work! But bradley is named "husband coached childbirth" because it's not just you doing the work - you're husband or partener is working hard too! Believe me my husband came out almost as exhausted as me with every birth (4)! You can private message me if you have any questions! good luck and congratulations!!!



answers from Austin on

Don't know about hypnobirthing, but had two babies at home with no kind of pain meds or anything, (I studied the Bradley Method). They were both wonderful eperiences. I have made it a personal goal of mine to talk to pregnant women about how childbirth can be awesome and nothing to be scared of. Our bodies were made to do this. I would love to talk to you and share my eperience! Give me a call and we can talk. Childbirth is a great, normal, healthy thing that if you don't have complications, need no medical interventions! I am an RN, not someone who doesn't believe in modern medicine, just someone who realizes normal natural occurances don't always require it! My number is ###-###-####, my name is S., call me if you want to talk more.



answers from Houston on

I never took the class but already am good at self hypnosis (I had to teach myself this because I would sleep only 2-3 hours at night and was exhausted. I can now typically go to sleep in three minutes or less and get a full night's sleep)

As one of the ladies said, this isn't just for birth, but for life. I highly recommend it or something like it. You might check out!



answers from Sherman on

Whoa! Not only am I a certified hypnotist, I'm also a certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator!

Hypnobirthing is wonderful. I often use the techniques on clients with chronic pain and have great sucess. I've had the wonderful opportunity to network within the HB community as well as attend the annual HB conclave for the last two years. In most classes, I found that the majority of women learning to teach had used HB as well. The class teaches you and your partner lessons for minimizing discomfort as well as lessons for life. Recently I had a car accident and was able to manage without medications most of the time even though I had some disc damage and refractured my pelvis. There is a large emphasis put on using the exercises with your partner and as a result a strong family structure is created or deepened. Go on you tube and look at the videos. I'm not sure offhand, but the stats of HB parents vs. "traditional" methods are amazing. There is less need for medicalized intervention. If the instructor is a hypnotist as well, you also get the benefits of some pretty amazing solo sessions (some offer - I do!). The instructors are trained in the basics of hypnosis and I would think them competent enough to handle some of the easier hypnosis with their clients.

I had a 42 hr labor with my daughter. I had already learned self-hypnosis so I did fine without meds for 35 hours. After taking the training course, I learned that I could've avoided that labor if I had addressed some of the issues that HB addresses. The stats show the labors are shorter and I've heard nothing but blissful stories. It makes me feel cheated that I didn't get that experience.

So many classes prepare you for birth only. This is for birth - and your entire life! Imagine being able to use the breathing to calm yourself during a temper tantrum! Or after being pulled over? :)



answers from Houston on

Hi! Congrats on your pregnancy!

I just had my first baby, a boy, on July 18th, using the Hypnobirthing method.

I had a mod-wife who was AMAZING and I gave birth at a birthing center where I was free to move about and labor and birth as my body told me to.

I had a 26.5 hour labor and it was painful but it wasn't excruciating. I attribute this to hypnobirthing. I listened to the cd for about the first 6 hours of my labor (in addition to the 5-6 months of listening to it that I had done before hand) to make sure that I had the affirmations drilled into my head.

I made sure that my mod-wife and family that attended the birth knew what I was doing and what my expectations were. I didn't want to be talked to unless I to someone first and I didn't want to hear mindless chatter in the back ground and under NO circumstances was anyone to ask me, don't you wish you had drugs right now. I made it clear that any lack of support would not be tolerated. (All of this was so my concentration would not be broken.)

I think it was an amazing experience. I am so proud of my self for doing it drug free. The key for me was to not have any interruptions and to remain focused. I just kept repeating affirmations to myself in my head.

It's a great program and it really works!

Congrats again and good luck!

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