Any Luck Keeping Dog Urine from Killing Grass?

Updated on September 12, 2011
J.T. asks from Mansfield, TX
6 answers

I have researched solutions to the problem online. I didn't find a solution that people say really works--except for companies promoting their products (of course)! I know the browning of the grass is a result of the high nitrogen level in my dog's tee-tee. Have you had this problem and successfully fixed it?

Thanks Mamas!!

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answers from Detroit on

LOL, you said tee tee!! My grandma used to say that!

But, my neighbors are freaks about their grass and they have tried everything and it hasnt worked yet. They bought the pills and had no luck.

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answers from Richmond on

They sell these things called 'Pee sticks' at Petsmart and Petco... you put it in ONE area of the yard (preferably a shaded corner that doesn't get much light so there's not so much grass anyway)... it releases a pheromone that attracts the dog, so they pee in only that spot. My BFFs used these and they work like a charm... this way the dog is only destroying one consolidated spot (not the whole yard!)... good luck :)

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answers from Milwaukee on

We gave up years ago. It's just part of dog ownership. :(

I do like the idea of the water but I'm not worried about more grass to cat when I have a four year old boy to deal with in the house.

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answers from New York on

We tried the treats, and the pee stick, neither worked for us. Luckily/ unluckily, our dog will only use the backyard as a last resort, and will hold it in for hours until she is taken for a walk. This means that our grass is in pretty good shape. On the flip side, you can't shortchange her and just let her out back, she needs that walk.

If you make a realy effort, you can establish a dog "potty" and teach her how to release in a designated place of your choosing. It will take effort on your part to establish this new behavior. Less effort though than spraying down the lawn all the time.


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answers from Des Moines on

Some dogs' pee is worse than others. I know people with dogs who don't have this problem at all - but we sure do!!! All I have ever heard is dumping the water over the pee but that sure seems like a lot of effort :) I've never tried anything else because I hate the idea of wasting my money. I wish there were some success stories on here I could steal for myself! Sorry.... :/

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answers from Phoenix on

I've only had problems with female dog urine.

I used to give her the doggie treats that are designed just for this purpose. I bought them at a big pet warehouse at the time. They worked just fine, but my small dog is a very finnicky eater and snacker so the treats did not go over well. I ended up giving the treats away to a neighbor with a much larger dog and they also worked well for them.

I ended up just spraying with water after she peed. And then got lazy and brought out a very large cup of water, as she is small, and that has worked just fine.

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