Any LASIK Experience to Share?

Updated on September 28, 2009
E.C. asks from Arlington, TX
4 answers

I'm considering LASIK for my eyes and just wondering if anyone
has any experience with it? I've found what I've heard is a good
group of specialists, Texas Cornea Associates, and recently met
with Dr. Bowman from that group. I am a LASIK candidate; I'm just a
little nervous about eye procedures since I heard some people had
night vision problems later on? Little nervous about long-term effects.

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answers from Dallas on

I had it done in 2000 when it first came out. I'm pleased with it. No complications, noticing I am starting to squint a little bit with small print, so eventually I made need some reading glasses. It was wonderful, not having to use glasses or contacts anymore.

I had a Dr. in Arlington who didn't advertise. I went off a recommendation from a co-worker who had it done. I believe his name was Dr. Barke or it started with a B. I can look further if you would like his name.

Personally, I don't like it when Dr.'s or lawyers advertise heavily for their services. I think they are out for money and possibly not looking out for your best interest. I would be cautious of the well known Dr.'s that advertise on TV and radio.

You might want to check out a couple of Dr.'s to make sure you are a good candidate for the surgery.


answers from Dallas on

Hi E.,

My parents both had the Lasik procedure done about 10 years ago and besides having to wear reading glasses (my mom is in her 50s though) she is pleased with it. She does not have night vision problems.

You are fortunate that you are a candidate! I went for a consultation and was told my corneas are too thin (the only thing on me that is too thin! HA!) and I was not an eligible candidate. Darn!



answers from Dallas on

Absolutely LOVE not having to wear contacts or glasses! I went to Dr Whitman of the Key Whitman Eye Center in Dallas. They were FANTASTIC!!! It's been about 10 years and I'm still seeing great! So glad I decided to have it done. Go for it!



answers from Dallas on

I had lasik 10 years ago. I did it at one of those "assembly line" places. I was lucky in that it worked great for me, but I have a cousin's wife that her results there were awful. I highly recommend going to a reputable dr. I have LOVED not having to wear glasses or contacts. My eyesight was horrible before lasik. Now, in my late 40's, I have to wear reading glasses. I can handle that and was warned that would happen. I have LESS night time vision problems than I had with contacts or glasses. When I had it done, I figured if I saw light bursts at night, it was still worth it!

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