Any Mom's Groups for Working Moms?

Updated on June 21, 2007
K.M. asks from Plano, TX
10 answers

Hi Mamas,

I am looking for a Moms Group/Play group for working Moms. I would like to get my little sweetie around others her age/or close ....and of course I would love to make some friends that have children of the same or similar age group. It seems all of the Moms groups I have seen are mostly stay at home Moms so it is hard to connect at the times they meet. I have looked on, but really did not find anything....any advise would be appreciated....Heck, maybe I just need to start my own(lol)

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answers from Dallas on

Working Mom here in Irving!!! Mother of one girl who will be two in May. It would be awesome to finally meet other working moms w/ kids around the same age!

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answers from Dallas on

We have a working moms group that meets once a month on a Saturday. Let me know if you want more info.



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Hi there,
I have been also looking for a moms group for my son which will be 2 in May as well as for myself. All my friends have older children as I do as well or don't have any children.

It definitely been a challenge trying to juggle work, kids, being single, church and everything else.

Please let me know if you would like to get together, I live in Carrollton.




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I'm willing to come if everyone gets together. I have a 2-1/2 year old daughter that goes to daycare but is always looking for new friends. And I could use some girls to talk to also.



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I've had the same question. I stayed home with my son (now 4) and was involved in MOMS Club. I stayed involved somewhat when I went back to work part-time when he was nine months old and stopped attending when I went back to work full-time just before he turned two.

I also have a daughter who is two and she has always been in day care.

At work there are only a few people who have young children and at church and in my neighborhood the mom's stay home.

I would love to talk to other women who have the unique challenges of working and juggling a little one(s).

I live in Frisco. Let me know if anythings pans out. I'm always up for a play date, working out, lunch, scrapbooking and anytime I can fit in a little time. :)



answers from Dallas on

Hi K.,

I'm a member of the Greater Lewisville Mothers & More group. Our group supports SAHM mom's AND Working Moms!

Our members come from all over! We have moms in our group from Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Corinth, Denton, Carrollton, Keller, and several other surrounding communities.

We have age appropriate playgroups, including WEEK-END playgroups(for those of us who work), monthly activities, monthly EVENING meetings(just for mom's), and special interest groups. Some of the "Special Interest groups" include Coffee Catch Up at Starbucks, MOM's Night Out, Game Night, and several other groups!

Visit our website...

We look forward to meeting you!



answers from Dallas on

Go for it! Start one and I will join! I belong to two meet-up groups and most if not all the moms stay home! So, it's difficult getting to know anyone, esp when they have playdates during the week day/working hours. I've met a few of the moms at Moms Night Out, but that's about it...Let me know if you get anything going!! My daughter is 9 months old...a little younger than yours...but it would still be fun!



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Hi K.. I am also a working mom and I am always looking for a way to make new friends for myself and for my son. Not sure where you are located, but we are in Frisco. Let me know if you would like to get together sometime. [email protected]




answers from Dallas on

I'm new to this whole mamasource, its amazed me how well this all works. I've asked three very different questions and had tons of great responces!

I would love to offer you an opportunity you may have never considered before. I'm a Mary Kay consultant and LOVE what I do. Not too many people out there can honestly say they LOVE their job... I know you aren't looking for a job, but Mary Kay is so much more then just selling Lip Stick! This is perfect for working moms. It could supliment your income (which is never a bad thing) while meeting new women and sharing adult time as well...

For so many women in our unit it is simply a great way to meet other sharp women out there. Several of which have children just like you! I would love to introduce you to our ultimate women's club if you'd like! Whether you decide to join the ranks and make money while you are at it is up to you! But I'd love to have you as a guest to one of our events! You'll meet several new women, be pampered with the number one brand, and who knows, maybe decide to join for the sisterhood itself.

It also is a great outlet for mom's too! I know it is for me! In fact I looked forward to our meeting last night all week long. Its kind of what kept me going this week... I have a two year old that takes a lot of my time and energy but Mary Kay is a great thing for me, and an amazing thing for my daughter! Growing up Pink is what we call children in a Mary Kay home and they are children of integrity!

I'd love to share tons more with you, please give it an open minded thought and let me know what you think! Either way I'd love to treat you to a make-over with NO obligations! :o)

Thanks! All the best!



answers from Dallas on

Great question! I was going to be a SAHM but I'm a little on the reserved side and wanted my son to be more outgoing so he's always been in daycare. All of my friends have older children, with the exception of the other friends that have children at least 6 months younger. My son is 2 and we live in Little Elm. I'm a full time working Mom and I have a lonnnnnnnnnnng commute to downtown Dallas. But I love my job and it's worth the commute.

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